Lady Gaga Without Makeup

If you’ve been following Lady Gaga for the last decade or so, then there is a high chance that you have seen her in various stages of make-up and clothing—from heavy eyeliner paired with dramatic smokey eyes, to barely there body paint, to full glamour on red carpet events.

But what about when she doesn’t wear much at all? For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting one of our favorite celebrity looks from years past. Join us as we take a tour through 10 stunning lady Gagas without makeup.

10. February 2011

Her style hasn’t changed too drastically over time, but it seems like the world has come around quite a bit since 2011! In many ways, the outfit she wore during Super Bowl XLIV was more impressive than most of her other recent appearances — which makes sense because it wasn’t heavily made up. The dress itself looked great sans makeup (which is probably why she didn’t put much on), and her hair was pulled back into an elegant bun by hairstylist Robert Vetica who also created the same ‘do for Madonna earlier that year. Her bright green eyes were accented perfectly by gold earrings, while her lips were nude. It might not be your typical “Gaga” look, but it definitely took advantage of her natural beauty well.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song features lyrics written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice, and is performed by Adam Lambert called “Stronger.” At the end of each verse, Gaga belts out “I am strong,” which may seem silly until you realize just how powerful those words really are.

9. January 2012

When she first debuted this look on the show American Idol, people immediately started referring to it as “the Marilyn Monroe Look”. And although it is certainly reminiscent of the blonde bombshell, it’s slightly different enough that you can tell it’s not strictly based off her appearance alone. She still wears minimal foundation and mascara, but instead of heavy eye shadow, black liner, and colored blush, the emphasis here is placed solely on contouring the face with bronzer and cheek color. We love seeing someone go au naturale once in awhile, and Gaga pulls it off beautifully.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This single was originally released under the name Stefani Germanotta. The title track is sung entirely in French and is translated to English as “Poker Face.”

8. December 2010

While she tends to favor darker colors during concert performances, Gaga usually opts for lighter hues when appearing outside of them. During her performance at the MTV Movie Awards, she did a toned down version of her usual bold makeup routine. Gone was the smoky eyes, black lipstick, and metallic face paints. Instead, she went with a soft pink pout, light shimmering bronze eyebrows, and neutral skin tone cheeks. As far as I’m concerned, it’s hard to beat this particular look. If only she could get away with pulling everything else together with her amazing voice…

What You Might Recite Along With Us: Written by Gaga herself and called “Judas”, this song is featured on Gaga’s debut studio album STYX.

7. October 2013

This photo shoot was done by famed photographer Mert & Marcus, whose work you will likely recognize if you follow fashion trends online. They wanted to create something very feminine with a modern twist, hence the choice of using lots of pale blue tones throughout. Gaga stuck mostly to their plan, opting for muted shades of rose quartz and watermelon underneath her fair skin. To top things off, they gave her flawless complexion with a combination of mineral powder and cream blushes. A perfect combo if ever I saw it.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was co-written by Gaga and James Blunt called “You’re Beautiful Now.” It was released as part of his third solo album Be Still.

6. March 2014

She has worn similar outfits before, including ones where she sported sheer mesh tops, but it never gets old to see her rocking white tank tops again. When photographed by Terry Richardson for Vogue magazine, Gaga opted for a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic. While she kept her makeup fairly bare, she applied two coats of lip gloss over her teeth to give off a little hint of color, and finished off her look with classic cat eyes and nude lips.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was written by Gaga and Max Martin called “Just Dance.” It was released in June 2013.

5. August 2015

Ever since Kanye West caught wind of Gaga’s new music video for “Joanne”, he decided to try his hand at producing it. But rather than going with a traditional concept, he had Gaga walk around naked except for a pair of heels. He thought the idea would help add diversity and realism to the scene, and even though it was controversial upon release, it ended up being incredibly successful. Although Gaga didn’t actually appear fully nude, she walked around completely unclothed almost everywhere shown in the clip, and boy did people notice. Not only that, but the fact that it was shot in such explicit detail caused major controversy amongst fans. Needless to say, it received mixed reviews from critics.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was produced by Kanye West himself and titled “Million Reasons”. It was released on Oct. 7th, 2015.

4. May 2016

At Coachella, Gaga surprised everyone when she came onto stage sporting nothing but ballet slippers, tights, and a crop top. Since the event takes place every summer, plenty of photographers snapped shots of her walking around barefoot, making sure to capture every inch of her exposed flesh. From head to toe, Gaga showed off her beautiful physique flawlessly.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was produced by DJ Zedd and Swedish House Mafia called “Spectrum.” It was released on Sept. 1st, 2016.

3. April 2017

It’s been said countless times before, but Gaga is known for keeping true to herself and having absolutely zero interest in fitting in with society standards. After putting on her infamous meat dress at the VMAs, she returned later that night to perform another song dressed in a long flowing gown. Many speculated that the meat suit was meant to represent a metaphor for eating disorders, but after further investigation, Gaga explained that she simply liked the way it felt. Regardless, it was pretty clear that this outfit was not designed to please anyone other than her own personal taste.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was written by Gaga and Steve McEwan called “Perfect Illusion.” It was released on Jan. 26th, 2017.

2. September 2018

With the release of her latest album ARTPOP hitting stores shortly, Gaga dropped by Good Morning America to promote the record and show off its singles. One of the songs’ lead tracks is called “Stupid Love,” and unlike previous ballads, it contains lyrics about self-confidence and feeling empowered. Naturally, Gaga chose to model these clothes on live television, which included a short denim skirt and matching cropped jacket. Despite the outfit seeming somewhat unconventional, it worked perfectly with her figure type and helped viewers appreciate her assets better.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was written by Gaga and Sia called “Disco Inferno.” It was released on Aug. 20th, 2018.

1. November 2020

During a radio interview with Power 105.1 FM NYC, Gaga revealed that she typically goes to bed looking less glamorous than her average audience member. So naturally, when she woke up the next morning, she jumped straight into getting ready for the day. However, she admitted that she did feel guilty after hearing her listeners complain that they wish the starlet would change her appearance from everyday life. Well, lucky for them, Gaga brought along a few special tricks to pull off this look. First, she used her hands to apply liquid concealer, followed by translucent primer, and finally blended creamy yellow and peach foundations over the entire face. Next, she highlighted her brow bone with a brown pencil, filled in her brow hairs with liquid brushless eyebrow gel, added subtle glitter effects using facial brushes, and topped things off with three coats of glossy lacquer finish nail polish. All of which resulted in the perfect amount of shine and glow.

What You Might Recite Along With Us: This song was produced by Joaquin Phoenix and Sam Smith called “Leave Me Alone.” It was released on Nov. 16th, 2020.

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