Liv Tyler Without Makeup

Before she was an expectant mother and then became famous as Sarah Connor in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, before she played Jane Fonda’s daughter in The Great Performers and had roles in Big Fat Greek Wedding and In Her Shoes, there was another movie role that made audiences fall hard for Liv Tyler — when she appeared completely naked in Almost Famous (2000).

She has since been the star of such films as Dear John (2010), Burlesque (2011), Gone Girl (2014), Beyond Earth (2015), and most recently, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (2016). She also stars in Netflix’s adaptation of Celeste Ng’s novel about a teen girl who goes missing, which premieres Feb. 19. Not bad considering she got started while still in high school.

But if you know her best from movies like Sucker Punch (2011), The Runaways (2012), and What If (2013), chances are you don’t recognize much of what makes Liv tick today because those roles were all so different than her breakout performance seven years ago. So how did someone go from being totally nude to appearing in almost every single film released over the last decade? Why does she seem so comfortable in each new character? And why do we love watching her barefaced? Here are some reasons.

Natural Beauty

It may not be easy to pull off looking beautiful naturally, but Liv seems to have nailed it time after time. It’s no wonder people gravitate toward her. Even though many celebrities wear heavy makeup these days, Liv manages to appear flawless without even trying. That’s partly due to good genes, sure, but it could just be her knack for finding the right way to apply light makeup well. She doesn’t rely solely on foundation to cover up blemishes. Instead, she uses concealer and powder strategically placed under eyeshadow to make them pop. To keep lips perfectly pouty, she sticks to simple shades of pink lipstick. Plus, she loves using bold lipsticks too, which really completes her overall look.

And although Liv isn’t afraid to show cleavage, she knows how to play it safe by wearing cute dresses instead of plunging tops. But maybe it’s more important that she wears clothes that fit comfortably rather than showing skin. This allows her to move around freely and not feel self-conscious. When she needs to step out, Liv pairs jeans with cute cardigans and T-shirts to give herself room to breathe. This helps her stay relaxed and confident throughout the day. Then when it comes time to party, she can slip into something sexier because she feels comfortable enough to do whatever suits her mood.

A little glowy

When Liv shows up in Gone Girl, it’s clear she won’t be playing your typical damsel in distress type. Sure, she might cry a lot, but she’ll hold her own against men twice her age. Since she looks great doing both, it’s no wonder women want to copy her style. After all, she proves that strong female characters aren’t always hypersexualized. They just happen to have killer bodies and brains along with their male counterparts. That’s what makes her appeal universal — especially among millennials.

Her signature smoky eye paired with dark eyeliner and mascara gives girls everywhere permission to experiment with makeup. For example, they can use liquid gold shimmery shadows to create glistening highlights instead of relying on conventional stick foundations. Or they can mix colors together to come up with unique palettes they wouldn’t normally consider. Another fun thing to note about Liv’s style is that she likes to add pops of color to her wardrobe. While other celebs opt for neutrals, Liv is known for choosing vibrant hues that match her outfits perfectly. These accessories compliment her clothing choices, giving her outfit a cohesive vibe.

Boho chic

While she’s definitely glamorous, she’s never pretentious. Most likely, that’s thanks to the fact that she grew up in Montana, where there’s nothing fancy. So whether she’s taking part in a hike through nature or going shopping downtown, she puts comfort first.

To help achieve this laidback lifestyle, she prefers to shop local boutiques whenever possible. Also, she only owns items long enough to get her through the current season. If she wants something longer lasting, she’ll buy secondhand. Sometimes, this means buying used pieces online. However, she hates receiving gifts with tags attached unless the item truly fits her personality. Otherwise, she tries to live guilt free with everything else she buys.

This approach extends beyond fashion, too. Liv believes in supporting small businesses, so she often shops locally owned coffee roasters, bakers, farmers’ markets, and craft makers. Just knowing that the products weren’t mass produced by companies overseas adds value to her experience. As far as food goes, she’s a fan of making meals fresh, so she cooks frequently. Eating healthy is a priority for her, which is partly why she stays away from sugary snacks.

No one is perfect

Although Liv has said she struggles with anxiety attacks, she’s learned to embrace imperfections. She says she doesn’t mind having freckles. Rather than hiding them, she embraces them because they remind her of life itself. She admits she didn’t grow up around makeup, so she spent her early years learning how to put it on properly. Nowadays, she applies less makeup than others her age simply because she prefers to look clean shaven.

That’s not to say she ignores cosmetic procedures entirely. Although she hasn’t gotten Botox injections yet, she’s interested in getting fillers done. Because she doesn’t need them anymore, she thinks they’re worth paying extra attention to. Other times, she gets zits covered with moisturizer rather than popping pimples. Despite living a relatively carefree existence, she realizes that everyone experiences stress and sadness occasionally. Therefore, she accepts that she’s human and will deal with things accordingly.

If she ever felt overwhelmed or depressed, she would reach out to friends and family members to talk it out. By accepting her imperfections, she encourages others to do the same. Plus, she understands that sometimes life throws curveballs, so she refuses to let anything stop her from moving forward.

Classic glamour

As mentioned earlier, Liv began acting young. At 14, she starred alongside Meryl Streep in Julia Roberts’ directorial debut Erin Brockovich (2000). Later, she landed her breakthrough role opposite Patrick Dempsey in the romantic drama Everlasting (2001). From there, she continued to work steadily until landing her memorable role as Rachel Green in the TV remake of Friends (2005).

But despite her success, she wasn’t exactly popular back then. Fans thought she looked too mature for her youthful appearance and lacked chemistry with her co-stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston. Nevertheless, she persisted and found success again later. Once she hit Hollywood Boulevard, however, she noticed fans recognizing her and stopping passersby to tell them about her past roles. Suddenly, she realized fame came with its fair share of criticism.

In recent years, she embraced her celebrity status. Alongside her husband, actor Justin Hartley, she launched a line of fragrances called My Love Letters in 2010. Two years later, she debuted a collection called My Lucky Penny. Last year, she partnered with luxury retailer Net-a-Porter to release two limited edition fragrances. Both sold out quickly.

Since becoming a mommy in 2012, Liv rarely leaves the house. Still, she finds ways to maintain her classic sense of elegance, including dressing down for outings with her baby boy. On occasion, she’ll throw on black leggings with a buttoned blouse and heels. With her hair slicked back, she appears sophisticated and ready to take on the world.


Sometimes, Liv’s bare face inspires people to change their wardrobes. Others, however, appreciate it as inspiration to lose weight. Regardless of the motivation behind it, Liv’s unblemished complexion is proof positive that you don’t necessarily need tons of money or access to expensive skincare treatments to attain perfection. All you need is confidence and a willingness to learn.

After all, if anyone should know better, it’s Liv. Born in New York City, she moved to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue modeling. Though she initially hated the idea, she eventually fell in love with the industry. Eventually, she signed with Elite Model Management.

Despite working fulltime during shoots, she managed to model for Vogue Japan, Elle UK, W Magazine Germany, Marie Claire Brazil, and Harper’s Bazaar Mexico. During her career, she walked runways for designers like Versace, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Roberto Cavalli, Sonia Rykiel, and Tommy Hilfiger.

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