What is a Buttock Wedge Excision?

As we age our buttocks will begin to droop and change shape. Normally body hugging clothes can hide this effect. But the buttock is becoming more and more of a center piece and many women and plastic surgeons are utilizing new methods to lift the buttock.

Buttock wedge excision

A butt widge excision is a buttock plastic surgery that is only practical for a certain type of women. Usually when the buttock is sagging the way to fix it is to lift the entire buttock from the waist. This dramatically removes all of the sagging however leaves behind unsightly scars all across the waist line.

If however, your buttock is sagging only slightly at the lower portion of the buttock where the buttock meets the thigh, you may be a candidate for what is called the buttock wedge excision. In this surgery the butt is not lifted but given the illusion of a lift by removing excess skin at the buttock crease. The skin is excised in a wedge along the underside of the buttock where the buttock joins the leg. This procedure is also known as a lower buttock tuck.

The buttock wedge excision can work for women who have relatively good skin tone and slight sagging that is concentrated mainly at the lower buttock. While the scar is more hidden than the one all the across the waist, it will show. It’s a big scar that runs along the bottom buttock crease on both sides of the buttock.

Plastic surgeons are employing a number of methods to make the rump look rounder and perkier. The most popular procedures involve moving fat from unwanted areas to wanted areas called the Brazilian buttock lift, and the buttock lift where the entire area is lifted up at the waist similar to a tummy tuck but for the rear part of the body.

A buttock wedge excision removes excess skin at the point where the lower buttock meets the thigh. It is only practical for a woman with moderate to slight sagging and leaves a scar along the buttock crease. Sometimes the buttock wedge excision is combined with a brazilian buttock lift or buttock implants.

If the buttock is very flat to begin with the buttock wedge excision probably won’t look all that attractive. For a flat bottom it would have to be done in conjunction with something to fill out the area as well. Because of the unsightly scarring in buttock surgery most women opt for liposuction, fat transfer or implants all of which have better hidden scars.

Any buttock surgery involving skin excisions leaves scars behind so there is a big trade-off involved in getting rid of that excess skin and laxity. The scars make it totally obvious that you had plastic surgery.  That’s why women are way more inclined to just try to get the area filled up instead.  WIth fillings via fat transfer or implants, you don’t have the tell-tale plastic surgery scars that you’d get from skin removal. 

With a wedge excision the scar is along the buttock crease as opposed to being along the waist line like in a full buttock lift.  This lower buttock tuck surgery won’t help the waist line or the entire buttock region and would only be suitable for a woman that has minimal lower buttock sagging. If sagging is minimal then it may not even be worth getting the scar from this surgery therefore it is not a very commonly perfomed plastic surgery. Working out may be a better alternative.

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