Britney Spears Without Makeup

We all have that friend who wears nothing but black eyeliner to every party — you know, the one with the most dramatic features? Well, if your best friend is Britney Spears (or has ever been), then she probably doesn’t wear any makeup whatsoever except for some subtle eye shadow. And while we’d never suggest that anyone should go completely barefaced in public, there are definitely times when wearing minimal cosmetics can be appropriate. After all, everyone goes out of their way to put on some kind of foundation primer before hitting the town or stepping onto an airplane runway, right? So why don’t celebrities do the same thing when they’re off duty? It turns out that many professional makeup artists agree that leaving your face unadorned could actually improve your overall appearance! Here, 10 photos of Spears over the past decade showing how she looked sans-foundation.

10 – 1999

In this photo from 1999, Spears appears quite dewy thanks to heavy moisturizer and lots of water splashing around during her performance of “Oops… I Did It Again.” The stage lights reflect nicely against her shiny skin, giving her cheekbones more definition than usual compared to those of her male co-stars like Justin Timberlake and Nelly. Her eyebrows aren’t perfectly groomed, but since they were barely visible anyway, it hardly matters. She also wore her hair long here instead of up in a ponytail as she often did later in her career. Overall, though, her makeover from ’90s pop star to country diva seemed pretty drastic.

9 – 2000

This shot shows Spears looking rather tired after performing “Lucky” at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2000. While she may have appeared somewhat gaunt earlier in her career, the weight loss didn’t start until well into adulthood. In addition, she had just gotten engaged to Jason Alexander, so his wedding ring would soon replace hers on her finger. However, because she wasn’t yet accustomed to working out regularly, her body lacked the muscle tone needed to fill out her jeans. Luckily, by May 2001, she added back about 20 pounds of lost fat, which gave her enough room to fit into these tight denim pants [Source: People].

8 – 2001

A year later, in August 2001, Spears’ next single “I Wanna Go” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This song marked a huge change in direction for Spears, who went from being known primarily for bubblegum pop hits like “… Baby One More Time,” “Baby Love” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” to writing songs about sex, relationships and partying. Although she still performed onstage with no other women present besides her dancers, she started going clubbing more frequently and even got arrested on Sept. 26, 2001, for underage drinking. Still, her newfound image proved successful, and she continued releasing top singles such as “Outrageous”, “All My Life” and “Indecent Proposal”. By November 2002, she made another major shift away from traditional teen pop music by marrying Kevin Federline, whom she married in Las Vegas two months later on Dec. 3. Their union lasted only eight weeks and ended with Federline filing for divorce in January 2003.

7 – 2002

After divorcing Federline, Spears returned to her roots by recording material for her album “In the Zone.” Released in October 2002, it debuted atop the U.S. charts and produced three number-one singles including “Toxic,” “It’s All About Me” and “Piece Of Me.” Despite its success, however, critics weren’t nearly as receptive toward the new sound, calling her attempt to reinvent herself too late. They felt she should’ve done so much sooner after her marriage to Federline ended in less than six short weeks. Nevertheless, the album sold 1 million copies worldwide within nine days of release [Source: Nielsen SoundScan], making it the fastest selling debut record ever for a female artist. But despite the critical drubbing, it eventually earned Spears five Grammy nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female, Breakthrough Artist and Album of the Year.

6 – 2003

Two years later, Spears released “Miss You Much” in July 2004. Its leadoff single spent 14 straight weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart, breaking the previous record held by Madonna’s 1989 hit “Justify My Love.” Though some fans criticized the track for sounding overly similar to older work, it nonetheless peaked at No. 2 on the weekly charts and became Spears’ 22nd consecutive Top 40 entry. Another highlight came in February 2005, when she released “Gimme More” as the fourth single from her second studio album “Femme Fatale.” Not only did it become her sixth consecutive single to reach the top spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, but it also broke the previous record set by Elvis Presley in 1957 for the longest running single from a woman to date. Ultimately, it stayed at the top position for 12 weeks, beating out fellow boy band NSYNC and rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival in the process [Source: Billboard].. In April 2005, she teamed up with R&B duo TLC again to create “Solid Ground,” a remake of their 1980 classic “Love and Marriage.” Also included was Spears’ cover version of Sade’s ballad “No Ordinary Love.” That June, she received four Grammys, tying Michael Jackson’s record of most wins among solo performers.

5 – 2004

Spears’ third studio album “Sweet Dreams…” was released in December 2004 and spawned several top singles. Two of them, “Stronger” and “Unbreakable,” both reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Yet, unlike Miss You Much and Femme Fatale, which focused on dance tracks, Sweet Dreams…. featured slower tempo ballads, including the title track and “Me Against Myself.” Critics praised the effort for diversifying Spears’ style and growing beyond what they deemed her typical formulaic approach to music. Following the album’s release, she toured extensively, traveling across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

4 – 2005

By early summer 2005, Spears began teasing her upcoming single “Rock Your World” via Internet message boards, radio interviews and television appearances. On Aug. 7, 2005, it premiered on American Idol, where host Simon Cowell declared Spears’ video “incredible” and said he believed the song would help launch her to superstardom. He was correct – the clip wound up receiving numerous awards and nominations, including two Teen Choice Awards, two MTV Movie Award nods and a nomination at the 48th Golden Globe awards ceremony for Best Original Song. The catchy tune topped the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart for 13 nonconsecutive weeks, earning Spears the distinction of becoming the first solo female performer to achieve multiple entries on the list [Source: Billboard]. To promote the song, Spears embarked upon her first world tour, appropriately named Circus Tour. In total, the concert series spanned four continents and visited 17 cities between March and July 2005.

3 – 2006

On Feb. 4, 2006, Spears released her latest studio album “Hotspot” under Island Def Jam Recordings. Once again, she experimented with different genres, incorporating hip hop beats and rapping along with slow jams such as “Breakdown” and “What Makes A Man Want To Rock & Roll.” These changes garnered mixed reviews from critics, although most agreed that it showcased Spears’ improved skills behind the mic. When promoting the album, she joined Destiny’s Child reunion act Girl’s Tyme, which reunited Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Together, they recorded a new single titled “When I Grow Up.” Unfortunately, the project fell apart due to conflict between the former members, and Spears left the group mid-tour in August 2006. Later that month, she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey in romantic comedy film “Married With Children.”

2 – 2007

In February 2007, Spears finally revealed the identity of husband #4, posting online pictures of him holding a newborn baby girl named Jamie Lynn. Months later, she welcomed daughter James Royal Berteaux into the world on Oct. 8, 2007. At the time, she told Howard Stern, “She’s my whole life. I’m obsessed with her.” Fourteen months later, Spears announced her engagement to backup dancer Kevin Abplanalbe. Just a few hours after telling Ryan Seacrest, “[W]e’re getting married… and having a kid together,” she called off the nuptials, saying she couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. Then, in April 2009, she posted a picture of a diamond ring on her Twitter account, confirming rumors that she’d secretly wed musician Nick Lachey on Jan. 5, 2008. As expected, the couple divorced just 18 days later, citing irreconcilable differences.

1 – 2008

Shortly thereafter, Spears met baseball player Stephen Strasburg, whom she married in Hawaii in 2010. The following year, she returned to the spotlight once again with the release of “Circus” and embarked on her 23rd annual Circus Tour, which took place between June and November 2009.

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