What is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that is performed to reshape the nose to a more aesthetically pleasing shape and proportion.  Rhinoplasty is very often referred to simply as a nose job.

Nose jobs are sometimes done to make the nose either bigger or small that it previously was.  Sometimes the width of the nose is make to be more perfect, the nostril shape at the end of the nose can be narrowed, the tip of the nose can be re-sculpted, and the angle between the nose and the upper lip can be changed too.  Most of the time the rhinoplasty surgery is cosmetic however some people have rhinoplasty to help correct a deviated septum or breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty plastic surgery, also known as a Nose Job

Over 300,000 nose jobs are done every year and this procedure is popular with men and women.  About 70% of nose job patients are women and 30% are men.   This plastic surgery is very popular with young women.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia.  Bandages are typically worn on the nose for a week to ten days after the surgery.  Basic recovery is only about a week but the nose will be very sensitive for months after.  Great care must be taken not to sunburn, bump or hit the nose on anything as it will be tender and sensitive after rhinoplasty.

The results of rhinoplasty last a lifetime however as the aging process ensues the nose can change shape over time after having the surgery.  For example the tip of the nose if it was lifted to be upturned can drop back down from gravity.  Some people develop hard scar nodule looking like a visible round bump on the tip of the nose.  If cartilidge or tissue was used to build up the bridge of the nose it might break down or absorb making the shape of the nose change years later.

In less expensive areas of the U.S. you can get a rhinoplasty surgery done for three or four thousand dollars however in the big cities such as Los Angeles or New York, the top plastic surgeons can charge more like eight thousand dollars for rhinoplasty.  The nose job price can range drastically from $4,000 to $8500 which typically includes the surgery room , anesthesia, and physician fees.  For a revision nose job to fix a prior nose job that was botched, the price can go even as high as $10,000.

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