Eva Mendes Without Makeup

You don’t have to be a fashion or celebrity reporter to know that women love their cosmetics — especially if they’re well applied, but even if they aren’t. It seems like every time we turn around there’s another magazine touting “the new must-have product” or “the best cosmetic secret ever!” If you want proof of this phenomenon, all you have to do is check out some of our favorite celebrities’ makeup bags (or lack thereof). Sure, most famous people will tell you that they wear whatever works for them, but it sure looks as though they could stand to save a little money here and there by skipping the foundation altogether. And who can blame them? We’ve come to expect perfection from these ladies, after all. So why not let them shine without putting anything on their faces first?

We certainly think they should try it themselves! Check out the following pages for eight stunning shots of Eva Mendes sans makeup — and no Photoshop enhancements either! Not only does each photo make us drool over how amazing Mendes naturally looks, but knowing that these images were taken straight off camera makes us feel much better about our own appearances. Let’s face it, everyone needs a little extra TLC once in awhile.

1. This Is What I Am Made Of

It may seem unusual for an actress to appear completely ungroomed in public, but when you see Eva Mendes walking down Fifth Avenue holding hands with actor Ryan Reynolds, you’ll understand exactly what we mean. You’d never guess that under that plain black turtleneck and jeans jacket lurks one of Hollywood’s hottest bodies and sex symbols. How did Mendes pull off such a low-key appearance? Simple: She has perfect skin that ages beautifully, which means she doesn’t have to worry about wearing heavy makeup or worrying about wrinkles. Instead, she looks fresh and glowing thanks to her healthy glow.

2. On The Set of ‘Magic Mike’

Mendes isn’t afraid to show off her sexy side, and this picture proves that point. Even when shooting scenes for movies, actresses still manage to keep up their glamour quotient. That said, Mendes knew that showing up to set without makeup would probably get noticed, so she went prepared. She got dressed before arriving on set, opting to go au naturel until her scene came up. While filming, she took a break and had some lunch, allowing her to skip applying her usual makeup routine entirely. Once again, Mendes looked absolutely radiant, making us wish we had the guts to take off our clothes in front of strangers.

3. In A Bikini At Elle Magazine 2007

Sure, being photographed while sunbathing naked sounds pretty tame, but seeing two hot girls half-dressed takes things to a whole other level. Seeing Eva Mendes lounging poolside in a bikini made us dizzy with envy, even though we already knew she wasn’t wearing a stitch. Apparently, Mendes didn’t mind getting a tan since she actually likes how she looks with minimal makeup. One thing we learned from this shoot is that we definitely shouldn’t bother trying to recreate Mendes’ hairstyle. Who knows how long her hair’s going to stay that way?

4. At An After Party For ‘Ghost Protocol”

If you thought your nails were shiny during those awkward moments after meeting someone new, imagine having that kind of radiance plastered across your entire body. Naturally, stars wouldn’t dare show up to events without primping beforehand. They spend hours carefully painting their fingernails and toes to achieve the right shade of pearly white — and we bet Eva Mendes spends plenty of time doing the same. Whether she’s attending premieres or award shows, Mendes goes full glam when stepping outside her house. Sometimes she’ll apply additional coats of polish later that evening, but in general, she leaves her glam chops at home.

5. With Her Dog, Gigi.

Although we admire Mendes’ ability to maintain her youthful appearance, sometimes she gives into temptation and dons a bit of mascara and lipstick to play along with her pup. Although we appreciate seeing her put effort into maintaining a chic aesthetic, we feel bad for the poor pooch whose job it is to lug around his owner’s makeup bag everywhere he goes. Luckily, Gigi gets to relax between acting gigs when his mistress heads out to dinner or drinks with friends. He also enjoys a spa day whenever possible. We hope Gigi finds himself a girl soon because watching him eat pizza alone is starting to drive us nuts!

6. When She Was Younger…She was just so cute back then!

Even though she’s now 38 years old, we can’t believe that Eva Mendes used to be a teenager. Back then, she starred in films like About Last Night and Whatever It Takes, and although she played adult roles, she acted young and innocent. Nowadays, Mendes acts older than her age, appearing mature and sophisticated, yet still playful enough to enjoy herself with her pals. All grown up, yes, but not too far removed from her days as a teen heartthrobshowing great style sense.

7. As A Teenager

One of the most memorable times Mendes appeared onscreen as a teenager was in her role opposite Justin Bieber in Never Say Never. Although her character was supposed to be younger than her real age, Mendes often sported braces and wore a hoodie and sweatshirt instead of high heels and mini skirts. Today, she rarely wears sweatpants, preferring suits paired with nice pumps or flats. We miss her rebellious days, but we love that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

8. On Location for “”The Other Boleyn Girl””

Before landing her leading role in 2003’s debut film Confessions of a Shopaholic alongside Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes worked as an assistant director on George Clooney’s critically acclaimed movie Goodfellas. Despite working behind the scenes, Mendes managed to snag a small part playing Lady Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife. Filming on location in England gave the starlet ample opportunity to practice her British accent, and she nailed it! Years later, she landed her breakout role in The Other Boleyn Girl, based on Philippa Gregory’s popular novel.

9. On Vacation with Jennifer Lopez in 2009

During vacation last year, Mendes visited Puerto Rico with her family, taking advantage of sunny skies and warm waters to hit the beach. Like many other celebs, she enjoyed soaking up some rays in swimwear. Since she seemed happy and relaxed, we couldn’t resist snapping some pics of her relaxing in the sand.

10. To Celebrate Her 40th Birthday

Last week, Mendes celebrated turning 40, and we weren’t able to attend the party, but luckily we caught sight of her celebrating via Twitter. She posted a picture of a cake decorated with candles shaped like hearts, surrounded by balloons and lit with birthday wishes written on them. Obviously, she had fun throwing her big bash, and we can only assume that guests were treated to delicious food and dancing.

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