How to makeup like Olivia Wilde

Actresses are supposed to wear lots of make-up, right? That long list of red carpet events that we see on TV every night seems to indicate so, but there’s one woman who wears none — or next to nothing anyway. Her name is Olivia Wilde, and she looks just as gorgeous wearing absolutely zero cosmetics as she does all dressed up for awards shows or special occasions.

And not only does she seem effortlessly beautiful, her skin always appears healthy and well cared for, even though she rarely ever moisturizes or uses sunscreen. She doesn’t have any lines around her eyes because they don’t exist. The same goes for Crow’s feet by her mouth; those aren’t wrinkles either, unless you count the slight furrow between them that comes from smiling too much.

So how can someone like Olivia pull off such flawless looking skin year after year? It turns out, if you know where to start, it’s pretty easy! Here’s a breakdown of everything Olivia does to keep herself perfectly put together day in and day out.

Foundation & Blush

As far as foundation goes, Olivia keeps things simple, opting for less coverage rather than more. “I’ve never had major problems with my skin,” Olivia told Marie Claire magazine back in 2007. For years, women everywhere have struggled with finding a foundation that works for their complexions, especially ones that provide enough fullness to hide pores while still giving the appearance of natural skin tone. When searching for the perfect formula to use on her own face, Olivia says that she likes to try new products first before settling on something familiar. If she feels good about using a product on stage, she’ll probably feel great about using it on film too. One thing’s for sure, however — she won’t be playing around when applying it. “It takes me forever!” she said in 2009. “When I’m done, people will say ‘Wow!'”

To find out which colors work best with her complexion, Olivia has developed three basic principles. First, whatever color she chooses should match her lipstick closely. Second, she prefers blushes that contain some shimmer, which helps give her cheekbones definition and adds warmth to her skin. Finally, she avoids palettes with blue undertones, which tend to wash her out. Instead, she sticks to warm pinks and peaches.

Mascara & Eyeliner

The secret to Olivia’s longer, slimmer eyelids isn’t really an ingredient or anything like that. Rather, it’s simply due diligence. Before stepping onto set each morning, she applies a thin layer of Vaseline across her upper lids to prevent creases and allow her lashes to curl naturally. Then, before putting on her contacts, she carefully wipes away any excess Vaseline with tissue paper. This step alone gives her noticeably thicker, more defined lower lash line. Once her contact lenses are in place, Olivia then dips two cotton swabs into her eye cream and gently presses them against both sides of her closed eyelids until completely coated. Next, she scrubs through the cream toward the outer corners of her eyes, lightly massaging along her eyelid folds. Afterward, she cleans the applicators thoroughly with alcohol pads before disposing of them properly.

In terms of mascara, Olivia follows the same routine, except instead of wiping away Vaseline, she opts for waterproof formulas to avoid smudging during filming. She also stays away from black liners altogether, preferring to enhance her already dark brown eyebrows instead. To do so, she fills her brows in with pencil before dipping a brush into her favorite shade of shadow, usually a bronzey gold hue, and brushing upward into her hairline. From there, she blends outward so that there’s barely any visible difference between the liner and her actual eyebrow hairs. On occasion, she may apply another bit of darker shadow to her arch, but generally speaking, she finds little need for anything else.

Brows & Lashes

While most actresses might consider adding false lashes to their collection, Olivia’s got plenty of real ones to choose from. Back in 2008, she confessed to Vogue UK that she wasn’t particularly fond of fake lashes, saying, “They’re very obvious.” However, she did appreciate that they gave her a fuller look, making her appear larger overall. Nowadays, she typically sports slightly bigger versions made by the brand Tartelette Cosmetics, although sometimes she opts for the thinner falsies offered by Mac. Regardless of whether she decides to go for stilettos or kitten heels, Olivia knows exactly which pair of shades will flatter her best throughout the course of the shoot. While shooting her latest movie Long Way Up last summer, Olivia wore a pair of neutral tortoiseshell frames from RayBan. Although these were her favorites, she did experiment with other styles including cat eye glasses and retro sunnies, all of which helped round out her features and add just the slightest hint of drama.

Nail Polish

Although Olivia’s nails certainly aren’t bare, they definitely aren’t painted, either. For starters, she paints hers only once per week, and unlike many models, she tries to stick to one nail polish color. As opposed to painting several different hues over time, Olivia believes that her manicure reflects her true personality. Additionally, while most stars prefer nude lips paired with white teeth, Olivia ditches the whitening process entirely. Not only does she skip the bleach, but she also tends to gloss her front four fingers instead. Since Olivia’s hands are often busy holding props or pointing at cameras, having strong colored fingernails allows her to focus better and perform her best. In fact, she loves to play guitar and sing whenever possible, and she credits her long, slender digits for helping her get comfortable doing so.

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