Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Rumor: Before and After Photo

Did Lil Kim get plastic surgery? – Lil Kim started modeling for many renowned brands like M.A.C., Old Navy. Kim also had a different sense of style, and she started being noticed for her bold clothing.

But even after being so famous, Kim wasn’t still happy, and she had problems about how she looked since the beginning of her career and is said to have gone under the knife linking her with many plastic surgery rumors.

Are the Speculations About Lil Kim Going Under the Knife True?

Lil Kim Transformation

Lil Kim’s looks have changed over the past few years, and when we compare her before and after images, it is almost impossible to recognize her now.

In an interview in 2005, Lil Kim admitted to getting a nose job done, but those were not the only changes that people noticed, and Lil Kim is believed to have gone through many other reconstructive procedures as well. So let’s find out what other surgeries Lil Kim has done.

Did Lil Kim get a Rhinoplasty?

Lil Kim getting a Rhinoplasty or nose job done is not a rumor, as the star herself admitted on an interview of going under the knife. Lil Kim also explained why she got a nose job done.

Lil Kim Before and After Surgery

She had a toxic, abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, where she was physically abused many times, leaving her with black eyes or a broken nose. Lil Kim admitted to fixing her nose not once but several times.

Did Lil Kim get a skin bleaching treatment?

Lil Kim Nose Job and Lip Surgery Rumor

When Lil Kim posted a new photo on her Instagram account, many fans were shocked by her new look. Lil Kim did not look like her previous self anymore, and she now had lighter skin showing signs of using chemicals and creams to get fairer skin results. You can also see the difference between all her before after images over the years or youtube videos.

Did Lil Kim get eye surgery?

Even though she denied going under the knife many times except for getting a nose job done, Lil Kim hasn’t convinced many of her fans or media yet because her new pictures on Instagram have many people questioning her new look.

Lil Kim Botox and Facelift Rumor

Lil Kim now has eyes that look entirely different; the shape of her eyes changed from how they initially used to be. Her eyes now had a sharper long look, and even her eye bags seemed more firmed.

Besides her fans, some plastic surgeons have also talked about Lil Kim’s new look and doubt her claims of not getting anything done on her face.

Lil Kim’s jawline, plastic surgery or filter?

By now, Lil Kim has been linked to many plastic surgery rumors, and one of the most talked-about is her jawline. Over the years, Lil Kim’s jawline has taken up a more defined form.

Experts say that she might’ve used Botox injections in her jaw to define her jawline even more, and also, her cheeks seem to be more prominent, which is usually achieved using filler or cheek implants.

Lil Kim is also speculated to have gotten lip augmentation and chin implants due to her face’s change in shape and appearance. But we can’t say every plastic surgery rumor is true because, like other celebrities, Lil Kim is also accused of using filters in her photos.

In her recently uploaded images, she had a drastic change in her look and was seen with no ear in her pictures, confirming that she uses photoshopping techniques.

What Do the Experts Say About Lil Kim Surgery Rumors?

Jennifer Levine, a board-certified plastic surgeon, had her own opinions saying Lil Kim might’ve gone under the knife and even got some skin bleaching treatments done. Levine speculated that Lil Kim went through a skin lighting treatment using methods that included high doses of acids.

The plastic surgeon also stated that Lil Kim’s eyes have also changed in appearance, showing a different eye shape, which isn’t possible unless she underwent eyelid surgery and got an eyelift.

Experts say that Lil Kim’s new look, which includes Rhinoplasty, skin bleaching, cheek filler or implants, lip augmentations and chin implants, might’ve cost her about $20,000 to $25,000.

Lil Kim Small Bio

Popularly known as Lil’ Kim, Kimberly Denise Jones is a rapper, songwriter, T.V. personality, actress, producer, and model. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 11, 1974, and is one of the most influential female rappers in the hip-hop genre. She was into hip hop from a young age.

In her teens, she was noticed for her rapping style and was invited by Biggie Smalls, a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G., an upcoming rapper, into joining his group Junior M.A.F.I.A.

In 1996 Lil Kim came out with her first solo debut album, which became a hit worldwide, selling more than six million copies and was certified double platinum. Junior M.A.F.I.A. debut album songs also became a hit, and Lil Kim especially garnered much attention.

After her debut, Lil Kim continued to gain more recognition and success in her career, releasing hit after hit and winning big awards like the Grammys and Billboard Music Awards.

What is Lil Kim’s response to these rumors?

Lil Kim has made her mark in the music industry in terms of music and fashion choices. With the rise of her fame, Lil Kim also jumped into getting plastic surgery like many other celebrities. Lil Kim is still linked with plastic surgery rumors, even after so many years later since her debut.

She has admitted to getting it done, but the reason behind Lil Kim’s plastic surgery is not all because of her fame status. Lil Kim is reported to have gone through a lot of self-acceptance issues and domestic violence by her partner.

Lil Kim was looked up to by so many, but she still wasn’t happy with herself and made her choices. We should also remember that not all rumors are true, whether plastic surgery or not; Lil Kim said she loves changing her looks. So we never know what look we’ll be seeing next. What are your thoughts on Lil Kim’s plastic surgery? Do you think we’ll see a new change on Lil Kim again?

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