How to makeup like Becky G

In 2017, you can find any number of “how-to” videos on YouTube about how to put together an iconic gothy glam look — but there is none that quite captures the essence of Becky G’s unique style like her own music video for ‘Bad Girl.’ The song was released in 2015, but its accompanying visual has only been recently released.

The singer debuted the music video at Revolt Festival last year, where she looked as stunning as ever while rocking some seriously dark lipstick and eyeliner. Since then, Becky’s gone from being known mainly as one half of Nicki Minaj’s biopic to having her very own fashion line (with fellow musician Lil Yachty), starring roles in Netflix series including Love Is Blind and Jane the Virgin, and even more buzz around her upcoming album Queen next month. It all makes sense when you consider that she just might be the most real person we’ve seen on television lately.

And not because of what she wears or does, but who she really is. She puts herself first without apology, whether that means wearing sweatpants and a ratty old t-shirt instead of going to the store or cancelling plans to spend time with friends. She’s confident enough to go after what she wants, which includes men, yet humble enough to accept compliments gracefully. Her authenticity shines through so much brighter than anyone else’s these days, and it’s easy to see why everyone loves her.

If you’re ready to start repping Becky yourself, here are five simple tips you can use to recreate this girl’s beauty secret.

1) Start with good skin

When putting together the perfect gothic look, nothing beats great skin. Use an oil cleanser to remove dirt, make sure you have moisturizer prepped and waiting, and take extra care during showering. To help keep your complexion looking fresh throughout the day, try using a toner, too. For Becky, I recommend Clinique Dramatically Different Skin Toner ($50). This product will give you long-lasting hydration and improve texture by evening out your skin tone.

To prep your face before applying foundation, use two thin layers of translucent powder over your entire face, including under the eyes. You’ll want to do this right up until the point where you apply mascara, since doing so will add weight to your lashes and draw attention away from imperfections. If you don’t wear foundation, you could skip this step entirely. Instead, follow my favorite trick to get flawless skin: First, set your base color using liquid/cream eye shadow. Then dab a brush or sponge into loose powder and gently pat it onto your entire face (including cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and upper lip.) Finally, sweep a dampened cotton swab across your finished palette to blend everything perfectly.

2) Make it prettier

Now that your face is clean and primed, it’s time to begin setting the stage for Becky’s gorgeous smokey eye. A little bit of shimmer helps amp up your natural glow, and blending a pale pink blush along your cheekbone adds depth and dimension. Next, grab an angled precision brush, apply concealer underneath your eyebrows, and smudge upward toward your temples. Brush a light layer of translucent powder over your completed masterpiece, and voila! Now you’re ready to rock some serious black magic.

For Becky’s bold brows, fill them in with neutral brown pencil, then top off each lash with waterproof gel liner. Once those babies are fully lined up, lightly dip a soft bristle brush into clear-coated finishing powder, dusting downward toward your roots. Lastly, swipe on a slightly darker shade of the same brown eyebrow pencil to finish things off.

Next, it’s time to tackle your luscious locks. After washing your hair thoroughly, pull sections through the round comb attachment of a wide toothbrush to create tiny waves. Apply a small amount of hairspray to hold everything in place, and curl ends of hair behind ears for added volume. To finish, run a flat-edged brush down the center of your head to smooth out any frizzies.

While you wait patiently for everything to dry, reach for that trusty contour stick! Apply a dime size amount of cream bronzer along your jawline, sides of your neck, high points of your cheekbones, and outer corners of your eyes. Blend well and repeat wherever necessary to achieve desired shading. Keep your fingers free for later on in the process, and avoid getting any nasty mishaps.

Lastly, pick up a matte nude lipstick you love. Apply three coats evenly across your mouth, letting every drop settle between your teeth for maximum effect. Smack your gum if you need to, and let your pearly whites shine bright!

3) Finish with lots o’ lashes and lips 

After you’re done beautifying your face, it’s time to move on to your eyes. Grab a pair of false lashes to mimic Becky’s dramatic cat eye. They come attached to individual prongs, so simply attach 1-by-one to your existing lashes. These may feel heavier than regular ones, but it shouldn’t cause discomfort. Place thick drops of fake blood below your lower eyelashes to complete the illusion. Also, be mindful that the length of your true lashes should extend past the edge of your faux ones. That way they appear longer and fuller.

Finally, choose a lighter hue of red nail polish and paint your nails completely white. Let dry, and enjoy the final touch!

Once you’re satisfied with how your face looks, it’s time to work on your outfit. Pick something comfortable and casual, like jeans and sneakers. Don’t forget to pack a few accessories, though. In Becky’s case, it’s definitely jewelry. She always carries a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, and matching bangles. Whether you prefer rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, choose pieces that match the overall vibe of your outfit and complement your figure type.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what shoes you choose to wear with your outfit either. As long as they fit comfortably and aren’t uncomfortable to walk in, they’ll likely serve their purpose. Just remember to keep the heel height low and slip on flats if needed.

4) Take your time! 

This part takes practice, but it’s essential to creating the ultimate Becky G look. While you’re painting your fingernails, it’s also a good idea to slowly build up your confidence level. Remember that no single feature needs to be perfected 100 percent of the time, because perfection isn’t realistic.

Your best bet is to focus on learning basic techniques, rather than obsessively trying to copy someone else’s exact look exactly. Practice drawing lines straight down on your hand once you’ve mastered the basics, or watch tutorials online until you feel confident enough to attempt more complicated designs. When you finally decide to commit to your newfound skills, be prepared for people to notice. Be proud of your progress, and know that you deserve it.

5) Have fun!

Always remember to have fun while making art on yourself! There’s no rush, and no reason to stress out. Relaxation is key to success, and you won’t get anywhere if you can’t handle the pressure.

With all the hard work you’ve already accomplished, you deserve to treat yourself to a fabulous self-care session. Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, a facial, or whatever tickles your fancy! Put on your fanciest dress or cutest statement piece of clothing, put on a cute hat, and hit up the nearest coffee shop. Whatever you desire, just make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to actually sit back and relax. Enjoy!

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