Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus has been photographed without makeup on. In fact, it feels like forever ago when she appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2008 wearing nothing but a white crop top and some jeans. That outfit showed off her incredible figure perfectly, and gave everyone who saw the picture plenty of opportunities for ogling. It also helped set up our first crush on her ever so slightly (but still very noticeably).

Since then, though, things haven’t quite gone as planned. We’ve seen her go full-on glam, only to be disappointed by another wardrobe malfunction or bad hair day. And now, even her biggest fans have trouble remembering exactly where they were when they realized just how gorgeous this girl really is.

But let’s not forget about that amazing body either. With the help of some great lighting and clever editing, Cyrus has managed to keep her perfect curves hidden under clothes for years — until recently, anyway. Here are seven major differences between Miley before and after 2011.

Before and After

1) Her lips are more defined; 2) Less contouring around the eyes; 3) The eyebrows are thinner; 4) Smoother skin overall; 5) No fake tan lines; 6) Slightly less eyeliner; 7) More natural eye color

1) Her lips are more defined; 2) Less contouring around the eyes; 3) The eyebrows are thinner; 4) Smoother skin overall; 5) No fake tan lines; 6) Slightly less eyeliner; 7) More natural eye color

Let’s start with one thing no one could argue against — her lips. Sure, Cyrus has always had beautiful lips, but after giving them those extra pouty edges, everything else seemed to get lost behind them. They don’t look any bigger or fuller, but instead seem to fit right into place with her face. You want someone with such fantastic cheekbones? Look at how well her luscious lips complement hers.

And speaking of cheeks, you may notice that she isn’t using nearly as much foundation anymore. This goes along with the idea to “lessen” your features rather than enhance them, which became popular throughout Hollywood during 2010. Instead, Cyrus uses powder blush to give her naturally rosy complexion a subtle glow.

Lessening the effect of your brows is kind of tricky too. If you’re used to seeing thick black eyebrow pencil marks on your face every morning, you might feel sad to find out that Miley stopped filling them in altogether. Well, at least there aren’t any thick dark ones peeking out from underneath her bangs anymore. Her brows actually become smaller, making them appear lighter and flatter. Not to mention, they add something new and fresh to her whole look and personality.

The next big difference you’ll probably notice? Skin tone. While she always had flawless pale skin, many people noticed that her skin started appearing paler once she went blonde. But this change wasn’t necessarily due to genetics because her mom, father, brother, sister, and grandma have the same coloring. Rather, it seems that having dyed locks caused her skin to reflect light differently. Nowadays, it definitely makes sense why fashion magazines often say she needs a good moisturizer.

Finally, if you thought Cyrus didn’t use much mascara these days, think again. Many celebs have admitted to switching to waterproof formulas over time, and Miley’s lashes certainly benefit from it. Most likely, even her roots need some additional strength.

Now, here are some changes she made to her makeup routine that I personally loved.

Less contouring around the eyes; more smudgy liner & shadow

While most celebrities tend to opt for sharper angles around their eyes, Cyrus added some softer corners for contrast. She tends to draw two thin lines above each eye, creating tiny catlike shapes that frame the entire area. Then, she fills in the rest of the space with deep purple shadows to blend it together. Before, however, she would usually apply a darker shade directly onto her lash line, causing sharp creases to form when she blinked.

Her upper lid colors weren’t as vibrant either. Instead of choosing a single bold hue, she’d mix two shades together to create unique effects. For example, sometimes she’d put browns on the bottom half of her lower lids, and blues on the other side. Or maybe she’d do the opposite, mixing greens on the outer corner, and purples inside the inner corners. When combined correctly, these hues complimented her hazel colored irises.

More dramatic wing

Most artists will tell you that wings are extremely difficult to recreate digitally, especially on younger actors. Because of this, many famous faces rely heavily on the actual physical process of painting on extensions in order to achieve a similar result. However, Cyrus took matters into her own hands by doing it herself. On the VMA tour, she brought in a professional artist to paint realistic feather extensions onto her arms and legs. Although Cyrus couldn’t wear the feathers long enough to finish filming the video, it worked wonders for her performance.

Smudge liners & shadows

Cyrus hasn’t experimented much with smudging yet, but I’m glad she did. Some girls try to fill in their entire eye holes with black eyeliner, but this ends up being way too harsh for anyone. By smudging lightly with a cotton swab, she created soft gradients that blended nicely into the existing texture of her eyeshadow.

She also switched up her usual bright lipsticks, opting for deeper tones instead. These compliments her olive toned skin beautifully, and gives her lips a sensual touch.

A few final notes about her beauty regimen…

When applying foundations, she likes to layer on three types of products: An oil free primer, followed by a regular base coat, and finally finishing with a highlighter. Priming helps smooth down excess product, and prevents anything below it from becoming shiny later. Also, she loves to switch up her blushes frequently, keeping a variety of tones handy to match various outfits.

If you’re trying to replicate Cyrus’ style yourself, take note of the following guidelines: Use matte bronzer, not shimmery/glowing ones. Apply your foundation carefully, blending it smoothly toward your neckline. Finish off with a warm neutral pinkish lipstick. Be sure to play around with your makeup brushes and sponges to determine what works best for you. Remember, less is more when it comes to cosmetics.

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