Diane Kruger Without Makeup

There are certain celebrities who have been immortalized by their beauty looks no matter what they do or say… and Diane Kruger just happens to be one of them. She’s so beautiful in her own right (in more ways than one), but it seems like she never gets enough credit for how effortlessly gorgeous she really looks without any makeup on whatsoever. We’ve known about this secret since 2007, thanks to a picture taken during fashion week where she looked absolutely flawless sans make up. This year though, The Daily Mail decided to give us a behind-the-scenes look at her process—which included some unexpected revelations about our favorite actress.

Before I get into my favorites, here’s what else I learned from watching the video above:

Kruger has two different hair stylists – first, an Australian named Nicki Minaj, whom Kruger describes as “a very talented girl” and “really funny.” Then there’s David Trevellick, whose job title isn’t listed on his LinkedIn profile, which makes me feel bad for him.

Her best friend and co-star from Prison Break, Wentworth Miller, also helped out with the styling, and he apparently did most of it himself because he had “so much talent,” according to Kruger. He even cut her bangs once, something most men would probably let someone else handle.

She used to use moisturizer instead of foundation because she didn’t want people seeing oiliness around her eyes when she wasn’t wearing mascara.

The reason she doesn’t wear eyeliner anymore? It irritates her skin. Also, she wears contacts. What?

This woman could teach every single other human being on earth everything they need to know about using eye cream effectively.

Okay, onto the five things I found myself obsessing over while watching the whole video. Here they are, ranked based on your votes, along with my personal opinions on each part of the look below.

1. Eyes

I love this image SO MUCH it hurts. And if you don’t think so too, watch the full video. There’s nothing wrong with those eyes! They’re bright blue, perfectly shaped, heavily lashed, and framed by high cheekbones. You’d almost forget she was wearing anything at all if it weren’t for the fact that her eyebrows aren’t quite visible in this shot. If only she were able to pull off a similar effect with her lips, too. As far as I’m concerned, these are perfect features overall. So why rank them number 1?! Because Diane Kruger does such a great job of highlighting them that way. Her lids appear incredibly thick and dark, yet still light and airy, and her brow bone pops so hard against the lighter color of her skin tone. These are definitely the real deal.

2. Lips

It’s obvious that this entire look hinges mainly on Kruger’s pout. After all, if you took away her face entirely, she wouldn’t be nearly as pretty. However, considering the rest of the pictures featured in the article show her actually smiling, I felt it necessary to include lip gloss into the equation. My main complaint is that she uses WAY TOO MANY colors. Like, multiple shades of reds, purples, oranges, greens, etc., as well as pinkish brown lipstick. While many women may find themselves having to choose between several options, I personally hate doing that. To narrow down your possibilities, stick with one shade of colored gloss. Use a brush to apply it to your top and bottom lip separately, rather than mixing together. Once you decide on a color, keep it simple. A little bit should go a long way.

For reference, here’s what I chose, keeping the aforementioned orange/green/purple/blue/brown/pinkish brown in mind.

Bourjois Color Fever ($16)

MAC Lipglass Nude #6 ($22.50)

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Liquid Lipstick (#20)

Muse Blonde 2-Way Eyeshadow Primer Pressed Powder Foundation Brush($21)

Eyeshadow Trio – Beige/Gold & Black/White 3 piece palette ($17)

Sally Hansen Clear Coat nail polish ($7)

Overall Looks

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share my take on the final result. In order to create the same effects as in the original photos, I tried to recreate this look using items I already owned. Since I couldn’t find the exact camera angle used in the Daily Mail article, I went with this close-up shot. Though I managed to achieve a semi-similar effect to Kruger’s, I still think mine came out better. Why? One word: lighting. Check out the comparison shots below.

If you click play again, you’ll notice that Kruger’s look appears brighter than mine. On top of that, hers appears sharper, whereas mine feels softer. Despite this difference, however, both of them seem equally realistic. Just try looking closely at Kruger’s model-like lashes and compare them to mine. The similarities stop there. Mine simply lack oomph.

As for tips, I recommend taking advantage of natural light whenever possible. Also, consider experimenting with various angles to see what works best for you. For example, if you’re going for a daytime glam look, I suggest setting up your backdrop so that sunlight streams through it diagonally, hitting your face directly. Of course, if you’ve got access to a windowless room, you might want to try shooting outside under artificial lights. Whatever method you end up choosing, remember to take lots of pictures beforehand to help ensure success. Now that you understand all of the secrets needed to masterfully recreate this stunning look yourself, check back next Friday afternoon for another fun Beauty Addict post!

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