How to makeup like Ava Max

It’s hard not to be charmed by the beauty brand Avon’s newest addition — none other than 20-year-old singer/songwriter Ava Max herself.

In case you missed any of Ava’s many appearances over the past few months, here’s an abridged recap for those who may have forgotten what she looked like since the release of her debut single “Cheerleader.” To say that this girl has been making waves would be putting it mildly.

With only one song out under her belt (and counting), Ava quickly became known for her striking vocal abilities — even going on tour with Jason Derulo earlier this year — and her distinctively unique style. She was also named the youngest female artist to ever grace Spotify’s Viral 50 chart at age 15, which landed her two spots on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list last month. We know that she loves fashion too because she recently told Vogue Australia “I’m really into clothes,” adding that she shops online all day every day. And then there’s her signature red lip color…which happens to match almost everything else in her wardrobe.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to learn more about the woman behind such success, we highly recommend checking out her official website where fans can get updates on future music releases, merchandise sales, and much more. In fact, I’d go ahead and check it right now before reading further.

But back to business. It wasn’t long after Ava released her first single, “Cheerleader,” that brands began vying for her attention thanks to skyrocketing social media followers. One major company actually offered her $100,000 to pose nude for their latest campaign, but she politely declined. However, they didn’t give up hope yet, opting to use Photoshop instead. But when she eventually did agree to appear in front of the camera, she said she felt pressured and uncomfortable. Thankfully though, she still managed to pull through, posting several photos from the shoot to Instagram later that week.

So why exactly should anyone care about this young starlet? Because aside from having great vocals and a killer wardrobe, Ava exudes confidence and charm unlike any other celebrity today. Her personality alone makes her seem approachable despite being only 21 years old. If you’ve seen her recent interviews or live performances, you’ll notice that although she speaks very clearly and confidently, she doesn’t come across as aggressive. Instead, she seems genuinely happy and down to earth. That’s definitely something worth aspiring toward.

And while some people choose to wear highlighter shades or bold lipstick colors to enhance features or draw eyes to certain areas, Ava tends to stick to neutral tones that showcase her skin tone perfectly. Plus, she takes extra time to perfect each detail in order to create her most flattering outfit. So whether you want to try out her famous smoky eye, pick up her favorite pair of ballet flats, or copy her iconic hairstyle, here are eight ways to emulate her beautiful appearance.

1. Use bronzer and blush

Max uses three main products throughout her daily routine: foundation, bronzer, and blusher. According to her personal stylist, she likes using MAC Studio Fix Powder Blush ($28) to add a subtle glow to her cheeks. For her brow bone, she leans towards Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Wiz Mascara ($19). When applying her base, she often opts for Make Up For Ever’s Pro Longwear Foundation Stick ($38) due to its build-ability, blend-ability, and longevity. Lastly, she recommends trying out Tarte Shape Tape Liquid Lipstick ($22) to achieve her trademark red lippie.

“Her facial aesthetic is clean, classic, and timeless,” says her stylist Nick Gentry via email interview.”She wears simple pieces that compliment her figure, while keeping accessories minimal and allowing them to shine. Most importantly, she knows that less is always more!”

2. Follow the contours of your jawline

Like many celebrities, Ava chooses to keep her makeup light and airy. To help imitate her easygoing look, follow along with these steps below. First, start with liquid foundation followed by translucent powder, then apply concealer underneath the tautest part of your forehead. Next, take a small brush and lightly pat on cream blush onto your cheekbones. This will provide depth without overwhelming your entire face. Finally, finish off with a sweep of soft blending shadow across your whole face.

When it comes to choosing a shade for your hair, don’t feel intimidated by Ava’s blonde locks. They work well with any type of hair color. Just make sure to wash your hair thoroughly beforehand, and avoid getting wet whenever possible. You could also consider finishing off your look with a lightweight hairspray.

3. Fill in your eyebrows 

According to makeup expert Pat McGrath, Ava starts her morning ritual by filling in her eyebrows with pencil. He adds that the key to achieving this specific effect is to fill in the outer corners first, then gradually move inward. Afterward, he suggests dipping a damp Q-tip into Vaseline and brushing away the excess product. Once finished, ensure that your eyebrows are blended smoothly together. Then top it off with another layer of Vaseline, taking special note to leave room between the pigment and your skin. Be careful not to press too firmly, otherwise you might end up creasing your skin.

4. Apply eyeliner carefully

To complement your eyes, Ava usually applies black eyeliner around both upper and lower lash lines. Since she already has naturally dark lashes, however, there isn’t anything particularly extraordinary about her application process. Basically, take a thin angled brush, dip it in water, and gently run the tip along your lower border. Start from the inner corner and slowly extend outward. Take caution not to accidentally touch your eye lid area, lest you risk staining your lids. Afterwards, repeat the same step above on your upper line. As far as precision goes, McGrath advises placing the point of your liner directly beneath your pupil in the middle of your iris. From there, simply drag the pen upward slightly.

Next, take a brown kohl pencil and trace the shape of your upper lashes horizontally, curving upwards slightly. Do likewise with the bottom lashes vertically, extending downward slightly. Again, remember to take precautionary measures during the latter half of this procedure by holding your wrist steady and avoiding touching your lashes.

If you happen to prefer mascaras rather than liners, you can easily mimic Ava’s winged cat eye trend by following along with these instructions below. Simply grab a medium sized fluffy brush, hold it at the root of your nose, and swipe it straight downwards from the edge of your lashes to the outer corner of your eyeshadow. This technique works best for thickening the ends of your lashes.

For longer lasting results, apply multiple coats of waterproof mascara after completing the rest of your makeup.

5. Don’t forget about lips!

As previously mentioned, Ava has become synonymous with wearing her signature bright red lipstick. Not surprisingly, this hue does wonders for enhancing your overall look. Therefore, it’s important for women of all ages to stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. This way, lips won’t dry out so fast and cause chapping. Also, try to refrain from eating foods that contain oils, fats, or carbohydrates near bedtime as these substances can clog pores and hinder moisture retention.

Once you’ve sufficiently prepped your pout, take a tiny round brush and softly dab a pea-sized amount of gloss on your finger. Run this shiny substance along your lips, paying close attention to the outer edges. While doing so, pay particular attention to the sides of your mouth and inside your nostrils. Slowly lick your lips to transfer the desired texture onto your lips. Before leaving, make sure to blot your lips with a tissue to prevent any unwanted stains.

6. Finish off with a touch of mascara

Since Ava has mastered the art of creating beautiful smokey eyes, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that she owns a collection of various types of colored false eyelashes. Regardless, she never skips out on her regular black ones. With that being said, make sure to purchase a quality mascara formulated specifically for voluminous, lengthening wands. Otherwise, you might wind up messing up the integrity of your lashes.

7. Repeat until complete.

Now that you’ve learned how to put together an exact recreation of Ava’s stunning look, you can seamlessly incorporate it into everyday life. All you need to do next is find inspiration in your closet. Whether you decide to dress casual or chic, Ava’s style remains versatile enough to fit whatever occasion calls for it.

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