Avril Lavigne Without Makeup

When you think of great beauty icons that are known worldwide, there is no doubt who comes to mind first — Marilyn Monroe. And then maybe Audrey Hepburn? Both women were famous for their flawless skin, long lashes, and perfect lips. They didn’t need much else to be gorgeous.

But today’s stars don’t necessarily have those same attributes. Some wear way more makeup than others do, but they all know how important it can be to use it wisely. So if you’re tired of seeing your favorite celebrities wearing lots of heavy makeup every time they step out in public, here are some things you should try doing yourself instead.

1. Her Eyes

If you’ve been looking up “how to apply eyeliner” videos on YouTube lately, you’ll notice that most celebs prefer thick black lines around their eyes rather than sharp cat eye shapes or winged liner. Why not give this trend a whirl? You could draw thin lines under each eye with pencil (or even mascara) so that they appear smudged together slightly. Then put on a pair of sunglasses with dark lenses and finish off the overall effect by adding a little bit of shadow over the entire area.

2. Her Lips

It’s hard to imagine anyone looking good when their pouts aren’t perfectly shaped. If you want to achieve this type of naturally beautiful mouth, you might consider trying using lip balm as lipstick. This will allow you to blend colors easily and avoid harsh color contrasts. You can also experiment with different shades until you find one that works best with your skin tone.

3. Her Skin Tone

A lot of people believe that everyone has flawless skin, which isn’t true. Even though we may feel confident knowing our face doesn’t show any imperfections, nothing beats having healthy-looking pores. To keep them from clogging up, you can make sure to wash your face twice daily while avoiding hot water because it dries out sensitive facial tissues. Also, always moisturize after washing your face because it helps prevent acne breakouts.

4. Her Hair and ‘DO

Most celebs spend hours getting their hair into its final form before stepping outside for a red carpet event or award show. However, you can still create the illusion of longer locks just by styling it differently. Try curling your strands quickly and pinning it back away from your neckline. Or braid sections of your ponytail and twist them tightly near the ends.

Also, never cut bangs straight across because it gives the appearance of shorter ones. Instead, add volume underneath your brow bone so that it appears fuller.

5. The Dress She Wore to “”Video”” Premiere

You probably already know that fashionistas love dressing up for awards shows. But did you realize you can get dressed up too?! Just pick something simple and classic and accessorize accordingly. Use nude heels and jewelry made from neutral gemstones such as amethyst, sapphire, topaz, jade, peridot, citrine, pearl, lapis lazuli, and emerald green.

6. That Time She Took Off All of Her Clothing for MTV

This was another controversial move since many fans felt uncomfortable watching someone strip down completely in front of millions of viewers. But luckily, it only lasted for two minutes, and once again, it highlighted the importance of being aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you are whenever you leave home alone, especially if you tend to lose track of time. It could save your life someday.

7. When She Was Posed Naked For A Magazine Cover.

Photographers often choose models whose bodies resemble the human ideal. But sometimes, these images end up appearing unrealistic due to poor lighting conditions. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by holding a large mirror facing the photographer during photo shoots. Doing this ensures your body gets enough light to properly reveal everything you want to show off.

8. During her Lip Sync Battle With Gym Class Heroes’ Iggy Azalea On Dancing With the Stars

There’s no denying that Avril looked pretty cute dancing along side professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. Although she wasn’t sporting tons of makeup, you’d certainly recognize her anywhere.

However, it seems Ms. Vixen didn’t practice singing as much as she thought she had prior to taking part in this episode. As soon as Iggy started belting out her hit song Can’t Get It Back, Avril lost her voice almost immediately. Luckily, she recovered shortly afterward and finished the performance strong, but it definitely showed us why you shouldn’t sing live on television unless you absolutely have to.

9. In One Photo From an Instagram Post Where she Showed Us What She Looks Like Smokin’

Even though smoking cigarettes is unhealthy, most girls would agree that it makes them seem cool and rebellious. Avril proved this statement wrong by showing us how she really looks like when she lights up. Not only does smoking cause cancer, but it stains teeth, ruins breath, and ages your skin faster. Don’t forget to brush your teeth right afterwards either.

10. When She Danced on SNL With Kristen Bell

Since this video came out several years ago, I’ve watched it countless times. Whenever I see Kristin dance, my heart melts because she truly knows how to entertain both young and old audiences alike. While she doesn’t wear loads of makeup, her natural glow is quite captivating. Plus, it creates the impression that she’s totally comfortable performing on stage, whether she’s playing herself or impersonating other characters.

So next time you watch Saturday Night Live online, stop focusing on what Lindsay Lohan wears and focus on the real star — Kristen!

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