Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photo Transformation

Did Rumer Glenn Willis get plastic surgery? With fame, people become more conscious about their image. Celebrities are constantly under the radar, with the Paparazzi following everywhere.

With this in mind, they always strive to look their best. But as age catches on, one cannot always stay young. And for many, the answer to this is plastic surgery.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Rumors

The media does not rest when it comes to rumors surrounding celebrities and their lifestyle. As such, a rumor recently surfaced on the internet about Rumer Willis undergoing plastic surgery. We can’t say for sure, but some of the evidence looks quite convincing while some are downright outrageous.

As a teenager, Willis was constantly bullied for her looks. Because of this, she often thought of getting plastic surgery to improve her facial features. But years later, she has begun to embrace her unconventional looks, which makes her “unique.”

Rumer Willis Chin

Nevertheless, if we compare her past and recent photos, we might notice a few structural changes. Although Miss Willis denies such claims, the people get more curious.

She boldly stated that if she plans to undergo any surgical procedures, she would willingly share them with the world. Furthermore, she added that she would consider it in the near future.

But despite this, people are still under the belief that she has undergone experimental touchups on her face and body. We will find out more below. So, keep reading.

Did Rumer Willis undergo Blepharoplasty?

Eyes tell a lot about an individual. We are talking about not just the eyes but the surrounding eyelids and eyebrows as well. And there are several rumors about Willis getting an eye lift.

If we look at photos or videos on YouTube, her eyes seem less droopy. She could have had some reconstructive eye adjustments done. Her eyelids and eye bags look less visible, and the shape of her eyes also looks narrower.

Rumer Willis Transformation

However, there is no concrete information on this. As one would expect, it could be the work of professional makeup artists that every celebrity has. Or the camera angle is playing tricks on the viewer’s eyes.

Did Rumer Willis undergo a chin lift?

The web is full of Rumer Willis getting a total face makeover, mainly focusing on her jaw. But whether these are true or false is up to the viewer. Let us find out below.

Rumer Willis Botox injection and filler

Anyone who has seen pictures of Willis knows that she has a relatively broad jawline. Rumer has stated that she used to get teased a lot during her childhood because of this. The famous blogger, Perez Hilton, is also notoriously known for calling her “Potato Head.”

If you examine her face closely, you might notice a few slight changes. Her jawline looked more firm and tweaked compared to her old pictures. The line running from her lower jawline up to the ears certainly hints at this.

Although some would attribute this to age, there are still others who are skeptical about it. Some even think that this could be the work of some clever editing work or photo filter.

On one occasion, Vanity Fair was accused of altering her jaws in a photoshoot. Willis expressed her distaste for this, stating that it was “offensive” and no one has the right to change how she looks. The photographer later apologized and said that he did it to fix the angle of the photo.

But as stated before, Willis has denied such claims, leaving us in speculation. What do you think? Does her chin looks narrow, or is it still the same?

Has Rumer Willis undergone breast enhancement surgery?

Breast enlargement surgeries are prominent among women, especially in the entertainment industry. And without a doubt, the media has speculated about Rumer Willis following the same path.

Rumer Willis Before After Photos

In several of her recent photos, her chest looks bulkier. However, this could only be the work of a good push-up bra. But some firmly believe that she has added a few enhancements to her upper curves.

Despite such news, the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star has denied any claims of having breast implants. In an interview, she said that if she decides to enhance her “rack,” she would openly put it out there. She also added that she is open to breast surgeries in the future if she feels it can make her feel better.

Breast implants cost anywhere from around $4000 to $15,000 in the United States. And for stars like Rumer Willis, this won’t be far from reach.

Did Rumer Willis get lip injections?

Lip enlargement surgeries are another significant facial modification among female Hollywood celebrities. We could look at stars like Angelina Jolie, who has undergone lip surgery and come out amazing.

We could say the same about Rumer Willis. Several images on social media have made comparisons between Willis’ past and present looks, focusing on her lips. And it looks like the rumors are true in this case.

If we look at her lips before and after, we will notice drastic changes. Before, her lips looked more thin and narrow. However, after the claimed surgery, her lips look supple and, should we say, “Bulkier.” This could be the work of an expert surgeon. The outlines of her lips show a significant change as well.

And we certainly can’t deny that she looks more attractive than before. But as with other rumors, Willis has refused to comment on this. However, looking at the pictures, we can say that she got lip fillers.

Did Rumer Willis get a nose job?

Another critical facial feature that celebrities often focus on is the nose. Images on google show some changes in her nose shape, especially the bridge area. Her nostrils also appear to have minor lifts. And there are several claims that Miss Willis has undergone rhinoplasty.

But these traits aren’t as noticeable, and Willis has made no remarks on these claims.

Has Rumer Willis ever used Botox?

Willis has also been accused of using Botox injections to enhance her facial features. Her skin still looks stiff and supple in close-up pictures.

According to reports, this could be why there are minimal wrinkles and blemishes on her face. But we can’t say for sure because she’s still only 33. The numbers and claims don’t go hand-in-hand on this one.

Small Info About Rumer Glenn Willis

Rumer Glenn Willis was born on 16th August in 1988 at a Baptist hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, two of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. Willis also has two half-sisters, which came from her father’s marriage to English-American model Emma Heming.

Like her parents, Willis has also had her fair share of fame in the movie industry as an actress. She began acting at an early age, starring alongside her mother in the 1995 comedy-drama “Now and Then” at just seven years of age. She has also shared the spotlight with her father in films like “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Air Strike.”

Miss Willis always looks stunning in her pictures and videos. And this is why there is speculation going on about whether she has “gone through the knife.” Let’s find out below.

What is the experts’ take on this topic?

Over the years, several articles on the web have discussed the possibility of Rumer Willis’ facial and body enhancements. And these claims are made by writers and reporters for several online journals and newsletters.

Renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn stated in a report that Willis could have had lip fillers like Juvederm injected in her lips. In his opinion, Willis’ lips look “overdone” but also added that it suits her.

What Is Rumer Glenn Willis Response About this Cosmetic Procedure Rumor?

It is incredible what fame and fortune can bring you. With money, nothing is out of reach, be it lifestyle changes or medical treatments. And we could say that Rumer Willis did undergo several skin treatments.

Even though she constantly denies it, it is pretty evident from her pictures and videos. And we can expect more rumors and factual information on this issue in the future. But what do the readers think? Has Rumer Willis transformed her look over the years?

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