Margot Robbie Without Makeup

I am obsessed with Margot Robbie. I’m obsessed because there is no other word that adequately describes my feelings toward the Australian model-turned-actress who plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. It’s also probably because we met at a screening of Black Swan last year. We bonded over our shared love of ballet (hers) and black nail polish (mine). But mostly, it’s just because Margot is so damn pretty. And now that she’s outfitted herself as one bad bitch after another—from smoking hot Bond girl to sex symbol to archer queen—she inspires me to be more than simply “obsessed.” She’s become inspiration itself.

For our recent FaceOff interview, I asked Margot if she’d ever considered doing something different from the usual celeb interviews. After all, she has plenty of experience hosting red carpets and photo ops—and she can pull off any style or image she wants—but how could she possibly top posing next to a giant stuffed monkey while dressed up in nothing but lingerie? Not only did she surprise us by saying yes, but she surprised me again by pulling together some seriously beautiful outfits and accessories during our photoshoot. The result? A woman unafraid to wear less makeup, let alone none at all. In fact, Margot pulled together two looks without a single eyeliner smudge.

Here’s how she did it.

1. What inspired your new beauty campaign?

“It feels very empowering,” says Margot. “There’s been a lot of talk lately about women wearing too much foundation and using way too many powders. So I wanted to show people that they don’t have to go overboard to feel good about themselves.”

2. You’ve said you’re not much of a makeover person — what made you change your mind for this shoot?

When we were talking before the shoot, I mentioned to [the stylist] James Scully that I usually leave things fairly natural. He suggested a few ideas that really helped inspire the look. For example, he told me to try a dark brown eyeshadow instead of a light colored shadow. Another idea was to put mascara under my brows rather than lining them. I decided against putting liner along my upper lash line because I didn’t want it to be overdone. Instead, I used liquid eyeliner to draw upward on each corner of my eye. This gave my eyes a sultry appearance. My eyebrows weren’t waxed either. They looked naturally defined. Also, I chose nude lips rather than bright colors. I figured that since there aren’t going to be a whole bunch of photographers around taking pictures, I wouldn’t need color. Plus, I prefer darker lipsticks anyway.

3. How do you prep when shooting in front of a green screen?

You should never spray anything directly onto your skin! Always apply product first to a clean brush. Then wipe away excess until everything is blended properly. If you end up having streaks anywhere, then you know you might have missed spots somewhere. Or maybe you applied too thickly. Either way, you’ll need to fix those issues later. Just remember that it doesn’t matter where you miss applying product, because you won’t notice once you’re done editing. That means you should always start with bare face and finish with completely flawless skin.

4. When it comes to beauty products, which ones are most important for everyday use and why?

As far as foundations go, I recommend Hourglass Mineral Blur Tinted Primer ($38), Urban Decay 24-Hour Wear Liquid Foundation ($36), and MAC Prep + Prime Long Wearing Powder Foundation ($30). All three help give your base enough staying power to stay looking great throughout the day. As for concealers, I find Neutrogena Oil Free Multi Function Creme Shadow Stick 2oz ($10) works well. I use a small amount on the inner corners of my eyes to even out discoloration and a bit high up on my forehead to hide minor blemishes.

Also keep in mind that whatever primer you choose needs to match your skin tone perfectly. Otherwise, you may wind up looking cakey. I tend to stick to neutrals and pastels, but everyone is entitled to their own preferences.

5. What was the most challenging thing about working with such little time between shots?

My biggest challenge was keeping myself calm. There were days where I felt rushed to get ready, especially towards the beginning when I had so many photos scheduled within such a short period of time. To combat this, I tried meditating every morning to clear my head. Sometimes, I listened to music. Other times, I counted backwards 100 times in order to relax. I also learned to prioritize tasks based on how long they take. For instance, I would tell my assistant I needed 15 minutes to prepare for a shot, then wait patiently until the clock struck 10. I made sure to check my phone for messages less often, and took breaks whenever possible.

6. What does being part of the Beauty Brains mean to you?

Being a member of the Beauty Brain team brings me immense joy. Every month, we send out emails filled with tips and tricks to help readers achieve healthy, younger-looking skin. Our subscribers trust us implicitly. We work hard to deliver information that will improve their lives, and we enjoy getting to know them personally through these email newsletters. We share stories about personal triumphs and failures, and encourage one another to live healthier lifestyles. On top of that, I love connecting with fans via social media. It’s amazing to hear firsthand exactly what makes them happy or sad. These interactions bring me tremendous fulfillment.

7. Your favorite/least favorite fashion moment? Why?

One of my least favorites happened recently when I wore skinny jeans paired with sandals for a trip to Mexico. People kept complimenting me on how cute they thought the outfit was. However, I wasn’t feeling particularly comfy. Later, someone told me that I shouldn’t have worn skinny jeans with heels. But honestly, I think it depends on whether you pair skinny jeans with flats or heels. Some people argue that skinny jeans are best paired with flat shoes, whereas others say that skinny jeans look better with higher heel styles. Ultimately, though, I agree with whoever said that skinny jeans should be worn with sneakers. Sneakers allow you to mix and match your wardrobe, making room for both skinny jeans and heels. Anyway, here’s a picture of me wearing my favorite outfit.

8. Who else would you like to see

If I had to pick anyone else besides Margot to play Harley, I would definitely cast Dakota Fanning. Though she isn’t known for playing strong characters, I admire Dakota’s ability to convey emotion and vulnerability onscreen. She played Elio in Oliver Stone’s adaptation of his book, Call Me By Your Name. Her portrayal brought depth and complexity to the character, and I believe Dakota would do justice to Harley.

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