Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Britney Spears is a beautiful American pop singer. The child star turned sex symbol has had her share of plastic surgery rumours. There are many reasons people elect to have plastic surgery, including vanity, confidence, or medical reasons.

She is one of the most influential women in the history of pop music. Her songs like Oops I did it again and Baby One More Time made her a household name.

Britney Spears has had her share of ups and downs since she first appeared on the pop scene in 1999. As one of the most prominent young stars at that time, Britney’s public profile was laid out practically nationwide very early in life. That’s why so many people have noticed so many changes to her physical appearance.

The pretty pop star, Britney Spears, has been a long-time fan of plastic surgery since her very own appearance changed dramatically.

Britney Spears Looks Different

Her appearance has attracted a lot of public attention for years. She is one of the best-known entertainers for dancing, singing, acting and modelling careers in Hollywood. Her latest appearance in 2008 coincided with her album “Blackout”, which featured the hit “Gimme More.”

Though she has been voted as the Queen of Pop, many are not convinced by her beauty. If you’ve wondered what Britney Spears before-and-afterimages are to show if she has had any plastic surgery, we look at some widespread speculation on the topic.

Did Britney Spears Level Up with Plastic Surgery

Brit is gorgeous, but in the before shot, she looks fresh-faced–a few freckles, a little bit of pink blush, etc. You know how it goes. It looks like an honest-to-goodness high school photo. But after seeing Britney in a concert in Vegas in 2007, she looked different.

She was wearing an eye-catching outfit–a David Bowie-inspired bodysuit with thigh-high boots–but her face was different. Her cheeks seemed fuller, cheeks bones seemed more pronounced,jawline more distinct, and her lips were fuller.

What Type Of Procedures She’s Had Done?

Britney Spears has always been a beauty, but she has taken her looks to the next level with plastic surgery. One look at her before and after photos, and the difference is evident even with her ears.

Her face looks fuller, her nose is different, there’s a noticeable eye lift, and her chin is more defined. The reason that Britney Spears plastic surgery rumours have been circulating for years is because of the drastic change in her appearance, but it’s hard to know for sure what type of procedures she’s had done.

Did Britney Spears Have Reconstructive Surgery

We’ll discuss Britney’s body changes further down in this article. Some people think that she had a breast lift too. How do I know that she had plastic surgery? Well, I won’t go into that here. However, let’s say that women don’t age backwards overnight.

Plastic surgery seems to be a big topic these days. Between the Kardashians, Mariah Carey and Sandra Bullock, there is a never-ending list of actresses who have been rumoured to have had some procedure done. The most popular speculation happens to be Britney Spears plastic surgery history.

It has been a question as to how many times she has had surgery done. Although many experts speculate as high as six procedures, based on my findings, I believe it is closer to three or four that she has had done throughout her career.

Did Britney Spears Get Surgery on her Eyes, Ears and Eyelids?

Britney Spears, one of the most popular singers in US history, has faced speculation over whether her excellent looks are natural or created with help from plastic surgery. From her lips to her eyes to her overall look, there are plenty of reasons why people speculate the singer has gone under the knife.

Did Britney Spears Get Plastic Surgery on her Eyes Ears and Eyelids

Look at the difference in Britney’s features. There is a definitive change after she released her first album and grew up, but there was also a change in the image years later. The latter years show her having a flat forehead, smoother cheeks, and proportionate lips.

What Plastic Surgery Britney Spears Have

We’ve all heard the rumours that pop princess Britney Spears has had extensive plastic surgery done by doctors to her face. And it’s no wonder, with all her public appearances and the media’s rigorous scrutiny of her, speculations abound.

Britney is one of those artists that seem to have a perfect face for plastic surgery. She has wide cheekbones, full lips, a slight gap between her two front teeth which can be hidden by fixing a gap in the roof of the mouth, and those innocent blue eyesthat will never look as natural as they once did.

Before and After Photo

These photos feature Britney Spears’before and after plastic surgery looks. Britney Spears has spoken about going under the knife, but she isn’t the only one who has been rumoured to have gone under the knife. So many celebrities have been rumoured to have gone under the knife that it would be a shame if they all got their posts.

Britney Spears Procedures Were they Examples of Plastic Surgery Fails

On the left is Britney Spears in 2001, while on the right is her in 2016. This type of speculation comes with more focus when a person has gone through some dramatic physical changes. We all have an idea that famous people will more than likely look different under the influence of plastic surgery, but Britney Spears appears to have had some work done on her nose, eyes, cheeks and lips.

There have been so many rumours about whether Britney Spears has had plastic surgery over the years. You can see a difference in her look over the years. She looks different from how she did when she was a teen popstar.

Britney’s appearance raised quite a few eyebrows in 2006. Her nose was noticeably different, her lips looked fuller, and her eyes seemed wider with no eye bags.

According to the National Enquirer, Britney has had 19 plastic surgeries so far! I’m not here to speculate my opinion on whether she indeed did have any of these procedures, but rather provide my observations on what looks different from her previous photos.

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How Does Britney Spears Look Like?

Many magazines, tabloids, YouTube videos and internet blogs have reported Britney’s dramatic plastic surgery makeover in the past few years. The woman in the image on the left is a naturally beautiful girl in her 20s. However, compared to the “after photo” on the right, it is easy to spot differences in her face and her body.

Dr Simon Ourian, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars, has appeared in print and on camera for his opinion about Britney Spears’ looks. He’s given us his thought about how many times she may have gone under the knife (he won’t say how he knows) and that her face is “unrecognisable”.

Why does Dr Ourian believe that she was injured in an accident? Why does he think that she might have had invasive surgery? We can speculate forever about how Britney has changed her appearance, whether it’s an image filteror multiple procedures.

Britney spears plastic surgery before afterseveral reliable sources release pictures. While she has had her share of personal issues, it’s not because of any drug addiction or psychological problems this time. Britney Spears is “mystique”, according to her fan base, and these fans love to see her in different roles that the popstar has adopted in her career.

Britney’s most recent photos have a noticeable difference due to professional intervention. Her face looks slimmer, and her features appear sharper/more defined.


Britney Spears plastic surgery rumours began surfacing in March 2002, after the singer’s meltdown. Many speculate that Britney has had nose jobs, breast implants and possibly other procedures over the years. One of the main reasons the singer has been plastic surgery fodder is that Spears attempts at hiding her changes. It’s hard not to speculate when the star herself will not confirm or deny the plastic surgery rumours and its prices.

Some may argue that her pre-surgery face is just much younger-looking, but it is undeniable that she has changed since the days of “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” My gut reaction is to ask: did she have work done, and if so, did it improve her appearance? Let’s take a deeper look and find out.

Britney Spears has become the poster girl for plastic surgery. The earliest suspicion of plastic surgery occurred when Britney was just 18 years old. At that time, In May of 2001, Britney’s first single-Baby One More Time, was released, and shortly after, she appeared on the covers of all the popular teen magazines, including YM and Teen Vogue.

She seemed to be a fresh-faced young girl who was nervous and shy about her newfound fame. At the age of 19, she was coming into her own as a woman, and this is where our mystery begins of how it had gone badand what could have gone right.

Britney Spears plastic surgery is more of a long “rumoured” history than just a few instances of changing her look and at what cost. Over the years, she has enhanced and altered her appearance,creating some controversy among fans and media. She underwent breast implants in 1999, and since then, she’s been a hot topic of gossip and snarky editorials.

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