Fan Bingbing Without Makeup

In mid-March 2017, Chinese actress and singer Fan Bingbing announced that she had divorced her husband of nine months, actor Daniel Wu, after just six months together. Fans were shocked because it came as such an unexpected turn for this couple who seemed so happy only days before when they appeared onstage during an event promoting their new movie “The Founding Of An Army.”

But there are some clues fans may have missed about what happened behind closed doors that led to this public breakup. In fact, many people believe that if you looked closely enough, you might be able to see how things went wrong even though there wasn’t any outward drama or signs of trouble.

So let’s take a look back at these eight facts we learned over time that suggest why Fan Bingbing ended up divorcing Daniel Wu.

1. She Has A High-pitched Voice

Yes, you read that right! One thing is clear immediately upon meeting Fan Bingbing: Though she speaks Mandarin fluently, she sounds like she’s singing through a megaphone. You can hear it most clearly when she says certain words, but also sometimes when she sings in general (she doesn’t sing often). If you listen carefully, you’ll notice that her voice is higher than normal.

This high pitch isn’t really noticeable until you get used to hearing it. Many listeners describe it as being similar to the sound made by someone trying out a falsetto vocal register. Others think it resembles the way one would speak using a microphone attached to a telephone.

There’s another reason why Fan Bingbing’s voice seems extra loud to us – it comes from having a lisp. When you’re born with a cleft palate or other conditions affecting your speech, your tongue protrudes slightly more than usual, making it difficult to form your letters properly and resulting in a slight lilt to your tone. Because of this, Fan Bingbing uses special breathing techniques while reading aloud to avoid sounding too affected and awkward. We should note here that although a few singers use this technique, it’s generally referred to as speaking in tongues.

If you want to learn more about Fan Bingbing’s unique voice, check out our interview with the star where she shares more details about her unusual singing style.

2. Her Skin Is Oily And Flaky

When you meet Fan Bingbing, you’d never guess that this petite woman looks 10 pounds overweight – especially since she appears thinner than average compared to all those photos posted online showing her looking plump. Yet inside, however, she weighs around 100 pounds (45 kilograms) less than the size she displays outside of work.

It turns out that fanning herself helps manage her weight gain problem. Although she eats healthfully every day, eating plenty of vegetables and protein sources along with grains, bread, rice, noodles and potatoes makes up much of her diet. Since her skin appears oily and flaky, she avoids moisturizers and oils. Instead, she uses lotions sparingly to help keep her skin hydrated.

Her secret? Lots of water and exercise. During breaks between shooting scenes, she hikes up nearby mountains or works out regularly in hotel workout rooms. Afterward, she showers off sweat and cold air quickly dries her body. Allowing her skin to breathe freely prevents it from becoming irritated or wrinkled.

To learn more about how Fan Bingbing stays fit despite her busy schedule, continue reading the next page.

3. She Doesn’t Use Cosmetics

Like many celebrities, Fan Bingbing wears lots of cosmetics. However, unlike others, she tends to wear them consistently throughout each day. Even when traveling, she brings along her favorite lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows.

She does this partly because she believes cosmetic companies manipulate women into thinking they need products to stay beautiful. Also, she prefers simple hair styles that don’t require heavy amounts of hairspray or styling wax. These hairstyles include ponytails, braids and buns instead of elaborate updos.

And she keeps her nails short and painted bright colors to match her outfits.

Some critics say that keeping yourself clean and smelling fresh will make you feel better overall regardless of whether you apply makeup. So if you prefer not to wear makeup, go ahead and skip all the fun extras.

However, there are also benefits to wearing cosmetics. For example, using mascara and eyeliner gives you greater control over your eyes’ appearance. Applying blush provides a subtle glow under your cheekbones. Using lipstick adds color and life to your lips.

One downside of avoiding cosmetics is that your face won’t have anything shiny, smooth or well-blended to reflect light onto. On top of that, you probably wouldn’t enjoy applying thick layers of foundation to cover up blemishes and pores. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve a natural look without relying solely on expensive beauty products. Keep reading the next page to discover them.

4. There Are No Wrinkles Or Dark Circles Underneath The Eyes

As mentioned earlier, Fan Bingbing’s naturally thin frame causes her to weigh far fewer pounds than her height suggests. As a result, her skin becomes loose and hangs loosely on her bones. While this allows her to maintain a relatively youthful appearance, it also leaves her vulnerable to wrinkles and sagging facial features.

Most notably, Fan Bingbing has dark circles beneath her eyes. To conceal these unsightly bags, she applies cream underneath each eye several times per week. She also follows a strict regimen that includes sleeping eight hours per night, drinking lots of fluids and eliminating junk foods from her diet.

Another trick that she employs is massaging vitamin E oil into her skin once a day. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that protect cell membranes against free radical damage caused by UV rays from sunlight. Free radicals attack healthy cells and cause aging effects. By infusing her skin with vitamin E, Fan Bingbing slows down cellular deterioration and protects her complexion from future sun damage.

On the next page, find out more tips for achieving a flawless finish without makeup.

5. They’ve Been Separated For Two Years Now

Although they both claimed publicly that everything was fine between them, Fan Bingbing and Daniel Wu separated in September 2016. Just weeks later, he starred opposite Scarlett Johansson in his first film following the break. Meanwhile, she continued working on films including “X-Men” spinoff “Deadpool 2,” which released in December 2016, and “Godzilla vs. Kong” due out in June 2017.

Despite their separation, rumors circulated among fans that something was amiss, particularly regarding their lack of activity on social media sites. Rumors spread that Daniel Wu cheated on his wife. Then, reports emerged claiming that Daniel didn’t pay child support payments for his son. Finally, fans speculated that the pair might rekindle their romance after getting married.

While none of these claims turned out to be true, Fan Bingbing did confirm that she and Daniel aren’t currently living together. What’s unclear is exactly what prompted the divorce, but the timing certainly raised eyebrows given their past history and recent activities.

Nowadays, couples tend to wait longer before splitting up, according to statistics compiled by China Daily. Divorce rates increased from 3 percent in 2009 to 9 percent in 2015, whereas marriage lengths grew from 4.9 years in 2001 to 5.4 years in 2014. With more stable relationships taking root, many people choose to delay their separations.

Regardless, the timing of Fan Bingbing’s divorce announcement raises questions. Did she and Daniel fall apart again shortly afterward? Was the relationship already broken beyond repair? Whatever the case, we now know that whatever happens with her personal life, her career is going strong.

6. This Isn’t The First Time It’s Happened Like This

Since 1998, Chinese actress Zhao Wei has been rumored to have dated actors Donnie Yen and Jet Li. Both men reportedly loved her deeply, but neither ever proposed. Eventually, the pressure got to her, and she left her boyfriends to pursue acting full time. She hasn’t fallen in love yet again.

During her early days as an actress, Fan Bingbing dated popular Taiwanese actor Rain Liu. He eventually became famous for playing leading roles in movies like “I Love YG” and “Green Snow”. Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly in March 2013. Despite her grief, Fan Bingbing decided to move forward with filming projects. Today, she continues dating actor Wang Baoqiang.

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