How to makeup like Olivia Rodrigo

Insta star Olivia Rodrigo has amassed over 2 million followers across all social platforms thanks to her no fuss, modern approach to makeup artistry. She was named as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of 2016 alongside other notable names such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande. And while most people know her as an Instagram icon, Rodrigo also runs a YouTube channel where she regularly posts videos about her favorite beauty products and techniques.

Rodrigo’s aesthetic isn’t exactly what I’d call “edgy,” but there’s something undeniably cool about seeing someone so young (she just turned 25) wearing bold eye liner and colorful blush without batting an eye. Her signature clean finish speaks to anyone who feels at least some level of insecurity when they put any kind of effort into their appearance — which makes Rodrigo’s easygoing demeanor even more endearing. It almost seems impossible that this laid back girl could make other women feel confident enough to try out new things themselves.

To get the full experience from Rodrigo’s tutorials, here’s my attempt to recreate her perfect evening routine using only three products purchased online. Let me tell you now: This ain’t cheap! But if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, you’ll find yourself becoming obsessed with these simple yet effective products.

Here we go!

1. The first thing you should do is prep your skin.

Before applying anything else, start by taking extra care to ensure your skin is ready for primetime. To achieve a radiant glow, apply a toning mask before your daily moisturizer. Look for masks containing active charcoal or kukui nut oil (the latter will help hydrate your skin). Then follow up with a light layer of anti aging cream to lock moisture and prevent premature wrinkling.

2. Choose foundation based off of your undertone, not your color preferences.

While Rodrigo does occasionally recommend specific foundations based on certain tones, she primarily prefers to match your skin tone to the right product instead. Once you decide what your base is going to be, pick your next item from your collection based on its ability to complement it.

For example, if you already own a peach toned palette, consider adding another neutral option for good measure. Likewise, if you usually opt for red hues, stick to blue shades until you’ve built up your arsenal of neutrals.

If you don’t own much makeup beyond your usual cleansers and creams, it might take time for you to build up your understanding of different finishes. However, once you understand the basics of what each product provides, you can easily switch between them depending on mood.

3. Use concealer to cover up blemishes or dark circles under eyes.

When it comes to concealing imperfections, Rodrigo advises against trying to hide everything. Instead, focus on covering up those areas you’re self conscious about keeping covered. For example, if you tend to wake up with darker circles under your eyes, invest in a high coverage primer that will fill in fine lines overnight.

And speaking of darkness, let’s move onto highlighting our darkest spots. While many professional models prefer to highlight underneath the brow bone, Rodrigo likes to brighten up her entire lower lash line with a shimmery shadow.

“I love playing around with shadows in general because I think they give life and personality to your look,” says Rodrigo. “It’s really important to play around with palettes.” So don’t worry too much about following exact steps. Just experiment with lots of options until you discover your favorites.

4. Matte lipstick looks best on natural-looking lips.,

You may have noticed that Rodrigo mostly wears matte lipstick during shoots. In fact, she recently told us that it’s become part of her everyday wardrobe.

The reason behind this choice? Many artists agree that mattes create a better canvas for true beauty. They allow your lips to truly shine through rather than being obscured by a glossy coating. That said, Rodrigo explains that it’s totally possible to mix it up sometimes and add some glossiness.

But why stop there? Why not try switching it up completely? Try pairing your matte bottom with a shiny top! Or maybe dabbing on some nude colored stain? Whatever you choose, remember to keep the rest of your outfit consistent. A little black dress never looked sexier than when paired with a purple blouse.

5. You need two different lip colors in every shade because…

Many famous makeup artists swear that having multiple complementary colors within your kit is critical for achieving a polished look year round. Think of it as building blocks for your outfits — like LEGO for adults.

So how many colors should you actually carry around with you? According to Rodrigo, it depends entirely upon your personal style. Some girls might benefit from four or five options, whereas others would probably be okay with less.

In either case, regardless of how long your current supply lasts, always bring along a few backups. Even though it sounds counterintuitive, mixing up colors often helps break up your typical routines. Plus, it gives you a chance to explore new looks without worrying about spending money unnecessarily.

6. Blush doesn’t have one correct way to use it.

Blushing is a tricky business. On camera, Rodrigo tends to favor lighter versions of warm rosy tones. Off set, however, she loves experimenting with deeper rose golds. When choosing a shade, pay attention to whether or not you typically wear pinkish tinged cheeks naturally. If you notice that you blush more frequently in warmer tones, stick to cooler ones.

On the other hand, if you tend to lean toward orange/reddish hued colors, you might enjoy blending deeper pinks together. There’s definitely no rulebook when it comes to blushes, so simply follow whatever instinct takes hold of you.

7. Highlighter can be used anywhere on the face.

Highlighting is perhaps the trickiest aspect of makeup artistry. Since it’s generally applied last, it needs to be subtle lest you draw unwanted attention away from your main focal points.

However, Rodrigo stresses that it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to settle for dull highlights. With practice, you can literally place your fingertips wherever you wish to enhance your features.

She adds that whenever she wants to show off a defined chin, she draws the contours upward. Similarly, if she wants to emphasize her jawline, she places emphasis below it.

Just remember to blend lightly so that your highlighted area disappears seamlessly into your overall complexion.

8. Bronzer works well if you’re looking for definition in your cheekbones.

Bronzing powder is a staple among seasoned professionals. Rodrigo believes that bronzers offer great versatility since you can control both the intensity and depth of warmth involved.

Like with highlighters, there are no rules to follow when it comes to bronzes. Simply grab whichever shade appeals most to you and run it over your desired parts.

9. If you want to wear liquid eyeliner then go ahead

Liquid eyeliners were made for straight lines, but Rodrigo insists that everyone deserves wispy winged liners.

Using a thin brush, she applies a creamy formula directly to the lid. Next, she sweeps down diagonally from corner to corner creating soft curves.

As far as precision goes, she notes that most mistakes occur due to misaligned brushes. If you’re worried about losing your way, it’s worth investing in a quality tool.

With proper technique, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re working inside or outside the studio.

Now that I’m done rambling, here’s the real deal: Follow @_oliviarodrigo on Instagram to see Rodrigo’s latest transformations, and subscribe to her Youtube page for weekly tutorial recommendations.

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