Laura Vandervoort Without Makeup

Beauty isn’t something most of us have mastered yet. We all know how to apply makeup, but few of us ever achieve truly flawless-looking results without any effort at all.

In fact, I find myself constantly questioning whether my own attempts to become “better” at applying makeup are actually doing anything positive for me. Sure, there are plenty of tips out there about what works best, but none of these suggestions come close to fitting someone like Laura Vandervoort, who looks absolutely gorgeous each and every time she steps outside.

So why exactly does she manage to pull this off? Is it possible for anyone else to accomplish such a feat? Or is she blessed with some sort of superpower? Truthfully, there really aren’t many answers to those questions right now because while Laura herself won’t share her exact techniques with everyone, she has made a commitment to sharing everything she learns along the way. And since she obviously knows her stuff, let’s take a closer look at five things Laura believes makes up the ultimate beauty regimen.

1) She wears foundation that matches her skin tone perfectly and blends it in with no brush or sponge—except for when she needs to blend concealer under eye circles or blemishes (which we’ll get into later). Her secret? A “magic” tool called a Beauty Blender.

According to Laura, the reason her skin always looks naturally dewy is due to the type of Foundation she uses. While traditional foundations tend to settle into wrinkles around fine lines and creases, Laura’s moisturizing formula sits beautifully atop her skin without caking or clumping. Plus, instead of blending it in, she applies it over the top and then wipes it down with a damp cotton swab after it dries. How does she keep her makeup looking fresh throughout the day? By keeping her entire face clean! This includes wearing a special cleanser and moisturizer designed specifically for sensitive facial skin types.

2) When you can see every pore on your face, Laura uses an extremely thin layer of liquid powder blush;3) Laura applies mascara only using one hand so as not to smudge her eyeliner. Why does this matter? Because if you want to draw attention away from your eyes, smudging mascara is a great way to do it.

When asked how she manages to create bold, bright colors across her lips without having them bleed together or feather onto cheeks, Laura gave a simple response: “I don’t.” However, that answer would probably still hold true if she applied her favorite lipstick using a real brush rather than fingers. What really helps Laura maintain sharp edges between color and liner is to stick to two basic rules: Use waterproof pencils and apply your lashes once the rest of your face is finished being highlighted.

On another note, Laura also mentioned that before going to sleep each night, she takes extra precautionary measures to ensure her mascara hasn’t started running during the day. If she notices any sign of leakage, she immediately removes her contacts and washes her hands thoroughly.

4) The key to perfecting Laura’s eyebrows is to stop plucking them completely — they should never go above her brow bone. Instead, just shape them lightly and finish off by brushing on a little hairspray.

This tip might sound strange coming from someone whose eyebrows were trimmed short until recently, but according to Laura, eyebrow grooming tools can cause scars, inflammation, infections, ingrown hair, and painful tweezing sessions. Not to mention, when you’re trying to create eyebrows worthy of magazine covers, sometimes less is indeed better. So unless you plan on getting a job modeling soon, cut back on wax strips and consider growing ’em longer.

If you decide to grow your brows upward, Laura recommends starting with a lower arch and working toward filling in the upper portion. You can soften this process by trimming stray hairs, which will help prevent unsightly stubble and give your eyebrows a much cleaner appearance overall.

5) It may seem counterintuitive, but Laura likes to wear lip balms containing beeswax or petroleum jelly underneath her lipstick. Why? According to Laura, both ingredients provide moisture and reduce shine, helping her lips stay smooth longer.

While we’d argue that matte finishes offer lasting hydration effects similar to Laura’s lipsticks, our personal preference is definitely towards soft pastel shades. After all, nothing says sexy quite like glossy lips paired with sheer nude hues. But if you’re worried about drying out your lips, try adding a bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to your gloss and reapplying often. Just remember to avoid long baths and hot showers, which could potentially dry out your lips further.

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