Deepika Padukone Without Makeup

When you’re an actress who has appeared in several blockbusters over the past few years, people naturally expect your face to be flawless — yet no one expects actresses like Deepika Padukone (who recently starred as Simran Kaur in Bajirao Mastani) to hide their imperfections.

The truth? They don’t need to wear any makeup. Their skin looks flawless without even trying. How do they get away with looking this amazing every day? Here are six reasons why we love watching them play around on set instead of obsessing about what goes into their daily routines.

1. She Wears Dark Shades of Foundation & Powder

We all know how important foundation can be when applying makeup for women, but DP wears dark shades that completely cover up the red patch under her nose. This gives us a hint about how much work actually goes behind the scenes. In fact, according to Dolly Chaudhry from NARS Cosmetics, DP usually starts out by drawing some contours on paper before putting anything else on her face. “She does most of her own makeup—she draws something onto a piece of paper then takes a pencil and starts playing with different colors until she finds something that works,” says Chaudhry. “Then she’ll move onto doing it digitally.”

2. She Uses Concealer To Hide the Mark

Chaudhry also confirms that DP uses concealer to mask the mole underneath her right eye. “She likes using concealing because it hides things better than other products,” explains Chaudhry. According to dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Granick, there are two ways to use concealers effectively — either using a cream formula with SPF protection or stick form with light reflecting particles inside. However, both forms should always contain zinc oxide. While some people may find that covering the mole helps reduce its appearance, others might want to try a cosmetic procedure to remove warts or moles altogether. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, consult an expert first.

3. She Doesn’t Use Blush Or Highlight

Forget blush. And highlighters. All those makeup tools only serve to draw attention away from what really counts…her lips. We’ve seen plenty of celebs show off perfectly pouty mouths during award season, whether through strategically placed liner or gloss, but DP opts for keeping everything simple. “I think [DP] loves lip color more than I love my lipstick collection, which speaks volumes!” says Chaudhry.

According to celebrity make-up artist Kim Yoon Lee, DP stays true to herself by simply choosing a neutral shade of pink or coral lipstick. When paired with a nude base and a coat of mascara, this will give you a polished finish. You could try experimenting with bold shades if you wanted to add a bit of sparkle to your lips, though.

4. She Makes Natural Smiling Look Effortless

Smile bigger. That’s exactly what DP does when shooting photos. Not only does she smile naturally while filming, but she makes sure everyone knows it too. “Her biggest asset is how genuine and easygoing she is. Everyone wants to feel comfortable on camera, and she radiates warmth and ease,” says Lee. When DP isn’t working, however, she indulges in self-care rituals. “Whenever I see her outside of work, she’s always got fresh flowers or candles lit. It shows dedication and care toward herself,” adds Lee.

Lee agrees that DP puts effort and thoughtfulness into her everyday look, especially since she rarely wears heavy makeup. For example, she often chooses to keep her eyebrows unshaped rather than plucking them. “This allows them to grow back thicker and darker, giving her a fuller brow,” says Lee. Besides being incredibly flattering, DP’s go-to eyebrow style also prevents smudging throughout the rest of her look.

5. She Plays It Safe With Eyeshadow

“With so many eyeshadows available today, it seems almost impossible to choose wisely, particularly when wearing such vibrant hues,” says Lee. But DP never strays far from neutrals and grays, opting for muted tones like moss green, caramel, black, taupe, and silver. Of course, these classic, non-pigmented colors won’t compete against her bright outfits on screen. So if you’re going to rock a similar palette, remember to stay within a range of three or four shadows.

6. The Only Lace Front Close-Up Is Necessary

On top of staying consistent with her wardrobe choices, DP keeps her signature hairstyle relatively tame. Instead of piling on dramatic layers, she shaves her legs and armpits straight across. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve heard ‘Oh wow, you shaved?’ said after seeing someone notice,” laughs Lee. In addition to making hair maintenance easier, this cut creates a smooth line where her leg meets her body, eliminating unsightly bumps. What’s best about this style is that you can easily change it up depending on the occasion. Just swap out a pair of jeans for skinny pants and you’re ready to party.

Of course, DP isn’t afraid to experiment with new trends. Recently, she sported a side braid made famous by Rihanna during Met Gala weekend 2016. As long as she sticks to a basic color pallet and follows Lee’s advice, we guarantee anyone would agree that DP is truly blessed with impeccable taste.

In terms of fashion, DP embraces minimalism. Aside from her favorite dresses, shoes, and jewelry pieces, she rarely changes her accessories. For instance, her trusty camel backpack is probably the only thing she carries everywhere. Other celeb faves include clutches and bags inspired by vintage Hermès designs.

Nowadays, DP lives pretty modestly, taking public transportation whenever possible. On weekends, she prefers to spend time outdoors doing yoga or hiking with friends.

Though she hasn’t been confirmed as our next Bond girl yet, let’s hope she joins MI6 soon! Until then, enjoy watching her gracefully handle action films with confidence. Then, repeat out loud, “Beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, humble…and definitely British.”

Deepika Padukone Facts:

  • · Born in Calcutta, India, March 21, 1986, she moved to London at age 4
  • · Earned modeling contracts at 16
  • · Appeared in blockbuster movies including Mission Impossible 3, xXx, and Love Actually
  • · Started acting in TV commercials at 11
  • · Featured in critically acclaimed film called My Name Is Khan opposite Salman Khan
  • · Won Screen Actors Guild Awards Best Actress and Critics Choice Movie Award Breakthrough Performance
  • · Was named #7 among TIME 100 Most Influential People list 2014
  • · Has her own charitable organization called Warrior Women
  • · Married actor Ranbir Kapoor in September 2015
  • · Pregnant with second child due in spring 2017

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