What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure to reshape or enhance the size of the chin.  This surgery is typically done by inserting an implant to increase the chin as seen from the profile view of the face, but can also involve moving and reshaping bones in the case of downsizing a chin.

Some surgeons x-ray your face and chin before the surgery to check out the chin, others do not need to and have experience on what type of implant will work from having done the procedure on hundreds of patients.  Chin implant typically is done under general anesthesia.  A cut is made on the inside of the mouth in the lower gum where it cannot be seen, or in certain cases outside and under the chin. 

Chin implant surgery

Chin implant surgery

A pocket is created in front of the chin bone and under the facial muscles there and the implant is placed inside. Some surgeons use real bone or fat tissue but normally the chin implant is made out of silicon.  Teflon, Dacron and other materials are sometimes used instead of the silicon implant.

The silicon implant is usually attached to the bone with some sutures, or screws.  Then the surgical is closed with sutures.  When the chin implant is inserted through the inside of the mouth the scar cannot be seen.

Chin implant is most commonly done at the same time as a nose job rhinoplasty or facial plastic surgery such as liposuction from under the chin and neck.  Surgeons often recommend the surgery to patients when they go for nose jobs or other facial surgery.

Some patients do not realize how a chin implant can help balance and round out the face from the front.  Another reason for a chin implant is a chin that recedes from the profile view.  The implant fills out this recessed area and can make quite a difference in the overall beauty and balance of a face.

More drastic and complex surgeries involving the chin are when the chin is too long or too large.  This involves more than just placing an implant to create more of a rounder younger looking chin.  In this case the surgeon might use a bone saw or chisel to move or reshape the jaw bone and then wire and screw it into place.

Obviously this is a more involved type of chin surgery.  Most of the time the surgery is done more simple for patients that have weak or receding chins.  As long as their bite is still normal, they can get a more improved facial aesthetic just with an implant placed.

Chin implant complications

The most common risks associated with chin implant surgery are bruising, swelling, or moving of the implant.  Other risks are those associated with general anesthesia, accidental damage to the teeth, numbness, infection, pain or changes in the feeling of the skin around the implant.  If the implant size is not appropriate to the face you can get unevenness or an obvious ridge that gives away the fact that you have an implant there. 

Even if the surgery goes well, if the implant does not look good after, it is a complication that would require another surgery to remove the implant and fix it to a more pleasing shape and size.  This is why it is so important to use an expert surgeon who specializes frequently in this surgery.

Such a surgeon would know what implant would make the perfect fit and even carve it down to the perfect size and shape for the patients face.  Get a consult from a cosmetic surgeon who has a solid reputation for doing chin implants in your area.

Healing after the surgery

After the surgery you might feel discomfort and soreness in the chin and neck area requiring pain medication. You chin may feel numbed for several months and you might feel a weird stretching or itchy sensation of the skin.  The swelling and bruising will be fairly obvious at first with yellowed or black and blue skin and general swelling in the area. This should subside completely after around six weeks. 

You might have a head wrap bandage after the surgery for up to a week and will have to limit activity and exercise requiring several days off of work.  If the cut was made inside the mouth in the lower gum line the stitches will tickles and bother you until they dissolve.  Most implants last for you life time, the silicone ones do.  If the implants are made of bone or fat tissue this is different as sometimes that material can be reabsorbed. 

Your face will be swollen so after implant surgery you might think the result is bad because your chin looks so huge.  This will make your face look a bit outrageous.  Don’t worry because if the surgery was done well the swelling will go down in a few months time and you will see the final appearance of the chin only then.  If you had a small chin, or a receding sunk back chin, you should love the rounder look of your face after surgery. 

Women or men who have chins that sink back from the profile view and just blend right into their neck are the ones who love this surgery.  The implant gives their chin definition and creates a side profile that they never had before.  If you have a receding chin and go for a nose job consultation you would likely be recommended to get a chin implant along with the rhinoplasty.

This is simple because the surgeon sees the lack of definition in the lower part of the face quite easily.  It is the fact that they are so accustomed to examining facial structure and the aesthetics of the overall face.  They might really believe that a chin implant coupled with the rhinoplasty will result in a more classically beautiful face.

Chin augmentation cost

If you are looking to get a chin augmentation surgery the individual surgery can cost between 3500-4800.  This is because you do normally go under general anesthesia.  If you do the chin implant coupled with other surgeries however, the price typically goes down to around 2500-3000.  This is because they are already doing one procedure and add the chin implant in for less money. 

The plastic surgeon might offer to do the chin augmentation for just a few thousand dollars more than what you are paying, especially if they believe you would love the result.  It is much cheaper to get a chin augmentation as part of another plastic surgery procedure you intend to get. Remember to carefully consider any plastic surgery as there can be complications and these are merely cosmetic but nevertheless major surgeries not to be taken lightly.

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