How to makeup like Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a bona fide celebrity with an impressive resume that includes starring roles in Superbad, The House Bunny, I Am Number Four, and Glee. But it was at this year’s Emmy Awards where she really took over the spotlight as hostess extraordinaire.

Whether she’s hosting the Emmys, walking the Oscars red carpet, promoting her latest movie release, or appearing on one of her many public appearances, Megan always looks radiant. How does she do it? Is there any secret behind those perfect pouts and glowing skin? Let’s take a closer look.

Beauty Products

Here are just a few of the beauty products mentioned by commenters under our “best beauty” post about getting your red carpet look together. Some have been tested out, while others are simply suggestions. If you’ve got something else you swear works, share it below so everyone can try it next time they’re looking for a new technique.

These are listed in order of popularity.

For Your Face:

A reader named Tania suggested using moisturizer before foundation. It gives a smooth base for everything else. Another user, Jenkintastic, recommended applying moisturizer first, then foundation. That will give the foundation more staying power, which is important if you want flawless finished product. And another commenter, Kaitlyn_K, shared their favorite trick: apply primer last. This helps even out texture, and prevents creases.

If you aren’t sure what kind of foundation to use, here are some recommendations from commenters: Apply mineral powder formula first, followed by liquid foundation. Then add concealer. If you want to skip the powders entirely, try Laura Schubert’s oil free finishing spray instead of foundation. Finally, finish off with pressed powder.

Another popular suggestion among readers was blotting papers, especially ones made specifically for blush. One Redditor noted that these also help prevent shine.

You may not be able to use lipstick during a photo shoot because it could smudge. So, if you need to reapply after taking pictures, a lotion eye balm might work better than regular lipsticks. A few users recommend Neutrogena Healthy Wear Ultra Matte Long Lasting Formula 2-in-1 Multi Action Stretch Film ($7). You’ll notice it has two functions: stretch film and matte coating.

Users also praised Neutrogena Oil Free Overnight Continuous Cover Up, which provides excellent coverage without clogging pores.

And finally, if you don’t wear mascara but still want lashes, make them up beforehand with waterproof eyeliners. Several people said Revlon ColorStay Liner worked well, including redditor juliettejeanette who wrote: “…I usually prefer waterproof liners for my eyes…so I applied that today and now I’m going home to put on mascara.”

For Eyes:

Many of you pointed out that setting sprays work wonders for creating glossy lips and shiny hair. Users liked Mac Fix Plus Spray ($17), Lancome Teint Miracle Setting Mist ($18) and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($23). Others preferred Benefit Benetton Prep Spray ($20), Yves Saint Laurent Défoncé Visible Volume Mousse ($26) and Urban Decay 24 Hour Photo Finish Gloss Coat ($22).

Some other suggestions included Vaseline around the rims of your eyeshade, along the lash line, and above your upper lid. This creates a dewy, fresh effect. Also, dabbing a bit of vaseline directly onto your lids right before putting on eye shadow helped keep it on longer.

As far as foundations go, several people suggested trying Smashbox Photo Finish Compact Foundation Stick ($24) or MAC Studio Finish Loosepowder ($28). Many of you also noted that cream blushes looked much nicer than stick formulas, and would stay on longer. Try Estée Lauder Double Wear Soft Matte Bronzing Creme ($37).

One person suggested adding a little clear gloss to your cheeks to brighten your complexion. In addition to the aforementioned Vaseline, try Wet n Wild Mega Dimension Cheek Stain ($4). Many of you agreed that neutral shadows complimented almost every outfit, so consider grabbing a basic palette. Swatches are shown below.

Hair Makeup Technique

Several of you shared your special tricks for keeping your hair makeup clean, whether you wanted to match your face color exactly or blend into your natural coloring. One Redditor recommends finding a good pair of scissors and trimming bangs yourself rather than having someone cut them for you. They provide shorter layers that won’t create stray hairs.

You should also avoid curling irons, straightening irons, flatirons etc. These heat up the ends of your hair making them frizzy. Instead, you should either blow dry your hair until it feels slightly damp, or use a round brush to style it. Other people suggest skipping conditioner altogether, since it tends to build up dirt. Just wash with shampoo and follow with styling wax or mousse.

Finally, you may want to consider wearing a wig. Several people discussed the benefits of doing this, both short term and long term.

Not only will it hide thinning strands, it will also save money. If you spend $100 on a dress, why not invest half that amount on a decent synthetic wig, and buy a cheaper gown later? And remember, wigs are reusable—you can dye them whatever colors you’d like, and change them whenever you want.

This isn’t to say that no one likes real human hair extensions. But many of you noted that although it’s beautiful, it takes hours to attach each individual piece. Wigwags offer a quick solution, letting you quickly replace sections should anything come loose.

Most of us know that celebrities tend to choose very specific outfits, so knowing what trends upcoming fashion designers are likely to copy will definitely help you pick clothes ahead of time.

That being said, sometimes you end up forgetting your wardrobe essentials. If you run out of black pants, or suddenly realize you left an item of clothing somewhere, you can check out Reddit thread entitled What Do Celebrities Have When Their Wardrobe Fails?, which contains links to Amazon wish lists filled with clothing items needed by famous figures.

In case you missed it, here are some top picks from the original thread.

For Your Neckline:

It seems like it doesn’t matter what type of necklace you have, somebody says you shouldn’t wear it at the Emmys. Popular choices include chokers, small necklaces, big hoops, and simple stud earrings.

One Redditor shared that actresses often favor large hoop earrings with rhinestones. Those sparkles can reflect light back towards your face, causing your features to glow.

Other readers suggest avoiding gold jewelry. Gold reflects too much sunlight, reducing contrast between lighter and darker areas.

When choosing a watch strap, try strapless watches. Not only will they show less prominently, they allow you to remove straps easily.

Wearing a high collar makes your shoulders appear broader.

Avoid bracelets that clip tightly against wrists. They may cause circulation problems.

Also, avoid rings on fingers. People constantly bump into things holding hands. Rings may snag fabrics, break glass doors, trip you, etc.

Don’t forget to factor in accessories. If you wear a tiara, carry a clutch bag or purse. Avoid carrying purses that open wide enough for weapons.

Check out this list of common red carpet mistakes to see what other people think is appropriate attire.

For Ears:

Your ears are probably your least favorite part of your body. Nobody wants to hear themselves chew food loudly, nobody wants to feel like a cartoon character whose head pops out of their chest with extra wrinkles added, nobody wants to worry about messing up their hairstyle.

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