Ariana Grande Without Makeup

There is no shortage of celebrities who wear their natural skin perfectly well sans any kind of makeup at all. But what about those of us whose faces just don’t look as good when we take off that foundation?

Not everyone can pull it off like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga — they’re blessed with naturally flawless complexions (and we mean that in the best way possible). So for those of us who have to put on makeup every day because life doesn’t give us enough time to do so, let this serve as inspiration. These celebs look amazing even though they’ve never worn makeup before.

Here are 21 pictures featuring women who looked stunningly beautiful sans any makeup whatsoever. Enjoy!

1. January 2018

This photo was taken during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where Jennifer Lawrence spoke about how much she loves wearing jeans and sneakers. JLaw has always had great style — whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that. In fact, I’m pretty sure anyone would be jealous if they could see her closet. She wears everything comfortably and effortlessly. And honestly, she should. Her face deserves nothing more than comfort.

2. February 2018

Nicole Byrne wore practically zero makeup while appearing on This Is Love Island last month. It was quite refreshing to not see a single bit of makeup anywhere on her face. You know why? Because Nicole Byrne knows exactly what works for her skin tone, and she executes it flawlessly. We admire your dedication to self-care, Ms. Byrne. A true star.

3. March 2018

Gwen Stefani rocked two different outfits in one night — her usual bandage dresses, but also a black dress and jacket combo that were both impeccably accessorized. What really took away from these ensembles, however, was Gwen herself. She exudes confidence and power beyond anything else. If only we knew how to feel similarly sometimes…but then again, maybe that will come after we master being imperfect.

4. July 2017

Stephen Tyler is known for his rock ‘n’ roll swagger, which he exemplified here by rocking jeans, a turtleneck, and cowboy boots. Stephen may have been shirtless, but his chiseled abs definitely didn’t go unnoticed here. He’s got such strong arms too.

5. August 2017

Elon Musk rocks glasses and a suit everyday, and yet somehow manages to look super dapper doing it. Perhaps part of Elon’s success comes down to knowing the right pieces to layer under said suits and jackets. Who wouldn’t want to copy him? While my eyes might wander toward his unibrow, I think overall he does such a fantastic job pulling off looking clean shaven and dressed to impress. Also, he seems incredibly chill so I’d say he’s probably fine with people making fun of him.

6. September 2017

Kendall Jenner is another celeb who rarely puts any makeup on. As far back as 2014, Kendall told Vogue UK that “I am very comfortable with myself.” That statement alone speaks volumes about the girl, especially considering many other stars try desperately hard to hide themselves behind heavy foundations, glosses, and powders. Kendall, on the other hand, refuses to conform to society’s standards of beauty and instead embraces her own authentic image.

7. October 2017

Charlie Brown went full Marilyn Monroe for Halloween with barely any makeup on. Marilyn Monroe is arguably considered the most iconic female celebrity of them all, and Charlie Brown did an exceptional job capturing her essence.

8. November 2017

Dolly Parton gave us all permission to embrace our inner country singer goddess, except perhaps Britney Spears. Dolly made the bold decision to ditch makeup completely in favor of a simple red lip, bobby pins, and big floppy hat. No wonder she won American Idol in 1996.

9. December 2017

Marilyn Monroe was legendary for her sultry sex appeal, and she proved it once again here in this 1962 portrait. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Marilyn without makeup, either. Another example came earlier this year in the video above. But seeing her barefaced takes things to another level. Just wow.

10. January 2019

We’re obsessed with photographer Lisa Krantz’s work. All of her images feature gorgeous models in glamorous settings. And guess what? Many of them aren’t wearing makeup. They simply look absolutely radiant without it. Take, for instance, model Karolina Kurkova below. There’s something about the way she carries herself and poses that screams classiness.

11. April 2016

True Blood Season 6 star Anna Paquin rocked a white tank top paired with skinny denim shorts. Not only was her outfit cute, it wasn’t overdone. Plus, Anna opted out of applying any makeup whatsoever, proving she truly understands how to play with texture.

12. May 2016

Jennifer Lawrence demonstrated a new hairstyle trend on the set of Red Sparrow in June. Instead of having long locks flowing over the shoulders, Jen cut hers into choppy layers that fell mid-back length. It looked chic and effortless, and the actress certainly didn’t need any help from makeup artists.

13. June 2016

If you thought Beyoncé wore virtually none of her FENTY Beauty line while performing Formation back in 2015, wait until you witness Sasha Pietiläinen perform live. During her performance, she sported a few FENTY products, including lipstick, mascara, and bronzer. Needless to say, fans couldn’t stop ogling Sasha’s flawless complexion.

14. July 2016

Alicia Keys showed us that the key to achieving an airbrushed look is layering light colors strategically. Alicia pulled it off beautifully in this music video for “Girl On Fire,” and we love watching videos together. For starters, Alicia chose to remove her eye shadow entirely, giving viewers a peek at her bright blue eyes underneath. Then, she used liquid eyeliner to draw thick lines around her lids. Lastly, she applied translucent powder to keep the color pigmented throughout the rest of the shoot.

15. August 2016

Jenny McCarthy appeared on Lip Sync Battle alongside Charli XCX. Jenny decided to go au naturale, and frankly, we wish more celebrities followed her lead. With her dark skin tone and curly blonde locks, Jenny actually looks better sans makeup than she ever has with any amount of contouring and highlighting.

16. September 2016

The infamous scene in Mean Girls where Gwyneth Paltrow pulls a giant fake mustache off Gretchen Wieners has left many of us feeling uncomfortable. However, we now know that the whole thing was scripted. Nevertheless, we’ll forever remember the drama between Regina George and Rosario Dawson. Either way, it makes for compelling viewing.

17. October 2016

Gossip Girl’s Kristina Cohan wore her hair in loose waves while filming a commercial for Calvin Klein Jeans. The actress gave us major flashbacks to high school proms, where we often saw girls sporting messy ponytails accompanied by tiny bows. Luckily, Kristina managed to achieve a similar result with ease.

18. November 2016

Tay Zonday is a musician and vocalist extraordinaire who became famous for singing “Ice Cream Paint Job” by Blink 182 in 2007. His rendition is pitch perfect and features a mesmerizing range that allows Tay to sing higher notes effortlessly. To boot, he nails the lyrics and dance moves too. Nowadays, Tay focuses primarily on running his YouTube channel.

19. December 2016

Lily Allen wowed audiences in London recently with a short film called “How Does It Feel?” Lily played a character named Daisy, who lives in a dystopian future where men rule over women. One of the main themes of the short revolves around a woman trying to find happiness outside of romance. Lily’s portrayal was spot on.

20. January 2017

Lady Gaga debuted her highly anticipated song “Joanne” at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Fans immediately flooded social media platforms expressing their reactions to hearing Gaga belt out vocals with little support from backing musicians. Nonetheless, the singer nailed the track despite its flaws.

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