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singer/songwriter burst onto the music scene last year as one half of the duo “PartyNextDoor,” but since then she has become an overnight pop star thanks to appearances on Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, Extra, VH1 Divas 2010, and many others. She also released two solo albums last fall — Here We Go Again and Unbreakable Smile — both of which received rave reviews from critics. And now, the former Disney Channel actress and model who used to appear weekly at school dances across Ohio has been named People magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive for 2011.

It’s no wonder why everyone loves Peyton so much. Her beauty, charm, personality, and talent make her such a success story. It helps that she’s got great hair too! However, I’ll admit it…I’m Team Girl Next Door through and through. 😉

Since people seem obsessed with pictures where Peyton doesn’t wear any makeup whatsoever, we decided to take a closer look at how amazing she really looks without it. Here are 10 of my personal favorites from this past year. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Black & White

This photo shoot by photographer Michael Hession shows Peyton looking fresh and natural while still keeping up the glamour of her red carpet style. With just a light touch of mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, and lipstick (nothing major), Peyton still manages to look absolutely stunning despite having only about 30 minutes to get ready. What other woman can pull off this kind of quick prep? As someone who wears minimal makeup most days (and hates applying it) I know first hand what a difference a little bit of makeup makes. This picture made me want to run out of the house naked screaming like Rocky Balboa. :’)

2. The Interview

In this interview shot taken during rehearsals for SNL, Peyton looked incredible sans makeup. Although it was easy enough to see that Peyton had applied powder blushes and lipsticks over her lips before stepping into the studio, it wasn’t until I saw the unedited version that I realized just how well she kept things simple. Not only does Peyton look like herself, but she also seems very comfortable expressing herself without being overwhelmed by the pressure of performing live television every week. Even though she didn’t have time to apply foundation, concealer, eye shadow, etc., Peyton somehow pulled together a perfectly put-together ensemble and managed to stay completely relaxed throughout the entire video clip. How do they always manage to find those magical moments where she looks so naturally beautiful and effortless? They must be geniuses behind the scenes! Oh yeah, and if you haven’t seen her episode yet, you should check it out immediately!

3. Birthday Party

Another photo shoot done by Michael Hession, this set features Peyton sitting outside with friends enjoying their birthday cake. Like the previous photo session, Peyton looks effortlessly pretty in this black and white image. When looking at these shots, it’s hard to believe that Peyton actually did all of this shooting in less than 2 hours. There isn’t even any special lighting involved except for maybe one softbox shining down on Peyton’s face. Can you imagine doing something similar in real life? If you could, would you want to keep your phone camera running 24/7? Most likely not. 🙂

4. New York City

Although Peyton usually spends her weekends hanging around with her boyfriend Justin Bieber and his entourage, she has plenty of free time to go shopping and explore new places in cities she visits frequently. After spending several nights in NYC earlier this year, Peyton returned home to tell us about her adventures. While talking about her trip to the Empire State Building, Peyton said, “You guys will never guess what happened today.” Apparently after waiting in line for 45 minutes, she ran into Beyonce Knowles backstage at Radio Music Hall. Talk about meeting celebrities!

“So I went back to my hotel room later that night and my door opened up to this huge crowd of paparazzi with flashlights!” she told us. Then, suddenly, three dudes jumped her bed and held her down while another guy took a Polaroid snapshot of her lying next to Justin. Needless to say, Peyton was definitely shaken up by the experience. “…it felt like the worst thing ever happened to me, especially because my mom died right before I left [for the concert]. My heart started pounding in my chest…And I mean, it was scary as hell.”

5. Dinner In Paris

A few months ago, Peyton traveled to France and stayed in Rome for nearly two weeks. During her time abroad, she shared stories from her travels via Twitter and Facebook updates. One day while visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, she stopped at a small café called Café de Flore located near Monmartre hill. At dinner, Peyton ordered a delicious steak frites along with a glass of wine. Afterwards, she sat alone at a table in front of the museum entrance and enjoyed viewing artworks and sculptures in solitude. Since there were no cell phones allowed inside of the museum, Peyton couldn’t call anyone back home nor send texts to her fans. Instead, she wrote notes to them using paper napkins. Awww….who knew socializing could feel so romantic?

6. Pool Party

When Peyton recently visited Los Angeles, California, she spent part of her weekend poolside sunbathing at a local LA hotspot called Surfrider Hotel. For lunch, she chose to eat a grilled cheese sandwich filled with chicken nuggets and fries. Later, she played volleyball with her friends. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by tons of bikini clad women, Peyton remained confident in her own swimsuit and appeared totally cool and collected. Just look at how laidback she is compared to the girls hogging the beach chairs. Who says you need loads of cosmetic products to achieve a fabulous summer body?!

7. Beach Wedding

During Peyton’s recent wedding to football player Brandon Marshall, she rocked a sleek, chic and sexy dress designed by Vera Wang. The ivory silk gown featured a sweetheart neckline adorned with Swarovski crystals, long sleeves, a cinched waist, and a matching sash accentuating her curves. From head to toe, the whole outfit screamed sophistication and classiness. To top everything off, Peyton wore nude pumps that matched the color of her dress. On the big day itself, Peyton walked down the aisle barefoot, making a statement that she wanted to walk in comfort and ease.

8. Christmas Vacation Part 1

One of Peyton’s latest projects includes starring alongside Will Ferrell in Adam McKay’s comedy film Step Brothers. Before filming began, Peyton posted a series of hilarious tweets showing how excited she was to work with Will and portray his character’s daughter. Judging by her reactions, it appears that Peyton was thrilled playing opposite a Hollywood legend. In addition to acting, Peyton contributed vocals to the movie and helped produce it, too. All in all, it sounds like a dream come true for her. 🙂

9. Christmass in Spain

Last month, Peyton jetted away to sunny Barcelona, Spain, where she filmed parts of her new Spanish language album. While vacationing there, she hung out with celebrity chef José Garcia Bermejo and met members of his cooking team. According to Peyton, Jose treated her guests to paella, gazpacho, and sangria. Another highlight of her holiday was going to mass each morning with locals. “There’s nothing better than singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus,” she commented.

10. Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

At least once a year, millions tune in to watch hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi duke it out against Nathan’s Famous hotdog eater Frank Monte. Last September, Peyton attended the annual contest and interviewed both competitors beforehand. Aside from getting closeups of the action, she worked closely with production crew to help create a unique angle featuring food preparation techniques. Watching the competition unfold was intense, but Peyton handled herself brilliantly. By the end of the event, both contestants were smiling ear-to-ear. You can view the full replay footage below.

What stands out most about Peyton is her confidence and ability to carry herself gracefully amidst cameras flashing everywhere. Whether she’s walking down streets of Manhattan, riding bikes in Italy, partying in Miami, or dining in Paris, Peyton exudes a certain aura that just screams style and class. No matter what happens, she maintains an air of poise and self assurance, whether she’s posing for photographers, dancing, or simply living her everyday life. Now that’s truly inspiring. Check out more of Peyton’s best photos below.

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