What is Gluteoplasty?

As we age out buttocks begin to sag. This can result in a flat looking or dropping buttock. Extreme dieting, pregnancy, weight loss and even exercise can remove what little fat is left in the buttock creating a flat shapeless derriere.


Buttock Augmentation

Gluteal augmentation plastic surgery can assist you in achieving a restored, better rounded and curvier form to your rear. The phrase “buttock augmentation,” “Brazilian butt lift,” “gluteal lift,” “buttock shaping” or “gluteoplasty” is frequently used to describe gluteoplasty.

A variety of different glute procedures are available and becoming more popular. It harkens to the day when breast implants were new and all the rage with women yet fraught with complications. While popular in Brazil for years already, gluteal enhancement cosmetic surgery is just taking off state side.  The recent popularity of curvy celebrity bodies such as Kim Kardashian for example, has brought new attention to the derriere area.


The most popular gluteoplasty surgery involves fat transplantation. Also known as a Brazilian buttock lift, fat is collected from the hips thighs or back through liposuction. The fat is purified and then transferred to the buttock region.

The combination of losing the fat from hips, thighs and the surrounding region via lipo, then processing adding that fat back directly to the buttock area makes for an overall reshaping and enhancement of the entire region.

The aesthetic result is that everything around the buttock looks smaller from fat being removed and the buttock itself looks plumped out from fat being place.  The result is a more youthful and bouncy look.  The liposuctioned fat is gone from the body for good and at least a percentage of the transplanted fat will take hold to the buttock and stay put there.

A more permanent alternative to the fat transfer is placement of a silicon buttock implant. This is a riskier procedure as there are common complications from buttock implant surgery such as seroma swelling, shifting of the implant and infection due to the proximity to the rump. Implants are sometimes suggested for women who do not have ample fat to do a transfer yet they still insist on refurbishing their rear end.

Implants are generally round yet for women with longer buttocks they can be oval shaped. Not many surgeons do the gluteal implants because of the risks. The implants are placed through the buttock crease and either under the skin or muscle fascia of the buttock. Gluteal implants do have a high rate of complication and most plastic surgeons have a preference for the fat transfer method of augmentation because of that.

Sagging skin and ptosis

Women with too much excess saggy skin around the buttocks can be candidates for gluteoplasty that involves a drastic lift and removal of the excess skin. A buttock lift is similar to a tummy tuck but it runs across the back side of the body. Similar to the tummy tuck, the entire buttock can be lifted by cutting extra skin out along the whole waist line.

Incisions for buttock lifts are large, obvious and similar in nature to tummy tuck scars. Different surgeons choose where to place the scars. Some place the scars along the waistline where a thong would go. Others place the scars lower across the buttocks in two humps, and yet others place the scars like two large C letter around each of the buttock globes.

If there is minimal buttock sagging there are some surgeons who can tuck just the lower buttock region. This surgery involves a skin excision in the infragluteal fold. It’s similar to a thigh lift as the scar would cut across the under part of the buttock where the buttock meets the back of the thigh. Gluteoplasty of the lower buttock only works well if the ptosis is mild and limited to the lower buttock area.  It doesn’t really lift the butt but rather removes excess skin draping at the bottom of it.

For most of the glutepplasty surgery options the recovery takes a week for major recovery and a compression garment usually must be worn for several weeks after the surgery. No running or exercise is allowed for a few months. Buttock surgery can produce excellent results for women who want to fix their lower body contour.  Sometimes one or two of the procedures are combined depending on the specific patients needs.

The Brazilian buttock aug surgery that liposuctions fat out of the surrounding area and puts it back into the buttock area is the most common gluteal procedure. The permanent scarring of the other more drastic gluteoplasty surgeries that removes skin makes those precedures less common than fat injection. 

Surgeries that leave large obvious scares are preferred only by people that have lost dramatic weight or have a true abundance of excess skin.  Excess skin must be relatively severe to warrant living with the large scar that results from removing the skin.  Some women use creams to diminish the scars or tattoo over the scars down the road but the scars will be there for life.

Buttock implants can yield excellent results however the majority of surgeons avoid performing butt implants operations because of the difficult recovery, high complications rates and inherent risks.  Patients considering any kind of gluteoplasty should seek out several well qualified consultations before making any decisions.  The Brazilian fat transfer is the most commonly performed of the gluteal enhancement surgery options. 

Gluteoplasty is pretty major and no such surgery should be done without extensive research prior and several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons.

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