Sofía Vergara Without Makeup

It’s hard to believe that the most popular actress on television recently gave birth to her third child while shooting an episode of Modern Family — and it doesn’t even air yet!

But no matter how busy you may be, there’s always time for social media. So if you’re looking for your next TV crush or just want to see what this girl looks like without all those makeup edits, follow Sofia Vergara on Instagram. We’ve pulled together 11 photos from her own feed to give you a peek at who she really is. You might find yourself obsessed with her already!

1. A Natural Glow

In recent years, we have seen celebrities go full glam in their pre-red carpet appearances. But when Sofia showed up to host the 2014 Emmys wearing barely any makeup (and nothing else), fans couldn’t help notice her naturally beautiful skin tone and glowing complexion. This look isn’t necessarily perfect every day, but if you feel fresh after taking off your makeup, then why shouldn’t you try it out?!

Instagram user @kristal_e says, “She is so pretty I could cry.”

2. Pregnancy Beauty Tips From Modern Family

We love seeing celebs share tips for staying healthy and beautiful during pregnancy, especially since many women don’t get much advice about maintaining their appearance throughout this period. In 2013, Sofia shared several helpful hints about keeping your glow as bright as possible while pregnant including how to use tinted moisturizer and sunscreen properly. If you’re going through the same experience, here are some more great ideas for making sure you stay gorgeous postpartum.

3. Her Favorite Eyeshadow Look

Forget the smoky eyes — one of our faves is this light smokey eye paired with nude lips. What makes this look so stunning is how well it works with Sofia’s fair coloring and pale skin tone. According to an interview with Elle Magazine last year, her signature style is actually inspired by her mother. “My mom had very dark hair and blue-green eyes,” says Sofia. “When my sister and I were little girls, Mom would put us into long sleeves and big dresses because she was embarrassed of our paleness. Now that I’m older, I can appreciate how nice it looked. My favorite part of dressing up is putting on something other than jeans and T-shirts.”

According to an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine earlier this year, Sofia also has another trick for achieving this particular color combination: “I have a secret weapon — I do contouring, which means sculpting cheekbones using powder and cream blush. As soon as I wake up, I apply a yellowish peach foundation over my regular face, followed by two layers of translucent pink blusher on top of each other. Then I take a brush and blend them both together until they become one colour.”

4. The Ultimate Red Lipstick Trick

While many people think red lipstick enhances a woman’s facial features, according to celebrity hairstylist Charles Mitchell, Sofia prefers a softer approach. He told People Style Weekly, “[Her] favourite lipsticks are the ones that aren’t too strong, although I did suggest she wear Chanel Rouge Allure Glossimer Rose [in] once, and it worked beautifully.”

He continued, “You want something slightly darker. Something where it goes all the way down her chin without being super obvious. Sometimes less is more.” Another suggestion he made was that instead of applying straight-on, Sofia should first dip her finger in a bit of rose oil before pressing it onto her lips.

“That gives you a little shine right away and adds a hint of glossiness to everything,” said Mitchell. “Then you’ll need a good base, like Benefit’s Erase Paste, which will let you reapply it around three times easily, without losing its intensity.”

5. She Loves Dark and Light Hair… Together

Another thing Sofia loves is mixing colors and textures within her wardrobe. For example, her black dress with white trim is worn with a lighter colored jacket for contrast. Or, you know… her iconic ponytail. While Sofia usually wears her blonde locks loose, sometimes she likes to keep them tied back in pigtails, or buns. Insta users agree that these styles look best with her fair skin tone. One of the biggest compliments Sofia gets is that her clothes never clash with her outfits.

One fan commented, “Why does she make me laugh?” And another added, “Just watching her everyday life is enough reason to fall in love with her!”

6…. And Even Thinks They Go Well With Skin Tone

Sometimes Sofia opts to stick to neutral tones rather than bold hues. Other times, she chooses to play matchmaker between different items. Whether she wants to coordinate a pair of shoes with a shirt or create a cohesive outfit, Sofia often tries to mix and match pieces that complement each other.

One follower wrote, “Can someone please tell me how to pull off matching accessories AND clothing? I am terrible at things like this.” And another asked, “Where can I find the same piece of jewelry/accessory? Because I’m getting ready to buy myself new stuff & trying to decide what to group together w/other similar items etc. Any suggestions?”

As far as we can tell, Sofia seems to gravitate toward simple designs that work with multiple types of looks. Since she rarely appears in flashy designer duds, she manages to avoid appearing pretentious. Plus, adding unique details to otherwise plain accessories helps elevate basic pieces.

7. That Time She Showed Off Those Belly Rings

Most expectant mothers choose to conceal belly rings during pregnancy, but Sofia decided to showcase hers. After all, she wasn’t showing anyone underpants on camera anyway.

A few months later, however, Sofia admitted that her ring got uncomfortable and moved towards her ribcage. Fortunately, doctors advised against removing it altogether due to the risk of infection.

8. When It Comes To Clothes, “…I’m Not Going Shopping”

Fans continue to praise Sofia’s ability to effortlessly combine high fashion brands with affordable prices. On top of shopping trips to New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, she has been spotted rocking stylish streetwear from H&M, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

And while Sofia hates spending money on random designers she hasn’t heard of, she still finds ways to incorporate lesser known labels into her personal collection. Just ask her followers. Many say she regularly posts pictures featuring her closet staples such as Veda Clothing and Ssense.

9. Her Favourite Style Is Still Tailor-Made Suits

Even though Sofia used to model swimsuits on national television, she continues to prefer classic suits in tailored cuts for special events and casual outings. Fans adore seeing pictures of her dressed in oversized tees, button-ups and polos.

If you’re interested in purchasing a suit, check out our guide to buying men’s suiting online.

10. Sofia Vergara Never Wears False Eyelashes

When it comes to fake eyelashes, Sofia’s definitely guilty of occasionally utilizing products designed to enhance lashes. However, she insists that real eyelash extensions improve upon imperfections rather than masking them entirely.

Besides, according to celebrity stylist Robert Vetica, Sofia thinks false lashes only emphasize flaws and cause raccoon eyes. Instead, his client uses mascara to achieve longer, thicker lashes whenever needed. But again, she agrees with experts that lash enhancement products should only be utilized temporarily.

11. Her Best Feature? Her Smile

Many of Sofia’s selfies include her smiling mug shot, but she knows exactly how important it is to smile. Apparently, this is the number one feature on her list when searching for potential partners.

Instagram user @ladybelle_xo writes, “‘Smile,’ is the first word out of her mouth,” when meeting new friends. “Because if you look angry, she won’t trust you and won’t open up to you.”

12. Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Follow Anyone on Social Media Except for Her Own Account

Although Sofia has hundreds of thousands of loyal Twitter followers, she keeps her Instagram private. Some speculate that this is because she deletes negative comments and screenshots, whereas others suspect she simply enjoys creating content exclusively for herself. Either way, it’s clear that she takes extra measures to protect her privacy.

Still, everyone deserves a break now and again. Take a gander at some of the funniest memes from her past adventures on Instagram.

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