Emilia Clarke Without Makeup

Game of Thrones fans are an intense bunch. They’re passionate about our favorite characters — especially those who have yet to be introduced or killed off (Davos Seaworth is my personal fave). But they can also get pretty angry when someone messes up one of their beloved characters. And if you’ve ever been so enraged by something as simple as not having your DMs returned that you started tweeting insults at people who didn’t deserve them, then you know exactly why I’m writing this article right now.

But for today, let’s put aside any fan rage and consider just how much work goes into making these actors’ faces beautiful enough to sell millions upon millions of dollars worth of merchandise. It takes hours every day to apply dozens of layers of foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc., etc., ad infinitum until Emilia finally ends up looking nothing more than “a few pieces of clothing strategically placed around some skin.”

And even though there are plenty of photos out there showing Emilia Clarke wearing absolutely no makeup whatsoever, only one person has really captured the true nature of Emilia’s beauty regimen, which makes us wonder…who does clean-shaven Emilia actually want to impress most of all?

Here’s what Emilia Clarke looked like before everyone decided it was their job to make Emilia look better on camera. This is after applying the same amount of effort as Davos, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister.

When I first saw the above tweet back in January 2016, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. It was funny because it felt like such a ridiculous thing to say — “I don’t care if he died last season! He needs to die again next episode!!!1!!11!” — and yet here I am typing it out word for stupid word because I wanted to share it with you guys.

As far as Game of Thrones memes go, this tweet ranks somewhere between “the headless horseman” and “Tear Down This Wall.” In other words, it’s hilarious. However, while both tweets were equally as absurd, the latter had the added benefit of being slightly related to actual events going on in the series itself. That’s what made me keep scrolling down Twitter long past where I should have stopped, but somehow I never did stop.

Now I understand why. As I continued reading through hundreds of additional replies, each containing another iteration of the aforementioned meme, I realized two things: 1.) There are literally thousands of variations of this meme floating around social media platforms everywhere, 2.) People genuinely believe that Jon Snow will eventually meet his demise during Season 8.

If you haven’t heard already, spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this particular type of tweet come across my feed. Just yesterday, I received a screenshot of someone asking if Jon Snow would survive beyond Episode 3. When I replied that it’s highly unlikely since many viewers think he’ll be decapitated in Episode 4, the original poster responded by saying “Well maybe he won’t?”

People aren’t wrong. If you take a quick glance at Reddit, you’ll find countless threads filled with predictions for Jon Snow’s fate throughout the rest of the final season. One Redditor recently compiled a list of over 100 theories predicting Jon Snow’s death, ranging from the obvious (“He dies fighting Ramsay”) to the cryptic (“Jon Snow becomes Azor Ahai”). Another user simply said, “F anything happens to him [it] wont matter anymore” in response to this question.

It seems that whether you love Jon Snow or loathe him, it’s impossible for anyone to deny that he has become an iconic character within Game of Thrones fandom. So what do we learn from seeing Emilia Clarke stripped of her flawless facial features? Well, quite frankly, nothing new. She still looks great. Even sans makeup, Emilia still looks amazing. No one could possibly hate her for it.

However, what’s interesting is that despite the fact that almost nobody outside of Westeros cares very deeply about Jon Snow, his popularity among Game of Thrones fans is undeniable. Whether it’s due to his unwavering commitment to truthfulness, strength, compassion, leadership skills, or dedication to protecting vulnerable children, Jon Snow is loved by virtually everybody. Except, perhaps, for the ones responsible for giving him his signature scowl.

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