Lily Collins Without Makeup

I’m sure we’ve all been there before – sitting through yet one more boring conference call only to hear someone say “Wow, that girl is so beautiful.” Or perhaps you’re watching TV and see a commercial for a show where they mention how great the leading lady looks but don’t actually give any real insight into why this actress may be attractive. Well if either scenario sounds familiar, you’ll want to check out The Uninvited because it seems as though director Shana Feste got everything right when it came to choosing the lead actors.

The two stars play college students who are stalked by the same man over the course of several months. While he doesn’t harm them physically, his presence slowly starts causing major problems for our main character (Collins) throughout each day due to the fact that she can’t stop thinking about him even after he leaves her alone for short periods of time. Meanwhile, the other guy (Speedman) ends up falling head-over-heels for her, despite having feelings for his best friend. It’s easy to tell from looking at these guys that both actresses have incredibly striking faces with amazing bone structure. Not only that, but they also seem very comfortable in front of the camera which makes their characters appear much more believable than people who act shyly around others.

Now let me ask…what exactly did they use to get those stunning looks? If you guessed foundation, concealer, blush and nails, congrats! You’d probably win a prize too since these four make up staples are most likely used by every woman regardless of age. However, many women still neglect to take advantage of makeup products designed specifically to enhance certain parts of their face while leaving others completely bare. In order to understand what these girls looked like naturally, I took pictures of myself using the following combination of products to create similar coloring effects to theirs. Afterward, I compared photos side-by-side to determine which areas needed help. Here’s what I found.

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For obvious reasons, eyebrows were the first thing I focused on. Since they frame our eyes, it’s important to keep them well groomed and shaped. For mine, I started off with a light layer of shadow primer and applied a thin black line above the brow to define my arch. Next, I went back in with pencil and filled in the rest of the space between the hairline and outer edge with a lighter shade of shadow. Then I added a tiny bit of eyebrow gel to blend everything together. To finish things off I brushed lightly over the entire area with a fluffy brush to soften edges.


Next, I moved onto the brow color itself. Because I had blonde hair, I chose a brownish-red ink instead of black to match. This particular shade was perfect because it gave my natural hairs enough contrast to stand out. Once again, I followed the exact procedure I described earlier except I made the transition slightly darker. Then I blended the product in with a small angled brush until it reached the desired intensity. Lastly, I smudged the finished product with my finger to achieve a smoky effect.


After completing the eye color portion, I moved onto mascara. Most people believe you should apply waterproof mascara to lengthen lashes however, doing so will clump and flake off eyeliner faster than anything else. Instead, I recommend applying a thinner formula to prevent this problem altogether. When I used regular mascara on top of the waterproof version, my results ended up looking quite dry. Luckily, Lancome 24 Hour Magic Mascara didn’t disappoint. Although it wasn’t my favorite mascara overall, its formulation worked perfectly on my lashes during this test making them look longer, curlier and thicker.


To complete the cheeks and lips, I used two different lipsticks. One was a nude shade of pink lipstick that complimented my fair skin tone whereas the other was a medium rose hue that matched my pout nicely. As far as the former goes, I ran it under tap water for 30 seconds and wiped it clean on a tissue paper. Afterwards, I set aside some liquid blusher and swiped it across my cheeks to bring life to my complexion. On the latter, I simply dabbed the excess oil away rather than running underneath the sink. Finally, I applied a soft neutral colored gloss to add extra shine.


As for foundations, I tried out three different ones. First off, I tested CoverGirl Blender Compact Foundation Brush Set #10 Medium Pore Minisize Control Stick ($6). Unfortunately, I felt like this stick turned out to be way too thick considering it was supposed to cover pigmentation issues. Also, it didn’t provide good coverage whatsoever. So next, I switched to Tarte Amazonian Bronze Liquid Powder Foundation Primer $25) and finally, I hit the jackpot with NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Quad Color Play Palette ($18), which offered the richest texture among all products. With this type of consistency, it seemed as though I could build multiple layers of pigment with ease. Additionally, the colors weren’t overly bright and they stayed put better than expected. Overall, I liked how it produced a smooth base for blending highlighter shades later on.


My final step involved finding the proper blush shade. Naturally, this process was easier said than done. At first, I tried mixing peaches and nudes together to produce a mixture of warm tones that suited my skin. Later, I experimented with various reds including magenta, fuchsia, cherry, orange and deep purple. Ultimately, I settled on MAC Satine Reactor 2 Piece Eyebrow + Highlighting Kit ($23) because it provided the correct amount of shimmering glow.

Overall, I must admit that I wasn’t disappointed with my appearance. These ladies definitely possess killer facial structures that I wish I could emulate someday soon. Even though my results aren’t mind blowing, I learned something valuable about cosmetics and now I’m convinced that less isn’t always more especially when it comes to picking out blush colors. Just remember to avoid matte finishes whenever possible.

What do you think of these photos? What areas need improvement? How long do you think it takes to become truly proficient in makeup application? Please share your opinions with us in the comment section below!

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