How to makeup like Doja Cat

As if all those accomplishments weren’t enough, the furry starlet recently shared some details about his upcoming sophomore LP “Animal”, which drops Oct. 21. In addition to sharing what songs were going to appear, he revealed that there would be six new tracks total — including two collaborations with French DJ David Guetta. But perhaps the biggest news of all came from his appearance on Saturday Night Live where he performed a snippet of “Look At Me Now.”

So yes, everyone needs their own Doja Cat right now. If you’re not sure who or what he is yet, here’s a brief primer on America’s newest cultural icon.

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1. You don’t need any

Unlike other famous cats whose looks required expensive designer clothes and accessories, Doja Cat wears outfits that seem designed specifically for him. All he really needs is a bow tie, shades, and maybe a couple gold chains.

We know because he told Vogue exactly that back in May. So go ahead, live out your wildest dreams of becoming that elusive Instagram celebrity influencer without spending thousands of dollars on clothing brands. Just pick up a few items from Hot Topic, Target, or wherever else they carry merch featuring cats. Put them on, cinch yourself into your favorite pair of jeans, throw on whatever hat you want, and head over to the nearest coffee shop. There you’ll find people staring at you blankly while you sip on your latte wondering why it seems like every person walking around L.A. today is either Doja Cat or knows someone who knows someone who owns Doja Cat merchandise.

2. It all comes down to the eyeshadow color

You may think you need special colored contact lenses to get the same effect as Doja Cat does, but let’s face it, you probably already have something similar lurking in your closet. That thing is eyeliner.

Doja uses black eyeliner to create his signature smoky cat eye. Sure, you might not use black eyeliner on a daily basis, but it works just fine. Plus it gives you access to an entire world of different colors. Go through your old high school art supplies bin. I’m pretty sure you have a brown crayon somewhere. Pick it up, grab some mascara, and experiment!

If you’d rather stick to the tried-and-true formula, try mixing together your own version of Doja Cat’s shade using these easy DIY tutorials. Or you can always splurge on a cheap palette and give it a shot anyway. Whatever floats your boat.

3. Your eyebrows are your best friend

What makes Doja Cat’s look stand apart from so many other cats’ looks is his impeccable brow game. Whether he’s sporting a thin, straight line above each eye, or filling both sides in with thick, curvy fur, the man’s brows never fail to amaze. They complement his dark skin perfectly.

To achieve such perfect arches, you don’t necessarily need eyebrow pencils, tweezers, or anything extra weird. Use regular concealer under your brows, blend it in, then take a small brush and apply powder lightly across the top to set it. Then draw a tiny little arch above each of your natural ones. Done.

For the truly lazy among us, check out these great online tools that help you fill in your eyebrows and fake lashes too.

4. The rest is just blush

I said before that Doja Cat needed nothing beyond a bow tie and sunglasses, but technically speaking, he still needs blush. Not because he lacks pigment, but because he’s actually allergic to red tones. So instead of buying pricey foundation and blushes, he relies solely on a matte bronzer to add dimension to his features. As long as you keep the overall tone light, you should end up looking very similarly to him.

Here’s the trick though — Doja says that his preferred bronzer brand is Tarte Amazonian Bronzing Powder ($22). Since it’s a bit darker than other options, you’ll likely need to layer it multiple times until you reach the desired intensity. Also, remember that less is better with blush since you won’t see a ton of product once blended. Try brushing a pea-sized amount onto your cheekbone and blending upward toward your temples for a subtle finish.

5. And finally…

Sometimes, a simple outfit isn’t enough to pull off a flawless cat eye. Other times, you just need a touch of contour. Luckily, there are tons of products available that cater specifically to that exact purpose. Check out these five picks for cream contours, four for liquid contours, three for loose powders, and one for pressed pigments. Mix ‘n match however you please. One word of advice though, avoid shimmery contouring products unless you absolutely love shiny things. No matter how hard you try, they usually come off a bit orange next to his deep tan complexion.

6. A quick tip for beginners

When applying your contour, start by creating a triangle shape below your jawline. Apply your contour along the inside edge of that triangle, sweep upwards towards your ears, and connect it directly underneath your hairline. From there, taper downwards diagonally to meet the outer corner of that triangle. To complete the illusion of depth, extend that outward slightly past the edges of your mouth. Once you’ve created your basic shape, smooth away any stray hairs or imperfections by gently sweeping a damp beauty blender horizontally across your face.

Then repeat the process again for your cheeks, adding another curved line beneath your nose. Finally, place a dot of your contour color between your lower lash lines for added definition. Don’t worry if part of your face feels lighter than others. That happens sometimes, especially if your skin tone is warm. Remember, you can always adjust later after trying out the look.

Now that you understand how the pros put the magic behind Doja Cat’s dreamy looks, you can feel free to play around with your own ideas and fashion choices. After all, who said you had to follow the rules?

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