How to makeup like Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani was on the cover of Rolling Stone, and she looked radiant. Her face is flawless! She has a perfectly shaped nose with no visible pores or blemishes. Gwen’s skin looks dewy fresh and healthy looking even though it is completely free from any make up application. This girl knows how to take care of her appearance.

I am in love with this picture because I can see that there are no traces of foundation or concealer anywhere on her face. There are only some light touches of blush, but nothing too obvious. The look is very natural and effortless. It also makes me think about what kind of skincare routine she must have been using for all these years?

The main reason why we do not see celebrities wearing much makeup is because they know their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to applying makeup themselves. They either want to play safe by sticking to one color palette so as not to overwhelm themselves with choice or simply don’t feel like putting on more than necessary. Then again, sometimes being less made-up just means you’re doing your best to show off your best features and keep things simple. Whatever the case may be, here are my top tips if you want to achieve a similar look yourself.

1) Use moisturizer with sunscreen

We’ve heard it before, but this really does apply to most beauty routines. Sunscreen should come first thing in the morning (or at least within an hour after sunbathing). If you already use retinoid cream, then great; otherwise, try out Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Skin Defense SPF 15 Moisture Control Face Lotion ($12). It works well under heavy layers of eye shadow and other products. Just remember to reapply throughout the day. You will need something else to set your makeup aside during the day, such as pressed powder. Apply a layer over your primer/foundation while still damp, blotting away excess liquid. To find the right shade, ask someone who wears cosmetics regularly for help. A little bit goes a long way, especially on sensitive facial skin. Also, don’t forget to add sunscreen to your daily shower regimen!

2) Choose the right base

Most people prefer matte finish foundations. Matte finishes tend to give a slightly “dirtier” look whereas fresher skin would look better with a satin finish. For women whose skin tone leans towards yellowish tones, choose a neutral pink toned powder rather than orangey shades. In general, stick to powders instead of creams. Creams usually contain oil which tends to clog our pores, making us break out more easily. Powder provides a clean canvas for makeup. Another important factor is texture. Make sure your product feels good going on. Silky textures work best on oily complexions, while mattify’able formulas suit dry skins. Some brands include both silky and mattifying qualities in each formula. One brand I personally recommend is Laura Mercier Silk Finish Foundation Stick ($28), which gives amazing coverage, blends seamlessly into skin tone and lasts through 12 hours of wear time. The finish is soft and luminous, giving a subtle yet refined glow. It contains high quality ingredients including beeswax, mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

3) Layer strategically

Since Gwen chose a nude colored outfit, she probably went for a sheer blouse underneath. While layering your foundation and bronzer over your entire face might seem tempting, it actually creates unnecessary bulk around your neckline area. Instead, concentrate on building contour where needed. Using a brush, lightly dust bronzing powder onto your cheekbone, down along your jaw line, across your forehead, and back toward your temples. Blend upward. Next, sweep a tiny amount of translucent powder over your eyelids, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and inner corners of your eyes. Dusting evenly helps blend everything together. Lastly, sweep a thin strip of lighter brown or blonde powder over your hairline and feather outward toward your ears. That’s pretty much it! Other areas such as lip liner, mascara, etc., can stay bare.

4) Go easy on the eyeshadow

When choosing your colors, always opt for neutrals. Eyeshadows with strong pigmentation tend to wash you out. On the contrary, pastels enhance depth and complement fair skinned beauties. Try mixing different shades to create contrast. If you don’t mind playing with color, experiment with bold hues. However, if you want to go easier on the eyes, stick to taupe or champagne shimmer. These two shades balance out darker shadows beautifully. My favorite duo is definitely Nars Velvet Taupe & NARS Rose Quartz. Both are warm toned and perfect for everyday office wear. The former offers a subtle rose hue, while the latter adds vibrant coral vibes.

5) Match lips with shoes

Whether you are headed out to dinner or hitting the town, matching lipstick to shoe style is key. Don’t worry about trying to match every single feature exactly; instead, focus on finding complimentary elements between them. Your goal shouldn’t be to copy another person’s exact look, but rather to create your own unique combination based on your personality, lifestyle, and preferences.

6) Find a reliable cleanser

After cleansing, follow with a lightweight finishing spray or setting lotion. Be careful with alcohol containing sprays since they strip essential oils from your skin and leave behind residue. Waterbased products are gentler on skin and ideal for travel.

7) Follow with moisture mask

Your last step doesn’t necessarily have to involve makeup removal tools. Sometimes a quick rinse with cool water and patting your skin dry with tissue paper is enough. Products like Creme de la Mer Toner Masque ($80) are excellent for evening primping sessions because they hydrate skin instantly.

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