Olivia Wilde Without Makeup

Some people have no problem going au naturale — they look gorgeous just as is. But for those who prefer to put on makeup (and we’re all allowed our preferences), it can be tough finding your way through all the shades, textures, liners, foundations, primers, powders, blushes, brushes, lipsticks, glosses, etc., that come with every palette.

We spoke with celebrity makeup artist Joanna Ceddia-Majereau, who exclusively works with celebrities like Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera and many more. She told us which tips apply universally, regardless of skin tone and type, and how the right choice can make all the difference from day to night.

And now, here are 10 beautiful pictures of Olivia Wilde sans makeup. Enjoy!

1. Stunning Hair

Joanna suggests using hair products and styling tools that match your hair texture and style. “If it’s curly textured then use curling irons or straighteners,” says Joanna. “For fine wavy/curly hair I recommend a flat iron.” Her favorite tool? A blow out brush. This allows for great control over curls. For this shot, she used a soft bristle blowout brush ($12) in an orange color. It was easy to work with and gave her perfect results.

2. Beautiful Face Shape

“Beautiful face shapes include square, oval, heart, diamond & round,” explains Joanna. If you’ve got one of these faces, choose a contouring powder accordingly. Otherwise, stick to neutral shadows. When looking at any magazine ad featuring models, notice what their eyes look like naturally versus what their eyes look like made up. The same goes for actresses. Their unmade-up eyes tend to be smaller than their made-up ones. So if you want to know how big your own eyes should appear once you wake up tomorrow morning, take a peek into your closet before bedtime tonight. Next time you step outside after applying your base shadow, try taking off half of it. Does it feel bigger? Less dramatic? That means you need to add more!

This next tip applies only to women with very fair complexions. Many light-skinned girls will find their best looks by playing down their freckles.

3. Glowy Skin and Eyes

When choosing a bronzer, go for something shimmery or metallic, because it’ll reflect sunlight better. In other words, don’t get too heavy handed with it. And while it may seem counterintuitive, avoid highlighter colors during daytime hours. They often wash you out completely and give the appearance of having applied extra makeup. Instead, opt for softer pastels throughout the rest of your evening routine. Remember to keep everything subtle so you won’t end up looking cakey.

As far as eye cream is concerned, Joann recommends brands such as Philosophy, Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Lancome Red Lizard, Benefit Cosmetics Time Wise Super Moisturizer, Dior Addict Crème de Corps and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15.

4. Strong Nose

A strong nose is always flattering. Whether you love yours and consider yourself blessed, or hate it and think it makes you look old and ugly, Joanna encourages everyone to accentuate their positive attributes. She uses two different types of powders to do so: translucent finish powder and pressed powder. Pressed powder helps create a matte surface under layers of liquid foundation. Translucent finish powder adds shine and luminosity to the overall effect. She also likes to mix them together for added dimension. To achieve a stronger yet lighter version of a typical runway model look, she utilizes both techniques.

5. Soft Lips

It takes less makeup to highlight lips than cover them entirely. Joanna suggests starting with a good quality lipstick first, followed by cheek stain and finishing touches like mascara and eyeliner. Don’t forget to cleanse your lips before putting anything else on them, though. Applying makeup over dry, cracked lips isn’t worth the hassle.

6. No Wrinkles!

You’d never guess that the woman sitting across from you today wasn’t wearing any kind of foundation or primer underneath all those layers. While wrinkles aren’t exactly attractive, they’re inevitable. As long as you treat them well with proper hydration, they shouldn’t bother you much longer.

7. Gorgeous Brows

To draw attention away from brow hairs that stand out above your upper lash line, Joanna suggests brushing a thin layer of translucent loose powder directly onto your eyebrows. Then follow up with another layer of pressed powder beneath it, letting each set properly.

8. Golden Teeth

While it might not immediately jump out at you, golden teeth are actually a common feature among actors and models. Not sure why, but there must be something about Hollywood glamour that gives teeth a brightening effect. Whatever the reason, Joanna advises against trying to replicate this look at home. Unless you happen to have a tan year-round, you probably wouldn’t even be able to pull it off.

On the other hand, if you have whiter teeth than everybody else around you, you could fake a yellow smile by following the exact opposite procedure. First, apply plenty of toothpaste to your entire mouth, including gums. Let it sit for three minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Now lightly paint your pearly whites gold with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. Wait until it dries, and repeat until your teeth are white again. Finally, let your lips show prominently within the frame, since this photo was taken head-on.

9. Sexy Legs

Nothing feels sexier than confidence. And nothing shows sex appeal quite like being comfortable in your own body. With enough practice, anyone can learn to walk confidently without making themselves self-conscious. Keep practicing, and eventually you’ll start feeling sexy all over.

10. Model Pose

In order to truly enjoy this pose, you’re gonna wanna run a comb through your mane beforehand. Any stray strands hanging along your forehead can easily distract from the main attraction: those legs! Try holding the pose for 30 seconds and moving slowly back and forth between each leg position, instead of snapping it instantly.

11. Just Like You

Your face doesn’t necessarily have to be flawless on camera. Sometimes imperfection is what really sells. Especially if you’re wearing a characteristically quirky hairstyle, getting caught with bangs in your eyes can be distracting. Also, remember that the camera lens magnifies flaws, especially when shooting close ups. Therefore, the key is to embrace your unique quirkiness and play up your strengths.

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