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It’s no secret that women love putting on makeup. We spend hours perfecting our appearance, trying different looks until we find one that works best with our skin tone and natural features. And when we remove those layers of makeup, there’s nothing quite as satisfying or beautiful than looking into someone else’s eyes without any traces of mascara or eyeliner.

Not only does applying makeup make us feel pretty, but also helps keep us from feeling self-conscious. However, many people wonder whether stripping off your makeup can be good for your health — especially since some celebrities have recently gone under the knife for cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and breast implants. In fact, even Lady Gaga has spoken out against plastic surgery, saying “I think we need more respect for ourselves.” This begs the question: Is getting rid of your makeup really healthy? Or should you just leave well enough alone and focus on other aspects of your overall wellbeing instead?

To answer these questions, we reached out to several female beauty experts who specialize in everything makeup, including popular Instagram accounts, top celebrity blogs, YouTube channels, and TV shows. Their insight helped shed light on why stripping down isn’t always so bad, and which types of women might benefit most from not using heavy amounts of makeup. Here are their answers along with links to additional pictures showing how they looked both with and without makeup applied.


“My first thought was ‘wow, I could never do that,’ because I’m very much an expert in makeup techniques,” says Lauren R., creator of the blog The Beauty Ninja. She went onto explain that while she used to apply tons of makeup herself, it became increasingly difficult over time due to allergies caused by products containing synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. As a result, her eyebrows started growing back, and eventually, she stopped waxing them altogether.

In addition to being allergic to certain ingredients found in traditional makeup formulas, Lauren said that she doesn’t wear foundation either, opting instead for a powder finish. “Since my skin gets oily easily, I tend to skip foundations entirely,” she explains. “They’re great for covering up flaws, but then you end up having to reapply throughout the day.”

She explained that although she felt perfectly fine without makeup during daytime activities, going outside required extra effort. For example, “it takes me longer to put together a professional outfit,” she says, adding that she feels less confident without makeup since she spends so much mental energy thinking about presentation.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences in terms of makeup application, and yours may differ from Lauren’s. Still, regardless of your individual style preference, here are some general tips for maintaining clean skin free of acne and blemishes:

  • Use oil-free cleansers and moisturizers
  • Avoid harsh exfoliating scrubs
  • Don’t share personal care items, unless absolutely necessary
  • Wash your face twice daily with gentle soap and water
  • Keep your pores unclogged with benzoyl peroxide


When asked about how removing makeup affected her everyday life, blogger Elle Michelle replied that she didn’t notice too many differences apart from the obvious ones. “You’ll still get dirty marks around your nose, mouth, etc.,” she wrote. “Your skin will take longer to adjust [to] new skincare routines, so if you use multiple retinoids/moisturizer/sunblock, try to rotate them to give your skin a chance to adapt.”

On the other hand, Sarah A., founder and editor of the celebrity lifestyle website BellaOnline, noticed that her mood changed depending on how much makeup she wore each morning. “Without doing anything special, I am usually happier and more relaxed when I go to work without makeup,” she writes. “However, if I wake up early and know I am heading somewhere important later, I will throw on a little bit of eye shadow and blush before rushing out the door.”

Aside from experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress, Sarah noted that having barefaced moments made her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. “While walking through crowds at Disneyland Paris earlier this year, I got approached by two older men asking directions,” she recalls. “This happened three times within 30 minutes! It kind of freaked me out!”

Still, despite these negative side effects, Sarah admitted that she wouldn’t want to go completely makeup-less all the time. Instead, she tries to stay true to her unique personality and fashion sense, allowing herself to experiment with different styles and colors of lipstick whenever possible. While she understands that others prefer to cover up their imperfections, she believes that embracing your natural attributes is actually healthier and more attractive.

Here are some helpful tips for achieving a flawless complexion, no matter what type of woman you are:

  • Always start with clean skin
  • Learn how to properly prep your skin before applying foundation
  • Choose a mineral base rather than a cream formula
  • Pick a neutral palette to complement your natural coloring
  • Apply concealer lightly with a damp brush
  • Blend foundation smoothly across the forehead, cheeks and chin
  • Finish with translucent powder

1st Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

These images show how @thedailychicnake took photos of model Kate Moss right after washing her face, followed by another photo of her posing stark naked. Similarly, @the_stylish_nook chose models Ashley Graham and Cara Delevingne, whose outfits they paired alongside black leggings and crop tops respectively. They posted the following tweets with their respective hashtags: #beforeandafter, #bareface, and #baldfacedmoments.

2nd Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

For comparison purposes, we decided to include a couple of shots taken by @shefindswood, a UK-based account specializing in sharing makeup tutorials. One image shows model Adriene Mishler’s full face prior to cleaning it up for bedtime, whereas another displays her barefaced visage immediately afterwards. Both shot captions included comments written by @shefindswood describing the experience.

3rd Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

We next turn to the highly influential @beyonce, who shared similar sets of pictures. These photos display singer Beyoncé Knowles’ prepped and unpacked faces before and after cleansing them. Her caption reads, “this is me today vs yesterday. i woke up like this. i washed my face and brushed my teeth.” Be sure to click on her link to view them yourself. You can check out the rest of Beyoncés posts on Twitter here.

4th Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

Next, let’s shift gears to @jenniferaniston, who showed how her barefaced selfie compared to one featuring heavily lined brows. To see them for yourself, head to Jennifer Aniston’s page on Twitter here and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find links leading to past photographs.

Jennifer’s tweet includes: “i wanted to test myself on how i’d react to seeing myself with super dark liner. i’d been obsessed with finding a way to fill my brows that wasn’t too drastic and ended up filling them WAYYYY TOO MUCH. now i don’t mind leaving them slightly thicker, but i definitely won’t be lining anymore.”

5th Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

Another set of comparisons comes courtesy of @nicolebyojo, a popular social media star based in Los Angeles. Like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Byojo tweeted two versions of herself: one with thick lines accentuating her brow bone, and the other sans any makeup whatsoever. Click here to follow her on Twitter, where you can view and compare the two pics.

6th Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

Last but certainly not least, we present @carolinesworld, who shares stunning photos capturing Carolines transformation from fully covered to barefaced. Similar to Nicole ByoJo’s post, Carolines’ selfies feature two versions of herself, one complete with lots of makeup, and the other devoid of it. Follow Carolinesworld on Twitter here to learn more.

7th Look at Before & After Pictures on Twitter

@katehepburn created a series of pictures comparing her before and after makeup removal. In the before pic, she appears with minimal makeup on, and in the latter, she sports a fresh-as-daisies glow. Alongside the original posts, Kati Heppurn also tweeted a few variations of her own. Check them out below.

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