How to makeup like Bhad Bhabie

TikTok has been home to some pretty ridiculous looks lately, from the “I’m hot” challenge to the “no filter” lip dub challenge. One trend we’ve seen gaining popularity recently is the no-makeup makeup look.

This was most notably perfected by Bhad Bhabie (real name Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli), whose natural, unedited appearance made us question whether she even wore makeup at all. The 19-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter took the internet by storm after releasing her debut album Karma and subsequently gained millions of followers thanks to her viral “Dangerous Woman” video. In the clip, Bhad flaunted her flawless, minimalistic style without ever applying makeup — something many fans were impressed by considering she had never worn makeup before. Nowadays, Bhad rarely wears cosmetics, instead opting to let her naturally dewy glow speak for itself.

With over 1 billion views across platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat, Bhad’s minimalist aesthetic continues to inspire people looking to achieve their own beautiful, makeup-free selves. So, if you too find yourself drawn to the mysterious vibe of Bhad’s signature look, read below for tips on achieving this iconic look.

What’s Bhad Bhabie morning routine?

It’s important to note that while Bhad does indeed wear zero makeup daily, she still follows a skincare regimen. She uses Dermalogica Skin360 Anti Aging Cream every day and says she feels healthier when she puts on less makeup. And although Bhad may claim she hasn’t put eyeliner on in years, she actually used to wear black liner quite often during high school.

However, as far as cleansing goes, Bhad cleans her face twice per day with Beauty Blender Cleansing Sponge and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Face Mask. For toners, she likes Creme de la Mer Toner Spray and Tata Harper Black Tea Facial Mist. To finish off her mornings, she applies her favourite product, Philosophy Love Is All You Need Liquid Finishing Powder. This powder allows each individual particle of pigment to mix evenly into the skin, making sure nothing sits in harsh lines. It also enhances shine and provides a luminizing finish. Since Bhad prefers liquids over powders, this particular finishing power is one of her favourites.

For hair I usually just use my fingers and blow dry it straight.

To get Bhad’s messy bun hairstyle, simply pull your hair back into a loose ponytail and secure it behind your ears. Next, twist the ends around themselves to create small pigtails, securing both sides with clear elastic bands. Then, take two smaller sections of hair and wrap them loosely around the larger section above your earlobes, creating what resembles braids. Secure these pieces of hair underneath your pigtails with another pair of clear elastic bands. Lastly, flip your entire mess upside down and brush out the knots. Voila! Your hair magically transformed into a messy bun. If you’d rather keep things simple, try using a curling iron to give your locks extra volume.

As for styling tools, Bhad’s everyday essentials include hairspray, a flat iron, and a few cheap brushes. Because Bhad is known for being very active throughout the day, she keeps her wardrobe light. As such, she typically opts for basic teals, grays, blacks, whites, and neutrals. When it comes time to dress up though, Bhad tends to gravitate towards bright colours paired with statement accessories. Her preferred colour palette consists of mostly pastels and pinks.

You don’t need foundation or concealer for this look because you’re not wearing anything over top of your skin tone which means that everything will be blended in together.

While Bhad claims she hasn’t applied any foundation or concealer in years, we know differently. On top of the fact that Bhad probably wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t apply either, foundation and concealer tend to help cover blemishes and add definition to your eyebrows, respectively. Regardless, if you choose to skip these steps, remember to follow up with a hydrating serum and/or cream contour kit to bring your features forward.

And speaking of eyebrows, it’s best to start tweezing those puppies right away so they aren’t overlooked later. Using an eyebrow pencil first might result in uneven shading and smudging later, so start with tweezering. Once you’ve got brows shaped to your liking, lightly sweep shadow onto your upper lashes to mimic a cat eye effect. A final step to complete your no-makeup look is to curl your lower lashes upwards using mascara. With this technique, you’ll definitely see the difference between fake versus real lashes.

If you are using liquid foundations then go ahead and layer them so they blend together better. You can also use setting sprays if you want more hold but it is unnecessary since there isn’t much going on here.

Since Bhad primarily relies on matte finishes, she finds that layering translucent or sheer formulas helps to enhance her overall look. That said, she occasionally dabbles in highlighting, blurring the line between pure barefaced chic and full blown glam. However, whenever possible, Bhad sticks to lighter shades. She also recommends staying away from shimmery eyeshadows, as the glittery sparkle won’t translate well under low lighting conditions.

The only thing you should really use to set your face aside from a good moisturizer would be an oil free primer (like Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation). Although it sounds counterintuitive, oil-based primers work against your goal. By adding oil to your base layers, you risk clogging pores and leaving visible traces of oily residue on your skin long after you’re finished doing whatever you did today. Instead, you should focus on building a solid hydration plan that includes a quality, noncomedogenic moisturizer. After stepping outside, ensure you thoroughly wash your face and exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and excess dirt. Then, grab your trusty old favourite mattifier.

Once you’ve followed all these rules to perfection, you’ll surely come close to replicating Bhad’s no-makeup look. But if you feel ambitious, check out the rest of Bhad’s latest music videos to learn about other aspects of her personal life, like cooking, dancing, and shopping.

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