Alexandra Daddario Without Makeup

Beauty isn’t only about what’s on the outside – sometimes our most natural selves are truly more beautiful than anything else could ever be. We know this because there are women who have been wearing absolutely nothing other than their own hair and body as if they were made to wear them. They go places where everyone stares at their bodies, yet they don’t even realize it. They walk down the street and men stare so much that they almost forget how pretty they really are.

But these aren’t celebrities either. Some of us may never get that lucky, but hopefully we’ll see many similar examples among those of you reading this article right now.

Let me introduce one such woman. She doesn’t need a fancy name to help you recognize her; I’m sure you already do. Her name is Alexandra Daddario and she plays Darby Shaw on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.” This actress has gained worldwide acclaim over the past few years thanks to everything from starring roles in two movies (“The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Chasing Coral”) to playing Darby on TV shows. She also appeared in commercials and magazine ads, but I think it was when she started playing Darcy Shaw that people took notice.

I wasn’t able to talk to Ms. Daddario directly, but I did send her a message through Twitter asking her for an interview and here’s what she had to say.

Prepare Your Skin Before Wearing Any Concealer or Foundation

This might seem obvious, but first things first – make sure your skin is ready for concealer application. If you use foundation too soon after washing your face, it will end up caking on top of your pores instead of blending into them. It’s best to apply foundation last thing at night and let it sit throughout the morning while you sleep. When applying sunscreen later on in the afternoon, wait until your skin is well hydrated and slightly damp before putting on any sunblock. Sunscreen should always be applied lightly and evenly across the entire face, neck, ears, hands, etc., and reapplied every couple hours once you head outdoors for activities. Also, make sure you moisturize properly prior to using any type of cosmetic product, especially foundations and powders since both types tend to dry out your skin.

No Powder? No Problem! You Can Look Amazing With Just A Little Moisturizer And/Or Lip Balm

If you find yourself having trouble finding time to put on makeup each morning due to work demands or simply being unable to spare the extra minutes required, you might want to consider skipping the powder altogether and relying entirely on moisturizers and lip balms to keep your face looking its best. Not only does going this route save you precious time, but also provides healthier alternatives to unhealthy facial products and unnecessary additives found in traditional cosmetics. Many women choose to skip foundation altogether, opting instead for lighter coverage via tinted moisturizers or sheer translucent liquids. Men, however, still prefer thicker creams designed specifically for their faces. As far as lip balm goes, stick to ones containing beeswax, avocado oil, jojoba, vitamin E, aloe vera, organic oils and essential fatty acids. All of which provide nourishing antioxidants that protect against UV damage and fine lines. Plus, they taste delicious!

For added versatility, try mixing together different colors of lipsticks. Apply a colored layer beneath your lips’ outermost color to create a blended effect. Try varying reds between light pink to dark plum depending on the shade of lipstick you decide upon and watch your pout shine brighter than ever. Another trick worth trying involves layering several shades of eye shadow. Instead of applying multiple layers of eyeshadow directly onto your eyelids like usual, place a thin brush underneath your hand so the bristles fall straight downward toward your cheeks. Then sweep the tip of the brush towards your temples to blend the shadows outwardly. This technique allows the illusion of depth by creating subtle gradations within each individual shadow rather than blending them all together into one uniform tone.

Get Ready For Touchups With These Products

In addition to keeping your face moistured, the following items listed below should assist in providing you with easy-to-apply touch ups whenever necessary. Simply mix a small amount of liquid foundation in with a little bit of pressed powder along with a tiny dab of cream blush and a pinch of loose powder per cheek. To complete the look, finish off with mascara, eyebrows pencil and/or eyebrow gel. You can achieve various effects with these simple steps, ranging from barely noticeable highlighting to dramatic contouring. For example, take advantage of the naturally occurring pigments within your skin to give your nose a dewy glow. Use a flesh toned brown hue to outline your nostrils and inner edges of your upper lip. Next, add another coat of color atop the initial layer to intensify the intensity of your overall complexion. Finally, dust a shimmering gold shade all over your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and lower lip to further enhance your features.

As for blushers, try combining two different tones to create unique results. Mix together yellow based blushes with orange or peach undertones to highlight your cupid’s bow area while simultaneously hiding any imperfections near your mouth. Also, try adding rosehip powder to your favorite creamy blush to increase its longevity. Rosehip, known scientifically as Hippophae Rindgeanae, contains high concentrations of phytosterols, polyphenol oxidase inhibitors and vitamin C. These vitamins act as potent free radical scavengers that prevent cells from breaking down prematurely. Lastly, for finishing touches on your eyes, try using a brown or black shadow mixed with a golden or coppery glitter to draw attention away from areas surrounding your eyes. Finish off with matching brow gels to complement your chosen palettes.

Stick to What Works Best For You and Go Easy On The Eyeshadow

There are certain times during the day when you’d probably benefit from sticking to a single neutralized base palette and using less intense pigmented hues on your lids. At least temporarily. During these times, allow your eyes to speak for themselves by letting your lashes do all of the heavy lifting. This means avoiding bold smudges of pigment anywhere except perhaps along your lash line. Otherwise, opt for more subdued versions for easier blending. Or, alternatively, use a white liner pen to fill in sparse spaces between your lashes and above your upper lid. Whatever works best for you, remember to stay consistent in order to avoid appearing dull. That said, feel free to experiment with different techniques to discover what suits you best.

When In Doubt…Go Naked

Whether you love or hate makeup, chances are you spend quite a lot of time thinking about it. Most likely obsessively. While you shouldn’t necessarily strive to remove all traces of personal adornment from your appearance, taking part in extreme anti-cosmetics movements definitely won’t do anyone any favors. So, unless you happen to enjoy wearing nothing but rags while wandering aimlessly around town, you should learn to embrace your natural self. After all, why bother covering up flaws when there are plenty of others willing to cover yours? Think of it as getting rid of distractions in favor of focusing on what really matters: your true character.

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