Rita Ora Without Makeup

When we think about pop singers, one name often leaps to mind before any others: Britney Spears.

That was true for me until recently. Nowadays it seems so many people are singing along to Justin Bieber (ahem) and Taylor Swift. Another new face making waves lately is Ariane Grande, whose album “Thank U, Next,” released earlier this year, debuted at number 1 on Billboard’s 200 chart, becoming Grande’s third studio album after “Your Love Makes Us Strong” and “Break Free.”

And then there’s another newcomer, 23-year-old British singer-songwriter Rita Ora. Like the aforementioned Ariane Grande, Ora started out as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent and quickly rose through the ranks. Unlike Grande, however, Ora didn’t win over Simon Cowell — he told us she came close —but did become the runner-up twice in succession. Afterward, she signed with Atlantic Records, which eventually led to her debut solo single “Truly La Vida Loca” (“Million Reasons”) peaking at #7 on the UK Singles Chart last October.

In December 2015, she made history by becoming the youngest artist ever to appear on BBC One’s Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Earlier this month, she starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in his action thriller Fate of the Furious.

Oddly enough, although Ora became famous relatively young, she doesn’t look much younger than most adults. Despite having already been working since age 15, she hasn’t had much time to rest, traveling back and forth between England and New York City where she lives now. So how exactly does such a busy person juggle everything while maintaining her beauty regimen? Find out below.

Interview Highlights

On What She Stops Doings When It Comes To Acting And Modeling

She says the biggest difference is that models have to be camera ready whereas actors can make mistakes without anyone seeing them. Also, modeling requires a certain type of image, but acting allows room for creative interpretation.

“”There Are Things About Me That People Don’t Know Until They See My Face.””If they knew me outside of my career, they’d know that I’m really shy and reserved…and if they saw me without makeup they wouldn’t expect to see Rita Ora because they’ve seen other versions of myself before. Plus, everyone thinks that just because you’re pretty, smart, talented, etc., means your life should fall into place right away. But it takes hard work and perseverance.”

On Her Favorite Lipcolor:”My favorite lip color changes depending on my mood. Right now I love using MAC’s Russian Red lipstick, especially during the winter months when red isn’t necessarily flattering.”

On The Best Advice She Ever Received;”You Have No Idea How Lucky You Really Are.””A lot of people say things like ‘you’ll never find happiness,’ ‘it’s too late for you.’ But no matter what happens I always remind myself that I am very lucky to experience every day. Every morning when I wake up, I feel blessed to be alive and happy and healthy. Even when times get tough, I try not to take anything for granted.”

On If There Is A Difference Between Being An Actress & Model;”Yes, definitely. Actresses tend to play characters that aren’t real, but I would describe both roles as artists…”

On Whether Or Not Fashion Has Changed Much Since Her Early Years;”Fashion has changed dramatically from the 1980s. Today, women want to wear clothes that fit perfectly and accentuate their best features. That said, I never thought of style as something separate from self-expression. Style is simply expressing yourself creatively!”

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