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Welcome back to No Shame November! This week we’re diving into the pop culture we love that society might call “problematic.”

If you’ve ever watched The Walking Dead then chances are high that you have seen one gorgeous zombie-killing woman wearing no makeup at all. And if you haven’t yet experienced this show or its star (and executive producer) Angela Bassett, don’t worry — it will be worth your time.

Basset is known as Maggie from the original series, but her character was played by another actress named Sarah Wayne Callies. In Season 2, episode 10 titled “Say Yes,” however, Bassett plays an entirely new character named Sasha who looks exactly like our favorite badass warrior princess without any makeup whatsoever.

In fact, I can say with certainty that I am 100 percent positive that there is absolutely nothing remotely attractive about my appearance right now because I am currently watching this scene over and over again trying to decide how best to emulate Sasha’s flawless complexion. It doesn’t help that I’m also drinking wine while doing so.

But what makes Sasha even more impressive than her perfect skin? Well, aside from being super strong and having amazing fighting skills, she’s got some pretty cool gadgets too. So let’s take a look at what makes Sasha tick, and maybe you’ll find yourself following suit after seeing just how easy it really is to achieve such stunningly natural looking results.

On Her Appearance

Sasha first appears in her walker form walking down the street in Alexandria behind Carol and Morgan. When she turns around to speak to them, viewers get their very first glimpse of her dead eyes staring blankly off into space. No makeup. No eyeliner. Just dark circles under those lifeless orbs. And she does NOT smell nice either.

It’s important to note that Sasha isn’t actually supposed to appear completely naked here. Instead, they simply chose to use prosthetics to make up her chest area where most people would wear a bra. However, the same effect could probably be achieved using a sheer shirt and strategically placed body paint. Or perhaps by painting only certain areas rather than the entire torso. Either way works.

Here’s a close up view of Sasha’s bare chest. As you can clearly see, the effects were great enough that the team didn’t need to go through the trouble of applying thick layers of fake tan over top. They did, however, choose to apply a thin layer of greenish gray eye shadow to give her pupils a little bit more life. You know, something to keep the zombies guessing.

After getting attacked by Daryl in the beginning of Episode 9 (“Say Yes”), Sasha finally gets outfitted with a bulletproof vest which helps protect her vital organs. Again, no makeup necessary since it’s mostly made up of fabric. A few strategically applied pieces of metal armor went a long way toward making sure that anyone attacking this girl wouldn’t stand much chance against a combination of bullets and blunt force trauma.

Now that Sasha has gotten herself armed, it seems like she’s ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum until somebody comes along and saves her. Unfortunately, that day never came. Not only was she taken out during a battle between Negan & Co., but it seemed almost cruel that someone would shoot her point blank in the head and kill her instantly. Why couldn’t they pull out the gun and tell her to run away before killing her? How hard do you think it would be to fight harder than everyone else?

I mean, come on. There must be hundreds of thousands of other survivors out there who could learn a thing or two from this poor girl. If she can survive a gunshot wound to the head, why shouldn’t these others be able to fend off bullies like Glenn or Rick with ease?

Oh well. At least she looked good doing it. Right?

On What She Wore For “”Walking”

Speaking of looking good, Sasha wore practically zero makeup throughout the entirety of season 2. While some may argue that this means she wasn’t putting forth her best effort, I beg to differ. Sure, she had bruises covering parts of her face, but considering the circumstances, I think it’s safe to assume that nobody was going to notice anyway. Plus, no matter how badly you want to hide things, those scars always seem to end up showing eventually.

And besides, Sasha looked better without makeup than many women do with heavy foundation, concealers and powder. It can certainly be argued that she missed out on the benefits of modern cosmetics, but I disagree. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect every survivor to try to preserve whatever resources they can. After all, no one knows how long this horrible situation will last. Who wants to waste precious supplies on something temporary?

Plus, the amount of work involved in achieving the kind of flawless finish that Sasha sports in this clip is insane. Think about it: Every single shot requires multiple takes so that the camera captures different angles, and each angle requires several retakes because there’s usually some sort of technical issue preventing smooth filming. Then you add on extra touch ups for lighting and color correction…this video alone took hours of tedious editing just to create this quick peek at Sasha’s beauty routine.

So yes, I understand wanting to save money and stuff. But there’s a difference between saving money and wasting money. These days, you can buy a ton of makeup products for less than $20 online. Some of them require virtually no skill beyond mixing liquids together and spritzing brushes with liquid pigment. Personally, I prefer buying my own products instead of relying on brands, but I don’t judge anybody who chooses otherwise.

What I am saying is that there are plenty of ways to build your wardrobe that don’t involve spending a lot of money. You can dress cute without shelling out tons of cash. I personally believe that dressing stylishly should be done primarily with clothes you already own. Try pairing inexpensive jeans with a sweater and boots. Buy tops you like regardless of whether they match anything else you own. Add a jacket. Throw a scarf around your neck once in awhile. Get jewelry that fits comfortably within your budget, but still makes you feel like a million bucks. Basically, treat fashion like a hobby and you won’t break the bank.

Of course, Sasha was blessed with some truly incredible genetics. Thanks to genetic disorders like albinism and vitiligo, I myself cannot naturally glow in the sun like hers can. My skin sometimes burns redder than paper. Sometimes I look totally normal despite living in Florida year round. Regardless of what type of skin you have though, there are definitely steps you can take to improve the quality of yours. Here are three tips for building a healthy, balanced skincare regimen that costs next to nothing. Check ’em out.

On What We’d Do to Look Like That

Well, now that you know exactly what Sasha wears, it’s time to start thinking about how YOU’D look without makeup. First of all, it’s extremely difficult to determine exactly what Sasha’s hair style is based solely upon pictures alone. Judging from the above image, it looks like it’s curly. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that it’s straight. Still, I’m confident that I could copy it fairly easily if given the opportunity.

As far as her eyebrows go, I can safely say I would draw mine more upward. They’re shaped nicely enough, but they look a little flat compared to Sasha’s. Also, I’d probably fill in my brow hairs a tiny bit more densely. All told, I think I could grow my eyebrows out quite a bit longer than Sasha’s do.

Next, let’s talk lips. If we’re talking about matching the exact shade of lipstick used on Sasha’s face, I guess I could pull it off. Otherwise, I’d probably opt for a darker lip color. Although I don’t particularly care for pinks, I think I could pull off a lighter hue like this one called “Pucker Up” by MAC ($18).

Finally, I’d probably skip the blush altogether. Having pale skin doesn’t qualify me as a candidate for bronzer, contouring or highlighting. To put it bluntly, I look ridiculous when I do any of those things.

Anyway, if I wanted to spend less than $10 per month on cosmetics, I’d shop exclusively at Ulta.com. Their prices aren’t necessarily cheap, but they offer lots of samples and sales galore. Plus, they carry loads of drugstore items that are often cheaper than big name brands. Oh yeah, and they deliver everything free to your door via UPS Ground. Love it.

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