Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

In some ways, I’m obsessed with makeup. It’s my job to apply it every day, and there are few things more embarrassing than running out late and being forced to make do with whatever I have left over from last night or something picked up at Target on sale. But in other ways, I’d rather just skip all the cosmetics altogether.

I know makeup can be helpful. The right lip color enhances your smile while concealing blemishes. Eyeshadow gives you definition around your eyes so they’re less sleepy looking. Blush adds warmth and life to your cheeks. Foundation smooths everything down and prevents shine. And if those products don’t work well together, you could always try using one as a bronzer instead! In general, though, I’ve found that makeup isn’t necessary because beauty really does come from within. If we put enough care into our appearance habits — eating healthy, exercising regularly, drinking lots of water — we’ll naturally glow. We deserve nothing but the best.

But sometimes the worst happens. Someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, or perhaps you yourself were recently diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, you feel like you need extra help getting through each day, and you start wondering what you should use to cover up your newly-discolored face. Thankfully, there are plenty of options, both natural and synthetic, which allow people who aren’t blessed with perfect genes to still achieve great results. Here’s how one woman managed to pull off flawless skin even after having breast cancer surgery.

Now let’s get started! First up, here’s how Jennifer Aniston looked before undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer…


The Before

It’s hard to believe that someone as beautiful as Jen Aniston ever used fake eyelashes, especially considering her famous Friends character Rachel Green never wore them either. That said, it wasn’t until 2001 when she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey in Dazed & Confused that her Hollywood career began seriously taking off. By 2002, she had already begun playing the role of Dr. Marlene Stahl on the TV series Just Shoot Me. Soon after, in 2003, she landed her breakout part as Rachel Green on the long-running sitcom Friends, which would go on to become one of the most popular television shows of all time. During its run, fans fell head-over-heels in love with her character’s bold fashion choices, quirky personality, and sweet relationship with David Schwimmer’s Ross.

Before becoming a household name, however, Aniston had very little makeup experience. In fact, during her early acting days, she actually auditioned for roles without wearing any makeup whatsoever. One such example was for All My Children, in which she appeared as nurse Ruth Martin opposite Susan Lucci. When asked why she wanted the role, Aniston told Entertainment Weekly, “Because I was going to be naked.” Unfortunately, the producers weren’t quite ready to take advantage of her offer, since “Ruth” only lasted two episodes before being replaced by another actress. Not deterred, Aniston went on to appear in several films including Horrible Bosses, He’s Way More Fun To Be Around, and Bruce Almighty.

So far, we haven’t discussed the circumstances surrounding the infamous “Rachel” picture taken in 1996. Below, you will find a comparison showing exactly how much difference her lack of makeup made.

The After

After completing chemo treatments, Aniston returned home to continue recovery, and upon returning to set, she noticed that everyone else was wearing full makeup. Upon seeing her reflection, she realized that her post-chemo face lacked a lot of the vibrant colors she normally wears. Luckily, Aniston had access to her mother Nancy Dowdell, a former professional photographer. With her expertise, Aniston learned about retouching photos. As soon as she got better, she knew she needed to regain control of her image. So, she decided to step away from the camera and focus solely on improving her physical health. She also hired a new personal trainer named Dave Karolek, who helped her lose weight and build muscle mass. She took up yoga, and signed up for Pilates classes.

She also stopped brushing her hair and trimming her fingernails. Instead of spending money on fancy foundations, blushes, and powders, she focused on creating her own product line. Although she initially struggled to figure out the best way to advertise it, eventually, her friends convinced her to join their social media accounts and share pictures of herself. On Instagram, she attracted thousands of followers and quickly became known for her candid selfies. Eventually, she partnered with L’Oreal Paris to create a limited edition collection of moisturizers called Glow From Within, which she promoted via social media. Since launching her Glow collaboration, Aniston has continued to promote various brands. For instance, in 2014, she worked with Maybelline New York to launch her Lip Studio Matte Liquid Liner Pencil, which launched exclusively online. Later that same year, she teamed up with Estée Lauder Companies Inc. to introduce a new anti aging cream called Age Perfect Night Cream SPF 50 PA++. Most recently, she gave us reason to celebrate once again when she announced she was joining forces with Smashbox Cosmetics to release three different eye shadows later this month: Glowing Skin Tint Palette ($19), Superstar Shadow Quad ($21), and Starlight Palette ($25).

We now return you to the beginning of this article, where you’ll see how this transformation happened. Scroll down below to check out the images.

A (Very) Short Story About This Picture

While working on the promotional campaign for the latter product, Aniston stumbled across a video interview with photographer Michael Hession. At first glance, the footage seemed pretty boring, but watching it reminded her of the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. Inspired by his message, she reached out to him to ask for advice regarding promoting the Glow Collection. According to Aniston, he suggested sharing low-resolution versions of the images on Twitter and Facebook, along with the following captions:

This is my friend/colleague/former co-worker, @lady_geek. I photographed her pre-cancer diagnosis and immediately thought she needed her own Glow palette.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with Aniston’s decision to forego makeup? What do you think about her current partnerships? Would you buy anything from her limited edition collections? Please leave comments below.

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