How to makeup like Selena Gomez

Whether you’re looking for an Instagram worthy makeover or just want to give yourself a little extra confidence boost in front of the mirror, all it takes is one glance at any popular celeb’s flawless face — from Beyoncé’s blue eyeshadow smudges to Taylor Swift’s glowing skin tone — to know that we’d all love to have our own version of this beauty secret.

While there are many ways to create the perfect finish (and no two people will ever be identical), these 10 steps should help get you started on the path to having a gorgeous complexion like the celebs do. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the most important step first…

Follow us below as we break down exactly what goes into creating the best possible “Selenagomez” glow.

1. Find Your Glow

Before you even think about applying foundation, primer or bronzer, you’ll need to find out which kind of natural beauty you possess. This means taking several photos of your bare self so you can analyze your features. Do you have large pores? Dark eyebrows? Thin hair? These factors play huge roles in determining the exact shade of foundation and powder needed to match your specific skin type.

Once you’ve taken stock of your unique qualities, sit back and take note of which celebrities reflect those traits. You may also notice certain trends within their looks, such as Kylie Jenner’s strong jawline, Kim Kardashian’s defined brow bones, or Adele Dazeley’s thick locks. Don’t forget to pay attention to other elements, too, including Jennifer Aniston’s well toned arms, Victoria Beckham’s delicate eyeliner lines, and Rihanna’s perfectly lined lips. Once you pinpoint your key characteristics, keep them top of mind when searching for a new outfit, hairstyle, or cosmetic product.

Remember, though, that there isn’t only one right way to put together a glam squad wardrobe. Each girl has her own personal style, whether that means wearing color-blocked separates, mixing prints, or keeping accessories minimalistic. Simply follow whatever aesthetic suits your personality best.

2. Keep It Natural

After choosing a few highlighters based off your mood/clothing choices today, try blending everything else until it feels more like a neutral, earth tone palette than something designed specifically to imitate another person’s appearance. In fact, if you really wanted to mimic Selena Gomez’ glow, you could probably skip the black liquid eyeliner altogether. While the dark hue helps add depth to her already deep set eyes, it tends to wash her slightly pale coloring out, making her appear less radiant overall.

If you use multiple products to enhance your natural beauty, don’t go overboard by piling on every single item available in your collection. Instead, pick three or four items that complement your skin tone and eye shape while still maintaining your true character. For example, if you tend towards bold colors, stick to a handful of muted tones instead of five bright ones.

3. Blush Is Your Friend

The easiest way to fake a dewy complexion is to simply blend a bit of blush over your entire cheekbone area. That said, Taylor Swift recommends using a brush to apply your blush rather than fingers because it allows for better precision. She suggests swiping a small amount of cream onto your finger tip then pressing it against your cheeks, moving up toward your temples. Afterward, sweep away excess pigment with a tissue paper before finishing with a light dusting of translucent powder.

You can also choose to dip your fingertips in a bit of moisturizer prior to touching up your cheekbones with a touch of sheer pink or mauve shadow. Not surprisingly, Beyonce prefers a lighter application of blush compared to Taylor Swift and Kim K., who prefer darker shades. Regardless of preferred color choice, remember that blushes come in various finishes, ranging from matte to shimmery, so experiment with different textures till you discover your favorites.

4. Tone Down The Tangerine Color

If you typically wear orange undertones, avoid going overboard with your lip color selection. Because red lipstick often clashes with yellowish skin tones, try opting for deeper hues throughout your wardrobe — instead of relying solely on vivid oranges, browns, pinks, purples, etc. Black liquid liner, however, works perfectly with tanned skin tones. Just line your upper lash border with a thin strip, then fill in the rest with a pencil.

5. Play Up With Lighter Shades

When it comes to highlighting areas around your nose, mouth, forehead, and chin, experts recommend staying away from intense pigments. They say that doing so gives you room to experiment with brighter shadows without worrying about messing up your base hue. If you’re drawn to vibrant hues, consider picking up a couple of palettes filled with pops of neon orange, purple, fuchsia, turquoise, hot pink, magenta, etc.

6. Highlight, Then Shadow

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to focus on building up your highlights. When it comes to contouring, however, you should aim to soften things up by adding a subtle layer of lowlights along your lower lashes. On the same token, if you plan on drawing attention to your brow bone by filling it in with a dramatic shade, opt for a thinner formula instead. Otherwise, your brows might end up appearing overly groomed and unnatural.

7. Use A Brush To Makeup Like Taylor Swift

There’s nothing wrong with using a sponge to smooth on concealer and foundation — particularly if you’re trying to cover blemishes quickly — but brushes allow you to precisely place products wherever they’re needed. Whether you have very oily skin or dry patches here and there, the right tool is essential if you want to ensure your coverage lasts throughout the day.

Brushes are especially helpful when it comes to lining your eyes, since you can control both the size and placement of each stroke. Most importantly, brush strokes aren’t limited to your lids either. Try experimenting with angled edges and sweeping curves to draw attention elsewhere.

8. Finish With Sparkling Eyeshadow

Sparkling eyeshadows are usually made up of tiny crystals suspended in oil. As a result, you won’t see much glittery sheen after you swipe them across your lids. However, the sparkle doesn’t stop once you hit your crease. According to makeup artist Michelle Hinkle, sparkling formulas work beautifully as outer corner layers, too. Plus, unlike other types of shadows, sparkles never lose intensity over time.

9. Apply Lightly And Quickly

It sounds counterintuitive to believe that adding more shine to your finished look actually makes it appear duller. But that’s why it’s important to keep layering your cosmetics lightly and slowly, allowing each coat to fully soak in before proceeding to the next build up.

This technique ensures you won’t end up with streaks or cakey effects later on. Additionally, you shouldn’t rush through applying your final highlight unless you’re confident in your ability to properly execute it within seconds. Doing so can cause your skin to look unnaturally shiny or wet, whereas practicing patience yields smoother results.

With the right tools and mindset, you’ll soon realize that achieving a Selenagomez glow isn’t nearly as difficult as expected. Remember that experimentation is always encouraged. No matter what combination you settle on, remember that fashion is meant to express your authentic self. So embrace your inner diva and enjoy exploring your options.

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