What is a Cheek Implant?

Having high, well-defined cheekbones is a traditional sign of beauty. Since not everyone is born with that look, cheek implant surgery is a procedure that consists of placing a synthetic implant over your natural cheekbone.

Cheek implant surgery

Both men and women seek out this procedure for cosmetic reasons when they want to correct an appearance flatness and aging in the mid face area. As is the case with Chin Augmentation surgery, this operation is sometimes combined with other cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty or a Facelift. Patients that are getting cheek sculpting surgery sometimes request Chin Implantation to complement their new, more sculpted face.

The implant surgery is no small affair as you are placing inanimate objects obviously right into the structure of the face. It is rather radical but does, if done well, give them a more refined and perfectly sculpted appearance to the facial structure. If you face appears hallow, sallow, or there is a noticeable dip in your cheeks, the addition of implants can plump up the look and give a more bouncy, youthful and full appearance. It makes you look rounder and more bouncy which exudes a youthful vibe. Women who have long, gaunt looking faces can benefit from this.

Cheek implants that fit the face

Cheek implants that fit the face

Obviously getting cheek implants represents a major plastic surgery procedure. There are different types of implants some made from a porous material called Gore-Text and others from the traditional silicone. Most cheek implant surgeons still use silicone cheek implants. The implants are hard and often hand-sculpted and fine tuned to fit the face by the plastic surgeon.

This gives the best fit to the persons face. If the implants are poorly fitted to the face or two large and obvious, it gives the appearance of obvious chipmunk looking cheeks. This is a common complication and you see obvious implants demonstrated on many bad plastic surgery gossip web sites.

Goal of cheek implants

The goal of cheek implant surgery is to make the face look fuller without any hint of fakeness. The implants have to be placed perfectly so as never to move. The surgery most be done carefully so that there is no tissue reaction or scar formation around the implant and to minimize discomfort to the patient.

Cheek implant procedure and cost

The cheek implants cost from $3,000-$4500 depending on whether they are done in conjunction with another surgery. The surgery involves making a small incision inside of the mouth through which the implant is positioned on the facial bone. The implant can either be above the cheekbone in the case of cheekbone augmentation or on the bones in the submalar region in the case of submalar augmentation. The implant is secured and then incision is closed.

Cheek implant risks

Cheek implant surgery is not without its risks. Obviously you must undergo the standard anesthesia risks associated with major surgery. Infection, bleeding, nerve injury, cheek deformation, implant movement, and future surgery are only a few of the additional concerns.If all heals well there is still the possibility that the cheek implants will look bulgy or odd when looking at the face from certain angles.

Cheek implants are something you would not want to have to get removed or fixed. You want this done the first time because after getting implants your face will be swollen and you have to go through a healing process. While people will not be able to detect the incision, you will have an obvious puffy, bruised face for weeks around the eye and cheek area.

To have to go through this more than one time just adds danger and complication. This is why it is imperative to go to a surgeon who specializes in implant procedures. You want to go to the biggest “cheek implant” surgeon in town, not just any random plastic surgeons. Cheek implants are quite serious which is why some women are opting for getting fillers in the cheek area to round out their cheekbones rather than placing something permanent.

If they are done right, they will be totally imperceptible and merely fill out the face giving it more definition and refinement. Nobody would ever know or suspect that you have them and you will simply look a bit younger, plumper and a bit more of a perfected facial structure than you were born with.

If you are considering cheek implants be sure to get proper consultation and inform yourself of the less permanent alternatives for plumping this area of the face.

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