How to makeup like Emily Ratajkowski

Beauty is subjective — that much we know already. But there are certain looks that have become iconic over time because they work so well on people with varying skin tones, body shapes, hair textures, etc.

One such example? Emily Ratajkowski’s signature “elegant mess” hairstyle, which has graced many Tumblr-ready fashion plates since it was first posted back in 2012. It’s also why I think Emily should get all the credit for bringing this look into pop culture. She did everything right — and here’s what you need to do too.

There’s no doubt about it now: Emily is one hot mama! We love watching her strut down the streets of New York City in those little black cutouts or outrun paparazzi on bikes while filming whatever project she’s working on at any given moment. Her style choices range wildly though, as does her skincare regime. So if you want to wear something similar to what she wears, but don’t feel quite up to snuff, we’ve got you covered. Below are seven different ways you could pull off Emily’s most popular looks.

And yes, you read that correctly. There were plenty more than just seven. You see, Emily is known for being very open about what inspires her outfits and makeups. Whether it be magazines, celebrities, Instagram pics, movies…whatever. That said, there were definitely standout moments that helped her achieve these looks.

Here goes nothing…

1. The ‘Game of Thrones’ look

The above photo shows Emily wearing what appears to be a vintage floral dress paired with a bold gold lipstick and smoky eyeshadow palette courtesy of Make Up Store NYC. This combo would certainly fall under “elegant mess” territory. In addition to her signature messy bun, Emily had long locks hanging freely down around her shoulders. As far as accessories go, she wore two rings — one large ring with a yellow stone and another smaller, heart shaped piece. And then there’s the fact that the entire outfit looked completely comfortable on her. Not bad for someone who apparently hates dressing herself.

So what exactly inspired this stunning ensemble? According to Emily, Game Of Thrones actress Lena Headey actually contacted her via Twitter DM after seeing her post. Apparently, Lena wanted to use Emily’s image for an upcoming campaign and asked permission to do so. After thinking about it for awhile, Emily gave consent. She even went on to say, “I felt honored.”

Recap: What Emily says she likes about this particular look is that “It’s simple, classic, and sexy without trying too hard. I’m not sure where my inspiration came from – probably Pinterest? – but I really liked playing with colors and mixing textures together.” In other words, it’s Emily’s take on a runway look.

You’ll notice that Emily isn’t sporting the same exact makeup as shown in the aforementioned photos. Don’t sweat it though, because we have five different looks below that will still give you Emily vibes.

But before we move onto our next recreating attempt, let’s talk texture. Texture plays a huge role in creating the perfect look. Think about it. If your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone, you might end up looking washed out instead of glowing. With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown of Emily’s favorite textural products.

Texture #1: Foundation & Powder Blending Sponge ($24) by Urban Decay

This sponge blends liquid foundation perfectly. Its shape allows you to blend out edges and add depth to your face evenly. Plus, it leaves behind absolutely zero brush marks unlike traditional sponges used for blending foundations.

Texture #2: Setting Spray ($18) by Tarte

A setting spray prevents shine and helps set makeup while keeping pores hydrated. Without it, your finished look may appear shiny and stiff. This product is great for daytime looks.

Texture #3: Bronzer Brush ($28) by Smashbox

Bronzers are essential tools for achieving flawless skin. They provide subtle color and highlight facial features. However, brushes can sometimes leave dark spots or lines beneath applied bronzes. To avoid this problem, try using a small bristle brush rather than a wide flat brush. The bristles allow you to apply powder gradually and smoothly across your skin.

For Emily’s final look, keep reading to find out how to create a cheekbone highlighter.

2. The red carpet

Red carpets are notorious for having their fair share of drama queens. Models walk in front of cameras, stylists tell them what to do, photographers yell at them, fans scream at them, and everyone judges them as a result. Yet somehow, Emily manages to stand out amongst the crowd. How? Because she dresses according to her personal taste and knows how to carry herself.

In case you haven’t heard, we recently shared 10 things every girl should learn from Emily Ratajkowski. One of the top tips listed was to always “dress for [your] personality,” meaning that regardless of whether or not you typically gravitate towards trends, choose pieces that reflect your true self.

That said, if you’d prefer to follow along with the trendier side of things, check out this list of celebrity-approved items Emily loves.

Recap: Emily describes what makes her red carpet look unique is that “it’s super polished, yet a bit undone. I often layer stuff to play with volume/texture, but I usually stick to neutrals.” While neutral colors are important for any wardrobe, Emily chooses darker hues in order to play up her natural coloring.

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the ins and outs of Emily’s red carpet aesthetic, let’s hop into the last step of the process: how to recreate her signature look. Remember, Emily uses mostly Neutrogena cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics sunscreen lotion, and Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Highlighting Palette.

3. How about lip?

Most women shy away from full lips simply because they worry they won’t live up to expectations. But Emily proves that’s never going to happen. Instead, embrace your fuller pout. Embrace it, own it, and turn heads wherever you go.

To ensure you nail this look, start with a quality moisturizer that contains SPF 30. Next, sweep on some translucent primer underneath your lipstick to lock moisture in place. Then, dab on some loose pigment, wait for it to soak in, and repeat until desired shade is achieved. Lastly, finish off with a clear base coat followed by a second coat of your chosen shade.

If you’re interested in learning more about Emily’s preferred beauty regimen, watch the video above.

4. A classic smokey eye

When it comes to smokey eyes, there’s no shortage of options. Some call for thick winged liner, others suggest lining your upper lash line with a thinner version. Many swear by waterproof liners. Others insist on staying put with pencil eyeliner. No matter what method works for you, however, it’s impossible to argue against the success rate of an overall well executed smokey eye.

Emily leans toward a hybrid approach that involves both mascara and eyeliner. Specifically, she opts for Naked 2 Eyeliner Pencil in Blackest Ink. Why this brand? Well, aside from its sheer lasting power, it offers the user precise control of thickness. In terms of application, expect smooth transitions between thin and thicker portions. Also, the formula includes UV protection which means the pen glides effortlessly across your lids.

Next, grab a pair of shadow palettes. Try pairing Naked 3 Eye Shadow Trio in Hot Pink / Cool Grey with Dirty Little Secret Mascara Primer Potion. The former provides rich pigmentation and multi-dimensional shading whereas the latter adds definition to lashes.

Finally, pick up a matte brown eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Apply it to your lid crease and outer corner, then transition into lighter shades near the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, dust lightly with translucent finishing powders until your look is complete.

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