Katy Perry Without Makeup

You’ve seen it in movies, on TV shows, music videos…the perfect woman is always wearing gorgeous make up. Whether she looks like they’re trying too hard or not enough, there are women out there who love putting their best face forward with all manner of cosmetics. So what would happen if we got rid of them entirely? It turns out those ladies aren’t really very pretty at all. In fact, I’ll give you one reason why not even Katy Perry without any makeup could ever hope to pull off looking naturally beautiful.

So let’s take a closer look at how these so called “naked beauties” achieve such stunning results. We’ll also get into whether this kind of beauty regimen is healthy or harmful. If you want to know how to go about creating your own version of Katy Perry’s natural look, keep reading!

What Is Your Beauty Regimen Like?

Before we begin, lets talk about some basic facts. First of all, most people have different skin types. Some people may have dryer skins than others while other skins might tend towards oily more easily. Additionally, our faces come in various shapes and sizes. Our noses may be straighter or rounder, our cheeks less defined or chubby. Lastly, we all have slightly different coloring thanks to genetics. As a result, each person will need to find something that works well for them. However, just because you don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to proper skincare routine.

When thinking about makeup, think about which colors work best for your skin tone. Generally speaking, foundation should match your skin tone since its main purpose is to cover blemishes. Then choose a blush color based upon your favorite lip shade. Using two matching shades together helps create depth. Last but certainly not least, you should use eyeshadow and mascara to complement your eye shape. Don’t forget eyeliner either — you’ll definitely want a good pencil liner as well as liquid eyeliner if you’re willing to try harder lines. Just remember to blend everything nicely before applying lipstick. This way, you won’t end up looking like a clown!

Now that you know where to start, here comes the fun part: choosing what products to use! Keep reading to discover what items you’ll need to put together the ultimate Katy Perry look.

Step One – Prepare Yourself for What You Want To Achieve With Make Up

Your first step is to set yourself up properly for success by preparing your skin type. When doing so, consider things like oiliness, sensitivity, age etc. Basically, you want to select products that are right for you. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way.

1) Cleanse: Before you apply anything else, cleanse your face with cleansers designed specifically for your skin type. After cleansing, follow with toner to remove dirt and oils from pores. Next, moisturize thoroughly using special night cream formulated for sensitive skin. Also, protect your delicate facial area by avoiding direct sunlight when possible. Once finished, apply sunscreen lotion liberally over entire face. Remember, sunscreens only last so long once applied, so reapply often during peak UV times.

2) Moisturise: Now that your face is hydrated, it needs nourishment after cleansing and toning as well. Look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin or urea as ingredients to benefit your skin. They attract water molecules away from outer layers of skin and replace it with moisture.

3) Primer/Concealer: Apply primer under normal circumstances before you begin building base layer of your complexion. Primer creates a smooth canvas for makeup application and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a creamy formula or thinner consistency. Another option is concealer, especially useful for covering acne scars, dark circles and brown spots. Concealer can hide imperfections better than foundation alone. Be sure to read reviews and ask questions before purchasing new product categories.

4) Foundation: Most foundations today include SPF protection, making them ideal for daily use. Foundations usually contain light reflecting particles to improve coverage and minimize shine. There are many formulas available including stick, cake, mineral powder, tinted, pressed and loose powders, blushes, bronzers and liquids. Pick a brand that matches your style preferences.

5) Eyeshadow: Again, there are countless options available. Some brands offer multiple textures and finishes to suit every occasion. Others are made for certain areas of your face. Consider your lifestyle, personality and mood prior to buying. Sometimes, bold colors work best for daytime whereas softer ones work better for evening events.

6) Mascara: Unless you plan on wearing heavy black kohl smokey eyes, skip the dramatic stuff. Instead, focus on waterproof mascaras. These allow you to experiment with darker hues. Try experimenting with lots of palettes until you find one that suits you best.

7) Lipstick: Many lipsticks now feature SPF protection. Opt for a quality lip balm containing vitamin E or Shea butter if your lips feel parched between applications.

8) Liner: Pencil liners provide subtle definition and add a bit of colour to your pout. Avoid pencils with glitter unless you’re going for a disco theme party. Liquid liners glide onto lids smoothly and stay put throughout the day. They are easier to control and blend, plus you can adjust thickness according to taste.

9) Eye shadow primer: An easy way to intensify colours and extend shadows is to mix a tiny amount of translucent eye primer with your regular eye shadow. Blend softly for the desired effect then repeat on lid edges as needed.

10) Setting spray: Spray setting sprays generously over your freshly painted lips and lashes and wait 15 minutes. It gives time for pigment to fully settle into your hair shafts. Afterwards, lightly blot excess spay with tissue paper to avoid smudging.

11) Highlighters: Create custom highlighters by mixing together shimmery pigments and mica shimmers. Mix small amounts of both until you reach preferred intensity. Alternatively, you can purchase pre mixed highlighters instead.

12) Brush Set: Purchase brushes individually rather than packages. Each brush should fit the size of your hand comfortably. Brushes with dense bristles typically perform better due to longer handle lengths.

13) Contouring Kit: Find a contour palette that matches your skin tone perfectly. Start with lighter shades near the centre of cheekbones to define the bone structure. Increase gradually toward temples with stronger tones. Add sharpest contrast around the jaw line to delineate features.

14) Bronzer: Go for bronzing sticks and gels that reflect UVA rays. Apply sparingly starting underneath brow bones and working outward. If you prefer creams, combine two parts tanning gel with three parts moisturizer.

15) Blush: Blush was traditionally used to highlight apples of the cheeks. Today, however, you can use it anywhere on face. Buy a neutral pink hue suited for your personal tastes. Place gently on the inner corner of your lower lashline to soften angles. Gently fan upward toward temple to increase dimension. Applying blush directly on upper cheekbone tends to accentuate laugh lines.

16) Eyes: Since eyes play a huge role in overall attractiveness, make sure you pick products that compliment yours. Dark colored lenses can cause fatigue. Think carefully regarding choice of liner and mascara. Too thick of a line can make lashes appear fake. Stick to classic styles and colours to avoid clashing. Experiment with new techniques, trends and products until you find one that appeals to you.

17) Nails: Polish nails consistently to maintain professional finish. Always test nail polish remover on a hidden portion of fingernail before proceeding. Remove old coats quickly to prevent streaks. Buff gently with soft cloth or sponge. Rinse hands immediately to avoid staining.

18) Hair: Always shampoo and condition hair days ahead of time as humidity causes tangling and breakage. Dry hair completely before blow drying. Curls require extra effort since heat makes them frizzy. Let air flow freely through strands to preserve volume.

19) Tanning Beds: Although tanning beds produce faster results, prolonged exposure increases risk of melanoma and other cancers. Sunscreen provides vital defense against ultraviolet radiation damage.

20) Facial Exfoliator: Scrubbing dead skin cells off your face regularly keeps pores clearer. You can do this twice weekly with gentle exfoliation pads or homemade concoctions consisting of sugar, lemon juice or yogurt.

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